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E-Commerce Website Coordinator

Finding the right people to work with is a challenge in life that must be mutually beneficial for employer and employee. At Hara Partners, we believe your life goals are clear indicators of how to integrate your skill sets into our company. Only then can we truly channel our collective energy to produce outstanding work for our clients.

An E-Commerce Website Coordinator works as an administrator to a company’s websites, managing content, maintaining Web design and answering consultation questions. Most work 40-hour work weeks during regular business hours, though some hold contract positions and make their own hours. Good attention to detail, creativity and knowledge of information technology are all highly sought-after qualities in an E-Commerce Website Coordinator.

The E-commerce Website Coordinator, sometimes called a website administrator or webmaster, works to maintain a cohesive design for a company’s website and increases its online marketing presence.

Successful coordinators need a thorough knowledge of web design practices and should keep up with trends in marketing, including social networking strategies. Employers often look for someone with experience in marketing, design or communications, and the candidates must be proficient in using design software. While not always required, an ungraduate degree in journalism, Web design or communication can be useful. The E-Commerce Website Coordinator has a central role in keeping e-commerce operations on track. From day-to-day tasks of updating images and copy to spearheading new initiatives with management, this role has a wide range of opportunities and never gets boring.

An E-Commerce Website Coordinator is in charge of publishing content, maintaining continuity of themes, designing layout, streamlining navigation and increasing online presence to potential customers. They must have knowledge of search engine analytics to maximize traffic to websites. E-Commerce Website Coordinators should be familiar with publishing and design software in order to maintain client websites. They must also have strong communication skills and an up-to-date awareness of marketing techniques.



  1. Vision-setting
  2. Planning
  3. Project/timeline management
  4. The E-Commerce Website Coordinator should be responsible for data collection and analysis
  5. Communication and relationship management
  6. Technical skills (marketing, technlogy, design)
  7. The E-Commerce Website Coordinator will lead and execute day-to-day production of digital creative assets including website imagery and copy
  8. Organize and maintain image library
  9. Publish new merchandise and remove old merchandise from the site
  10. Elevate and maintain imagery on website – including photographs, swatches, and banners
  11. The E-Commerce Website Coordinator will be responsible for updating and maintaining product descriptions on the website


  1. Management of a content management system, preferably e-commerce in fashion (experience with Magento CMS a plus)
  2. Extreme attention to detail
  3. The E-Commerce Website Coordinator will have proficiency in Mac and PC operating system
  4. Self-starter attitude
  5. Copywriting experience a plus