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E-Commerce Web Developer

Hiring the right E-Commerce Web Developer is a very peculiar challenge that should be mutually beneficial for both employer and employee. The work of a E-Commerce Web Developer is not easy. And if you’ve seen some of our results (such as the Netsuite-Magento Connector), then you should already know that our E-Commerce Web Developers are working around the clock for you to implement solutions that made our company famous. At Hara Partners, we believe your life goals are clear indicators of how to integrate your skill sets into our company. Only then can we truly channel our collective energy to produce outstanding work for our clients.

E-Commerce Web Developers work on challenging client projects as well as internal materials. You’ll rely on your teammates to deliver work in a timely manner under the direction of an experienced team lead. You’re expected to take ownership of part or all of a project and to collaboratively assemble a project’s elements as they come together.

E-Commerce Web Developers build highly interactive websites that act as e-commerce solutions for our clients. We are passionate programmers who love getting in “the zone” and hope you do, too. We value our supportive work environment and will provide on-the-job training to bring out your full programming potential. We have the utmost respect for creative, disciplined programmers.

If You:

  1. Enjoy and are proud of your coding
  2. Keep good code documentation habits
  3. Stay focused and produce results

…then you’re what we’re looking for in a E-Commerce Web Developer! See how you add up on the following qualifications. You can expect to work with peers in the 30-point+ range; if you’ve got the credentials, please drop us a line to submit your score

Score Yourself:

  1. E-Commerce Web Developers should be proficient in PHP (+1 for each 1000 lines of code written)
  2. Experienced with MySQL (+1)
  3. Experienced with HTML, CSS, and cross-browser testing (+1)
  4. Experienced with Version Control (+1)
  5. Developed and/or integrated with an API (+1)
  6. Comfortable with Linux and LAMP environments (+1)
  7. Familiar with at least one JS library (jQuery, Scriptaculous, etc.) (+2 each)
  8. Familiar with MVC frameworks (+2)
  9. Any previous E-Commerce Web Development projects (+2 each)
  10. Maintain your own tech blog (+2)
  11. Develop automated tests for your code (+2)
  12. E-Commerce Web Developers should be familiar with PHP Zend framework (+4)
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