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Magento BlueCherry® EDI Connector Standardize and automate your Electronic Data Interexchange between Magento and BlueCherry®

Magento Blue Cherry EDI Connector

BlueCherry® Connector

The Blue Cherry® Magento Connector connects the two systems seamlessly in real-time.

    • Inventory Inquiry/Advice – Document 846 communicates inventory levels from BlueCherry® to Magento; ensuring that Blue Cherry is the Inventory Master


    • Product Price Sales Catalog – Document 832 can be used to add products from BlueCherry® to Magento. Additional information may need to be added to Magento, which is provided through our streamlined product import


    • Purchase Orders – Document 850 are used to pass orders from Magento to Blue Cherry including shipping, tax, and discount details as separate line items


    • Shipping Notice/Manifest – Document 856 is passed from Blue Cherry to Magento after fulfillment


  • Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification – Document 180 handles returns and provides full visibility for the customer through Magento

Through in-depth knowledge of both systems we have inter-connected all business processes to guarantee perfect synchronization and reliability.

The BlueCherry® Magento Solution

Hara Partners provides the most streamlined BlueCherry® ERP integration in the market. Working closely with the BlueCherry® ERP has been a great success and allows Hara Partners to provide a streamlined solution.

BlueCherry® by CGS is one of the leading technologies for the apparel and fashion industry. BlueCherry® offers an entire suite of solutions tailored to the apparel life-cycle, from concept over manufacturing to fulfillment. Incorporating all aspects of the fashion industry BlueCherry® helps greatly streamline operations. With a proven track record to reduce cost and increase productivity BlueCherry® is a clear winner.

Magento Blue Cherry EDI Connector
Magento Blue Cherry EDI Connector

Magento BlueCherry® Integration using EDI

The Magento BlueCherry® Connector helps to tie in the last mile and make the interaction directly with consumers and retail customers alike a snap. All transactions are fully accounted for and visible in both systems. This allows for the greatest flexibility and reliability. The BlueCherry® Magento module leverages the EDI standard. This basically means that Magento can be connected to BlueCherry® just like you would add any other EDI player.

Integrate Magento with BlueCherry® in less than 2 weeks

The Magento BlueCherry® integration is largely standardized through the EDI format prescribed. However business logic can vary and can take different payment methods, payment terms, fulfillment times etc. etc. Our team will be able to review with you all your requirements and help you model your business flow with the BlueCherry® Magento Module. All-in-all you could be up and running in less than one weeks time, run some intensive tests and be off to the races with one of the most seamless Magento ERP integrations on the market.

Magento Blue Cherry EDI Connector

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