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E-Commerce Web Designer

Have you ever thought of designing websites as a career? It can be a pretty fun day job… But if you thought it’s all fun and games like making your dog’s webpage, then you really have a lot to learn.
Businesses and individuals rely on compelling E-Commerce Web Design to do everything from communicating a message to entertain or sell products and services. E-Commerce Web Designers can help their clients achieve these goals using an array of design tools and visual messaging techniques.
You might have noticed that our website is very well-designed, but it didn’t come about from one guy in his basement drawing on his tablet… We have a whole team of E-Commerce Web Designers who are fully trained in various E-Commerce Web Design methods which range from multi-tasking in complete website programming, micro-sites, widget creation, animation, fully interactive interfaces and other multimedia functions.
So the question you might have is, how hard is it exactly to be an E-Commerce Web Designer at Hara Partners? Actually very easy if you’re a talented E-Commerce Web Designer and know what you’re doing… But if you’re still early in the game, we can definitely set you up to succeed in this very fun, creatively fulfilling environment which nurtures any creative spirit who sets foot in our door.


  1. E-Commerce Web Designers should have 1-5 years of professional work experience (w/ portfolio preferred)
  2. Knowledgeable team player and pro-active thinker a MUST
  3. Effective multi-tasking and attention-to-detail a MUST
  4. Expert knowledge and proven proficiency in Flash applications (e.g. Actionscript 2.0/3.0)
  5. Proficiency in Javascript (jQuery/SWFObject /JSON) and XML/external dynamic data integration
  6. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver (CS3)
  7. Proficiency in Adobe/Macromedia Flash 8 or higher
  8. E-Commerce Web Designers should have competency in creating and manipulating raster and vector graphics using Flash IDE or Adobe Illustrator
  9. Competency in debugging, source-code management and optimization
  10. Competency in Flash video: concept, playback, encoding, & editing
  11. Graphic design, typography and knowledge of color theory are a PLUS
  12. Experience with mobile devices and also Papervision3D are a PLUS
  13. E-Commerce Web Developers should have basic understanding of Solaris / Apache / Java / MySQL are a PLUS