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E-Commerce Junior Web Developer

At Hara Partners, the E-Commerce Junior Web Developer has one of the most integral roles in our development process. While we hold very high standards for our developers, you will feel the rewards after each day when you test your first website in Magento.
As an E-Commerce Junior Web Developer, there truly is no limit to the amount of skills that you can learn in developing code for our backend processes. The E-Commerce Junior Web Developer will be responsible for developing and testing interactive web applications, creating HTML and Javascript code, and using tools as well as writing hand-crafted code. The E-Commerce Junior Web Developer will create and execute unit tests and integration tests, using both manual and automated testing methods.

E-Commerce Junior Web Developers work on challenging client projects as well as internal materials. You’ll rely on your teammates to deliver work in a timely manner under the direction of an experienced team lead. You’re expected to take part ownership of a project and to collaboratively assemble a project’s elements as they come together.

We build highly interactive websites that act as e-commerce solutions for our clients. We are passionate programmers who love getting in “the zone” and hope you do, too. We value our supportive work environment and will provide on-the-job training to bring out your full programming potential. We have the utmost respect for creative, disciplined E-Commerce Junior Web Developers.


  1. E-Commerce Junior Web Developers should have comprehensive grasp of project scope, requirements, features, and user experience
  2. Diligence and accountability for end products as you guide them to life
  3. Flexible, team-oriented approach


  1. Intimate familiarity with object-oriented programming and relational data modeling
  2. Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  3. Experience with source/version control systems is a definite plus
  4. E-Commerce Junior Web Developers are expected to have strong communication skills
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