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iBuy Stores NetSuite-Magento Connector Case Study

iBuy Websites - Before & After


iBuy Stores

Description of Online Store

B2B and B2C parts supplier for major appliances, with specializations in the design, construction, and recreation industries.

Primary Markets

North America

Live Site

iBuy Stores


Primary Challege

Coordinate an enterprise-scale integration between Magento and NetSuite platforms via an overhauled, centralized backend, supported by a vigorous SEO campaign and the tools to effectively manage a growing product catalog.

  • Seamless and advanced integration for Magento with NetSuite using the NetSuite-Magento Connector.
  • Design a cohesive look across all iBuy websites;,,,,,,


iBuy’s product catalog grew from 200K to 1.2M
(ranks 1 to 3) for 90%+ of SKUs.
iBuy Stores NetSuite-Magento Connector Case Study by Hara Partners


Hara Partners was initially contacted to streamline operational overhead (time, cost, and manpower), optimize Magento Enterprise functionality, and maximize SEO rankings for three iBuy sites: Fireplace Parts, Grill Parts, and Construction Parts. This entailed the development and implementation of a completely new Magento e-commerce and NetSuite ERP integrated platform using the NetSuite-Magento Connector; project scope involved backend coordination to accommodate a rapidly expanding product catalog.

Hara Partners designed a purpose-built NetSuite-Magento Connector in spite of minimal technical credentials and/or support on the part of the client and third-party service providers. In an environment where five to six years of development was the industry standard for such an integration, Hara Partners was able to develop a fully functional module in just three months, largely the result of one developer’s work.

Overhauling the Backend

The centralized backend enabled startling advances in efficiency across all aspects of fulfillment and customer service. Among multiple automated processes, for example, “forward SKU” tools automatically route discontinued SKU queries to similar or identical products in stock, securing what would otherwise be lost conversions. All manufacturer and vendor drop shipping relationships are administered from the iBuy NetSuite backend, which enables management of the complete shipping lifecycle and granular tracking. Hara Partners also incorporated intelligent Solr search technology, dramatically improving the speed and breadth of results for such a robust catalog. Multiple Solr cores were implemented to provide instantaneous and reliable failover protection.

Together with Enterprise-strength full-page caching and dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coaching, Hara Partners’ efforts improved performance in terms of searchability, navigability, and in-site response. iBuy achieved upper-echelon placement in major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) thanks to SEO campaigns by Hara Partners, driving top-three rankings on the first page for 90% of part numbers and SKUs.

iBuy Stores NetSuite-Magento Connector Case Study by Hara Partners
iBuy Stores NetSuite-Magento Connector Case Study by Hara Partners

The Verdict?

Measurable success quickly followed. Hara Partners facilitated rapid expansion in the iBuy product catalog, comprising 600% growth from 200K to 1.2M SKUs. Back-office automation cut overhead at new business volumes, successfully circumventing the need for two additional employees. The revamped sites spurred a consistent 10 to 15% increase in sales and impressive performance metrics; where a catalog update for 5,000 products used to take 36 hours, the new backend handles 50,000+ products in just half an hour.

Because of these successes, Hara Partners’ relationship with iBuy flourished, eventually encompassing design and development for six sites under the umbrella. Incremental achievements in the earlier stages have enabled powerful, feature-rich templates that significantly reduce required man-hours. Concept-to-launch for the most recent site was accomplished within one month from an average of three to four months at the start of the relationship.

“Here’s what I love most about Hara Partners, they always find a way. They listen to my ideas and they have the technical know-how and flexibility to make them a reality. They empowered me to truly evolve my business online.”

Rick Mueller
iBuy Stores CEO
“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with iBuy in the process of developing and scaling such a robust e-commerce platform. By building on our preliminary achievements, we were able to deliver seamless, cutting-edge functionality as the integration progressed. We’re very proud of the extensive control and adaptability of the resultant platform.”

Mai Erne
Hara Partners CEO

About iBuy: iBuy Stores is a leading specialty online retailer and wholesaler of consumer home goods, lighting and plumbing hardware, installation services, accessories, and supplies. iBuy’s product offerings comprise 2M+ top quality, low-priced home goods, hardware, and parts online. Their streamlined e-commerce platform reflects the ever-changing needs of both home owners and large-scale development project shoppers: a user-friendly experience, matchless customer service, qualified sales representatives, and manufacturer-direct shipping all contribute to a growing industry reputation.

About Hara Partners: Hara Partners, founded in 2006, provides industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective web solutions based on Magento, the e-commerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. From concept to execution to ongoing support, Hara Partners secures clients’ bottom-line revenue growth and profitability via customized website development and design. HP has served 250+ Magento-based stores in a variety of capacities— content, photography, video, development, consulting, IT services, hosting, etc.—all out of one hand.