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Magento Software Engineer


We are Hara Partners (, a NYC web development company. And we are looking for a serious developer to join our ranks.

Why go work for a bank or creative agency where you’re at the bottom of the totem pole and have to put up with “must have experience and be comfortable with client interfacing and being the go to person on all web related projects”? (this is from an actual job posting)

Come work with us!

We respect and value programmers greatly and we want you to excel and bring your full creativity and skills to the table. We will train you and help you unleash your coding power. We will do as much as possible to shield you from interruptions and do almost anything to get you into the “zone”.

We are a small team of very passionate programmers and we expect the same from you. We work hard to make work fun.


You should be familiar with most of these technologies and be really outstanding in one.

  • Proficient in PHP (please tell us what projects you have done, how many lines of code you have written and to what open source projects you have contributed to.)
  • Proficient with HTML and CSS
  • Comfortable to communicate well with other developers on the team at a high technical level
  • Able to get things done
  • Ability to learn what we teach you
  • Familiar with MVC Framework (tell us which MVC framework you worked with)
  • Experience with JavaScript (what have you done, how many lines of code have you written?)
  • Experience with MySQL or another SQL dialect
  • Comfortable with Linux and LAMP stack environment

You get plus points if you:

  • Have worked with Zend Framework or Magento before (tell us specifically what you did)
  • Have experience with Version Control (git, svn, etc.)
  • Have experience with a JavaScript library (jQuery, Scriptaculous, etc.)
  • Developed tests and documentation for your code
  • Have a good understanding of XML, soap
  • Have done cross-browser testing
  • Understand general e-commerce processes
  • Understand general web development processes and technologies

Tell us about any previous web development projects

You don’t need a fancy degree, but it helps if your friends describe you as “animal”.


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