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E-commerce fraud prevention by SignatureLink

The Internet is teeming with thieves who specialize in e-commerce targets. The problem won’t go away on its own, and most developers aren’t naturally equipped to outfit your site with top-notch security. Enter SignatureLink, “the retail industry’s online loss prevention partner” and your guide to e-commerce fraud prevention.




SecureBuy by SignatureLink is the world’s only all-in-one e-commerce fraud prevention solution. It offers not only frontline protection and stabilization, but also mitigated financial risk and overall cost reduction for the online and mobile payment cycle. As an end-to-end automated solution, it dramatically reduces users’ time commitment and eliminates the need for multiple narrow-focus fraud-screening applications, not to mention human capital expenses associated with manual review.


Key E-commerce Fraud Prevention Features


  • Pre-gateway authentication to bypass unnecessary transaction fees
  • Authentication risk shifted to issuing banks
  • Interchange rate advantages
  • Profit-boosting measures to drive down false positive rejections
  • In-line biometric signature pad for shopping cart/mobile device application, a revolutionary method of retaining forensic proof to win chargebacks
  • Variable-speed transactions based on authentic risk evaluation


SecureBuy offers a seamless experience for customers and eases the burden for online merchants. SignatureLink operates on the principle that retailers should be offered the same defense against e-commerce fraud as they are against card-present schemes. Check out their website for more details on SecureBuy, including Magento compatibility, video demos, and a free 30-day trial.