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Finding the right people to work with is a challenge in life that must be mutually beneficial for employer and employee. E-commerce Account Managers work closely with clients to determine the clients’ needs. They make sure their company develops products or services to meet those needs.

As part of their job, E-Commerce Account Managers also create budgets and schedules for meeting their accounts’ needs and enforce deadlines for product development efforts in manufacturing indsutries or client projects in service industries. They also communicate clients’ agendas to their staff and management, and communicate the concerns and capabilities of their company to the client.

Frequently, Account Managers also identify and solicit new customers, so sales is a part of their job as well. The main difference between a salesperson and an account manager, however, is that instead of selling the acount and then handing it off to customer service, the E-Commerce Account Manager maintains an active role in the post-sale follow-up.

At Hara Partners, we believe your life goals are clear indicators of how to integrate your skill sets into our company. Only then can we truly channel our collective energy to produce outstanding work for our clients.

Account Manager

E-Commerce Account Managers are clients’ direct representatives within Hara Partners. You’ll be the bridge between the client and the Project Manager, actively seeking and delivering solutions by drawing on our interdisciplinary team. Like Project Managers, E-Commerce Account Managers are instrumental in maintaining schedules and resolving problems as they arise. It’s a big-picture position with the potential to secure and expand our growing customer base.


  1. Overall account leadership and strategy for high-profile client relationships
  2. Monitor deliverables, ensuring consistency and quality in accordance with client tendencies
  3. Partner with clients to understand their perspective and objectives
  4. E-Commerce Account Managers also conduct meetings (agendas, minutes, etc.) and other client interface opportunities


  1. Extensive leadership experience for our E-Commerce Account Managers, especially in high-pressure situations
  2. Proven history with large-scale site builds in the e-commerce industry
  3. Excellent verbal, written, presentational, and interpersonal communication skills
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