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Magento Bergen Logistics Integration

Magento E-Commerce Comes Together with the Leading Fashion Logistics Provider


Magento and Bergen Connector, Together At Last

Magento Bergen Integration Connector is a leading fashion logistics provider on the forefront of advanced technology solutions..

    • Inventory levels are kept in sync between Magento and Bergen Logistics

    • Products can be managed in either system and dynamically created in the other

    • Orders are passed from Magento to Bergen Logistics with complete and proper customer and product data

    • Shipment Tracking information is passed from Bergen Logistics to Magento after fulfillment

Bergen Logistics Offers the Most Reliable Solution

    • Daily Inventory Sync to keep stock levels consistent across platforms. The inventory syncs can be scheduled to meet your business needs. For example, if your warehouse only receives orders during the day and commits inventory to stock during certain times, model this through the Bergen Magento Connector. Should your business be active around the clock from different global warehouse locations, update them in real-time across states or continents. You have the flexibility to set any interval of your choosing (daily, hourly, event based etc.).

    • The Complete Two-Way Functionality automatically updates inventory, products, order status, customer and shipping information. As orders are fulfilled in Bergen Logics, they get updated on Magento and the customer can view and manage these orders with their updated status.
    • Ship Through Bergen Logistics using the true and tested fulfillment methods in Bergen Logistics and share complete visibility with your customers through the seamless link established by the Magento Bergen Logistics Connector.

    • Real-time Order Updates – including all pertinent customer and payment information for Magento Bergen Logistics. An audit trail is kept for every action performed to reduce customer inquiries and facilitate customer service.

Seamless Product Synchronization

Bergen Logistics Magento Integration allows you to set up and synchronize a wealth of product types, pricing information and product data with ease and reliability, leaving competitors in the dust. The product synchronization provides an extra layer of protection with its variance detection. With separate systems, the customer may lose money due to discrepancies in tax and shipping and handling calculations. With the Bergen Logistics Magento integration, the two systems are automatically matched and the order will not go through if the two prices vary, leaving you confident that price variances will never appear again.

The duo system for the Bergen Margento Connector is also incredibly flexible and customizable for your own personal needs. If there is ever a problem with the order, there will be a global notification. With a click, it will lead you straight to the panel where the problem exists. As soon as the problem has been cleared, the order will proceed. Although this system provides complex outputs, it is very user friendly. Many of the labor-intensive processes are automatic, leaving the user hassle and worry free. However, records of activities can be easily accessed so that you can monitor exactly what has been done and you can modify or reverse it as desired.

With over 1,000,000 sq feet of space, 95% of our volume is in fashion logistics, apparel fulfillment and accessories fulfillment. About 60% of that volume is still traditional B to B, where our clients sell to specialty stores and boutiques as well as major department stores. Another 30% consists of direct to consumer and e-commerce fulfillment. The remaining 10% of our Bergen Logistics Magento distribution is for our client-owned retail stores.


Integrate the Two Platforms in Less Than Two Weeks

The Magento Bergen Logistics connector is largely standardized through the EDI format prescribed. However business logic can vary and can take different payment methods, payment terms, fulfillment times etc. etc. Our team will be able to review with you all your requirements and help you model your business flow with our Magento Bergen Logistics Module. All-in-all you could be up and running in less than one weeks time, run some intensive tests and be off to the races with one of the most seamless Magento ERP integrations on the market.


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