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Finding the right people to work with is a challenge in life that must be mutually beneficial for employer and employee. At Hara Partners, we believe your life goals as an E-Commerce Business Analyst are clear indicators of how to integrate your skill sets into our company. Only then can we truly channel our collective energy with our E-Commerce Business Analysts to produce outstanding work for our clients.

E-Commerce Business Analyst

Interfacing directly with clients in face-to-face meetings, the E-Commerce Business Analyst creates business solutions for clients by gathering relevant information needed to thoroughly understand their business requirements and goals. The E-Commerce Business Analyst then prepares a proposal and a project scope that is responsive to those requirements. The successful candidate will be a highly qualified individual who understands the importance of trust as the key factor in client relationships – a trust that is earned when the client feels their technical and non-technical requirements are understood by the E-Commerce Business Analyst.


  1. The E-Commerce Business Analyst should have the ability to analyze and understand e-commerce and related business requirements
  2. Understand B2C and B2B e-commerce business practices, best practices and trends
  3. E-Commerce Business Analysts should break down and formalize client business requirements and work flow processes into proposals, functional specs and development plans
  4. Present solutions to clients, team members and management
  5. Provide and research creative and novel solutions to problems
  6. E-Commerce Business Analysts will work closely with clients and project teams to oversee and guide projects to follow work plans and stay within business requirements
  7. Maintain regular check ins with clients and team to learn about long and short term technology needs and opportunities


  1. E-Commerce Business Analysts should have passion for ecommerce and web technology solutions.
  2. Superb internal and customer communication skills, in spoken and written English
  3. Ability to produce well-structured and easy to read proposals, functional specifications and documentation
  4. Experience in an ecommerce or related environment preferred
  5. E-Commerce Business Analysts should have the ability to work independently as well as within a goal oriented project team
  6. Ability to work in an unstructured environment.


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