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Magento Extensions: Bill Me Later from PayPal This entry was posted on April 21, 2013 by Mai Erne.

Financing has long been considered one of the hallmarks of retail status: when you could offer customers long-term payment options you knew you had made it to the big-time.

Magento ExtensionsNow a Magento Extension

And it’s no wonder financing is such a coveted offering, since per industry reports from Forrester Research offering financing leads to a 5.7% sales increase over a 3-year period and to an increase of 75% in average order value. Now, any Magento user can be king of his hill: Introducing Bill Me Later from PayPal now for Magento.


Add the Bill Me Later Magento Extension

Getting access to the app is simple, just go to PayPal’s website and sign up, then choose your preferred banner and embed the code in your website. That’s it – there are no added costs or risks involved and there is zero integration or installation required – everything is already contained in the standard PayPal platform you’re already using. Once you’ve embedded the code your customers will be offered Bill Me Later as one of your approved payment options, and they can choose to take advantage of up to 6 months of financing. Whatever PayPal option they choose, you’ll still get paid immediately, as usual.

Unless you don’t like making money, I can’t see any reason why you would add this functionality. There are no risks, no costs, and no hassle – really no downside at all; this is one Magento development that we can all get behind.

Get Bill Me Later for PayPal Now