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E-Commerce Software Engineer

Hiring the right E-Commerce Software Engineer is a very peculiar challenge that should be mutually beneficial for both employer and employee. E-Commerce Software Engineers are involved in the meat of our development project, tackling projects that will involve the core development of some of our main systems and modules. While all the stuff that you see on the website may look easy, it can actually take years of hard work to perfect some of our solutions in order to keep our clients satisfied. Who do you think is the principal engineer for one of the many processes that you see when you’re working in Magento? You’re looking at the role right here.
The expectations of a software engineer usually entail someone with a degree in computer science, and who had a certain degree of coding experience in the past. Because a software engineer is one of the most valued positions at Hara Partners, we’re keen to check that you’re ready for the challenges involved with the job — and if you are, then by all means, we are happy to have you.

E-Commerce Software Engineers are part of the core team with responsibilities encompassing product-building and world-class delivery systems. The expectations are quite high—think systems on the order of 25 billion transactions powered by half a million lines of code. We hire based on proven excellence—not buzzwords or popular acronyms on your resume. As an E-Commerce Software Engineer, you’ll apply cutting-edge technology in the quickly evolving e-commerce development field.


  1. The E-Commerce Software Engineer should be willing to tackle any technology, language, or development environment on an as-needed basis
  2. Complete high-impact projects using object-oriented code in modern frameworks and architecture


  1. Incredible coding skills and superhuman programming capacity, as demonstrated by a continuous string of successful projects
  2. E-Commerce Software Engineers should have in-depth mastery of multiple technologies, languages, and development environments
  3. Excellent command of written and spoken English
  4. May involve after-hours work or on-call situations
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