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Magento Frontend Web Developer

What kind of role do you think is expected from the Magento Frontend Web Developer? Do you think it’s easy to develop some of the most complicated systems on the planet? We know what’s entailed, because we work here. If you still have your resume in your hand and you’ve done some Magento work in the past, then clearly you’re going to find that it might be another level for you here at Hara Partners. But we don’t mind you… We’ll train you good, so you can tell all your geek friends how cool you are now that you know how to develop for one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms on the planet. And then once you’re done bragging to all your friends how smart you are, we’ll put you to work on some of our solutions that are sure to change the future of how e-commerce today operates.

Magento Frontend Web Developers build, test, debug, and troubleshoot code, maintaining clean execution and full compliance in the process. You’ll interface with server-side developers on a regular basis to integrate your work into the final product. Your artistry will bring concept and design to life in the fulfillment of clients’ web expectations.


  1. Magento Frontend Developers should show comprehensive grasp of project scope, requirements, features, and user experience
  2. Diligence and accountability for end products as you guide them to life
  3. Flexible, team-oriented approach with contributions to interactive design


  1. XHTML/CSS expertise
  2. Basic familiarity with JavaScript frameworks/animation libraries, DOM manipulation, and Ajax
  3. Cross-platform/browser compatibility expertise (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Opera) for dynamic web applications
  4. Experience translating comps and wireframes into flexible and usable code templates
  5. Familiarity with web standards, best practices for load time reduction/accessibility, and SEO best practices
  6. Magento Front End Developers must have experience with source/version control systems is a definite plus
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