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E-Commerce User Experience Developer

Finding the right people to work with is a challenge in life that must be mutually beneficial for employer and employee. At Hara Partners, we believe your life goals are clear indicators of how to integrate your skill sets into our company. Only then can we truly channel our collective energy to produce outstanding work for our clients.

The realm of the E-Commerce User Experience developer exists somewhere between the traditional developer and the designer. While an E-Commerce User Experience developer really isn’t a designer, to be a good developer you still need to have an eye for design.

In the same vein, E-Commerce User Experience developers are not traditional developers but certainly need to have some development experience and expertise. Often this experience spans multiple technologies, languages, and platforms. Oftentimes, it falls on the UX developer to bridge the gap between design and technology. They need to be able to think and speak the language of designers. It’s the job of a developer to translate their vision to the development team in a way that they can understand and accept. This can be a critical piece of the puzzle in a project, especially if the design and the interactions behind it are complex.

The E-Commerce User Experience Developer creates information architecture (IA) for all web, product, and online projects. You will help develop the strategy for and with the client and then build the user experience for each project.

The E-Commerce User Experience Developer should be adept at understanding client needs and developing the perfect experience together with the creative team

You should be good at understanding client needs and developing the perfect experience together with the creative team.


  1. The E-Commerce User Experience determines project requirements, features, and user experience
  2. Create site maps and wireframes
  3. Take ownership of end product’s user experience and see it come to life
  4. Collaborate with team members and clients


  1. The E-Commerce User Experience has proven record of interaction design for web development
  2. Experience with design and documentation of large-scale web-based applications
  3. Strong writing and visual communication skills
  4. Knowledge of wireframing tools