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E-Commerce Operations Intern

Are you looking for a job as E-commerce Coordinator or Mananager but don’t have the experience or chance to prove yourself yet?

This e-commerce operations internship will provide you with relevant real-life training to work in any e-commerce and online store operations and merchandising role.

The Deal:

  1. This is a 3 month long unpaid boot camp.

What You Get:

  1. a superb training by e-commerce experts
  2. a letter of recommendation
  3. introduction and referral to 20-40 e-commerce businesses


  1. You will be exposed to a vast array of tasks around e-commerce, raning from product import, to merchandising, copy writing, seo management, to sales, customer service, server maintenance, and managing a store
  2. We want you to explore and document e-commerce processes
  3. You will learn processes in-depth and will receive guidance and reviews by experienced e-commerce professionals


    1. Demonstrate why you would be the best candidate for this program
    2. Provide a strong writing sample


    1. Executes online content creation tied to product and promotion uploads for multiple ecommerce stores
    2. Works with design and programming teams to implement changes, new features, and bug fixes
    3. Facilitates online store settings and maintenance tied to products and promotions
    4. Manages online product catalog on a daily basis, add new items and maintain database
    5. Develops creative ideas and improvements for site content, enhancements and site functionality
    6. Assigns Ecommerce Merchandisers with inventory planning and sales reporting
    7. Prioritizes and manages product lines to ensure quick and accurate posting to the website
    8. Helps execute online marketing strategies & promotions
    9. Corrects issues on the site via ecommerce tools
    10. Executes, documents, and improves site operations and processes including merchandising
    11. Technical acumen for working with and troubleshooting online systems and tools
    12. Assists internal stakeholder with new site launches and major feature changes
    13. Stays informed on new digital solution trends and contributes to digital strategy development.
    14. Demonstrates ability to complete multiple tasks under pressure
    15. Is willing to work flexible hours, as needed, to hit deadlines
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