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Why Magento?

Called “the ultimate e-commerce solution,” Magento is a powerful, versatile platform for online merchants. It’s renowned for its flexibility, scalable administrative control, and capability to integrate with every conceivable module for extended functionality. Simply put, Magento can and will do it all—here at HP, we specialize in translating your business needs into a powerhouse online presence through our proven track record with Magento Development.

Magento uses open source technology to provide two major alternatives: a free Community Edition, and a premium subscription-based Enterprise Edition. We can help you determine which is more suitable for your needs based on out-of-the-box resources, customer base, and projected growth. The opportunities to continually refine or develop your site are endless. Think multiple stores, global commerce, adjustable product offerings by customer group—Magento is a truly adaptable toolset for any entrepreneur.

But it doesn’t stop there. Magento comes packed with a bevy of components specifically engineered to increase conversions and customer loyalty. These features allow you to anticipate and respond to customers’ needs as or before they realize them, fostering a seamless retail experience that they’ll forever associate with your brand. Set the new standard for online shopping with targeted merchandising, multiple payment gateways, automated email reminders, and countless other extensions. All approved extensions are available—along with reviews, release notes, and developer information—at Magento Connect.