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Magento Web Developer

Magento is an open source platform, which means that it can be downloaded for free. Magento Developers can modify the source code and add features and functionality by creating or installing add-ons and plug-ins as per your business requirement.

Thousands of Magento developers from around the globe are simultaneously working to make it bigger, better and even more customizable than it already is. This not only results in a cost-efficient solution, it also provides a higher grade of quality for the product, since thousands of pairs of eyes are much more likely to catch bugs and find solutions than one pair of eyes.

Magento can guarantee a personalized online interface experience that many other systems can’t. When you’re looking at resumes of Magento web developers, you’ll know if the prospective employee has Magento in his skillset if he knows how to make the best of Magento’s Web template system, which can generate multiple similar-looking pages and customize them.

Job Description for Magento Web Developers:

  • We build highly interactive web sites and we want you to join us in building Magento based e-commerce stores.
  • We are passionate programmers who love to get into the ‘zone’ and look for the same in you.
  • We provide a great work environment for our Magento web developers and training to help you become the best programmer you can be.

Responsibilities for the Magento Web Developer:

  • Magento web developers should have expert knowledge of XHTML/CSS and web technologies
  • Experience translating comps and wireframes into flexible and usable code templates
  • Knowledge of cross platform/browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.) for dynamic web applications
  • Magento web developers should have familiarity with web standards and best practices for load time reduction and accessibility
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Experience with source/version control software is a plus
  • Magento web developers should have basic familiarity with JavaScript frameworks and animation libraries and DOM manipulation
  • Basic familiarity with Ajax


  • Magento web developers should understand project requirements, features, and user experience
  • Collaborate with team members to contribute interactive design ideas
  • Take ownership of end product and see it come to life


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