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We’re in the business of making technology work for you to solve your problems. Our expertise covers all facets of an outstanding Magento site. From concept through launch and on to recurring services, we’ll work with you to craft a customized, resilient, feature-rich platform for your online business.

How Do We Do It?


Hara Partners cultivates a collaborative atmosphere of analytical, business-minded individuals. We’re a smart, young, entrepreneurial company poised for growth and new opportunities. We operate entirely in-house, bolstering one another with complementary specializations. We hold weekly meetings to keep our entire team up-to-date with the latest technologies and performance-enhancing tweaks for online retailers. Check out what’s going on.


Our Project Managers, Tech Leads, Sales Leads, and Design Leads are trained experts in their respective disciplines, each functioning as a single cog in Hara Partners’ team dynamic. This unique four-perspective approach permits a comprehensive understanding of your business and advanced strategizing from the get-go. In other words, we bring e-commerce development expertise to the table in order to position you as the expert in your industry.


Our relationship with you is a two-way street. Foremost in our values are honesty and humility, the cornerstones of our partnership-building efforts. We employ a consultative approach, always addressing your requirements with your best interests in mind. We’re with you every step of the way—planning, execution, finalization, and post-process—and we’ve developed a suite of scalable services to assist you in the process. We speak your language and consider you our Partner.


The modern e-commerce landscape can be tough to navigate. We commit to serving you to the best of our capacity by constantly investing in our own infrastructure. This means hiring top-notch creative and technical geniuses and familiarizing them with innovative Magento techniques. This means design sensibilities sharp enough to solve problems with aplomb, delivering a seamless, stimulating digital identity. Ultimately, it means driving sustainable growth and loyalty for your business.

Over 200 Magento sites built and launched

Find below an overview of what we do

  • magento development

    Custom Design

    Our design team boasts a diverse array of top-tier talent whether it’s brand development, or creative consultation, our designers will capture everything that’s great about your company.

  • magento development

    Expert Developers

    Our team of software architects, coding masters, and Magento-certified developers have the know-how and customized tools to solve even the most complex e-commerce problems.

  • magento development

    Analytics Tools

    We utilize analytical tools, such as our Health Check, to pinpoint and proactively address underperforming Magento builds.

  • magento development

    Content Management

    Our SEO services boost recognition, revitalize content, and tailor your messaging to target audiences.

  • hosting


    We’re uniquely positioned to provide Magento-optimized hosting for our clients.

  • integration

    Custom Integrations

    Check out our Products & Services for a detailed rundown of these offerings and more!

We’re proud to contribute to NYC’s growing tech startup culture, and especially proud to deliver our services with a dedicated in-house team. Take a look at our Solutions page and find out how you can benefit from Magento all out of one hand.