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E-Commerce Studio Artist

When most people think of E-Commerce Studio Artist, they maybe have a romantic vision of a man or woman in a small white apartment in Manhattan, painting or sculpting away their innermost dreams and desires, earnestly hoping that some wealthy aristocrat will be interested enough in their mental state to whip out a big bag of dough so the artist could buy more paintbrushes.
Actually, at Hara Partners, the role of the E-Commerce Studio Artist is nothing like that. Although if that’s the kind of passion that you’re carrying with you to our main lobby, we can’t say it’ll go against you in the interview process. We’ll just have to recommend a good shrink for you if you don’t get the job.
The E-Commerce Studio Artist at Hara Partners is expected to be a technical whiz when it comes to design applications and studio productions. You should have an excellent understanding of what tools and techniques to use to accomplish the desired design effects.

The E-Commerce Studio Artist is a technical wiz when it comes design applications and studio production. You know what tools and techniques to use to accomplish the desired design effects.

The Project Manager we are looking for should act as an “inverted black box” around the team. This means that the team doesn’t have to know how you do it, but you have to get them the right information on time and them in lead mid to large-scale projects to successful completion. As Project Manager you will work with the Senior Project Manager and interdisciplinary with an interdisciplinary team spanning web design and development.

You should be good at keeping the big picture in mind and anticipating problems and solve them as they come up. You will lead the team at all levels of the project and serve as key contact equally to clients and the project team.


  1. The E-Commerce Studio Artist will plan and prioritize work and resources across multiple projects
  2. Communicate with team and clients to coordinate projects
  3. Manage client needs and expectations, and propose new solutions
  4. The E-Commerce Studio Artist will be responsible for developing and managing project plans and production schedules
  5. Manage schedules, budgets and assets and communicate requirements to team
  6. Monitor daily activities of project team
  7. Monitor projects for risks and scope creep
  8. Ensure delivery of the highest quality service
  9. The E-Commerce Studio Artist will communicate and document project status regularly to clients, team members and senior management
  10. Continuously improve processes and work flows


  1. The E-Commerce Studio Artist will have passion to get things done and to help the team complete projects successfully
  2. Taking ownership of projects and complete them with the required level of attention to detail
  3. Pride in the work performed
  4. Excellent verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communications skills
  5. Understand overall business and functional requirements of projects
  6. The E-Commerce Studio Artist will have an understanding of website design and development and web technologies
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