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First Annual SecureBuy Magento Fraud Survey

Fraud Bad; IPad Good
Hara Partners and SecureBuy – a SignatureLink company, Magento Supported Fraud Survey – Participate and Win an IPad 3 or IPad Mini.

Magento Fraud Survey

SecureBuy, a Magento Gold Partner and the industry leader in online fraud detection and prevention, in conjunction with Hara Partners, a leading NetSuite developer and Magento Silver Partner, is conducting the inaugural Magento payment fraud survey. Born of a partnership with Magento and a strong desire to educate users and improve the Magento landscape, the survey will be open to all Magento users and all results and analysis will be freely available for perusal in the Magento Library once the survey has been completed. The internet security giant plans to run the survey annually and expects the data gathered to prove invaluable in the effort to protect all denizens of the Magento ecosystem.

The survey itself is short, only 20 multiple-choice questions, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. All the data gathered will be used by SecureBuy for educational purposes and to create a set of recommended best practices.

Participation in the survey entitles you to:

  • Entry into the IPad drawing (2 winners will be selected)
  • An advanced copy of the completed survey, with expert analysis
  • A VIP access to a SecureBuy hosted webinar where the survey results will be discussed
  • VIP access to the special Survey Presentation at this year’s Imagine E-commerce Conference.

No business or personal contact information submitted in the survey will be disseminated to, or shared with, any outside party. Your email address will only be used to verify your account and to notify you in the event you win the IPad.

To participate in the survey, please visit