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E-Commerce Copywriter

Finding the right people to work with is a challenge in life that must be mutually beneficial for employer and employee. The role of an e-commerce copywriter should be to produce content which is both informative and interesting to read. While writers can be found in many different fields, engaging themselves from in activities ranging from fiction writing to newsreporting, in the world of e-commerce a copywriter’s role is to engage users of online shopping system, as well as potential clients who are interested in purchasing one of our many solutions.

E-Commerce Copywriters provide impactful, on-brand text to accompany and clarify design elements. This serves as an integral component to clients’ messaging, bringing concepts fully to life in a complex and saturated e-commerce landscape. You’ll write copy for a wide array of media as well as internal communications. You’ll give voice and context to modules, integrations, services, and custom products. The ideal e-commerce copywriter will have experience with original online campaigns as well as large-scale websites.


  1. E-commerce copywriters should relate textual and visual elements in a complementary, informative, straightforward style
  2. Assess and deliver the proper tonal range on a client-by-client basis, utilizing customized styles when appropriate
  3. E-commerce copywriters should produce timely communications for internal teams and clients
  4. Interface with multiple departments to maintain best practices in technical language fluency


  1. Flawless copywriting, editing, and proofreading skills
  2. Contrasting samples of work for a mix of audiences, brands, and industries
  3. SEO familiarity
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently or as an efficient team member
  5. Excellent verbal, presentational, and interpersonal communication skills
  6. E-Commerce Copywriters should have experience with large-scale site builds in the e-commerce industry
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