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  • Badmins: Magento shops brute install the cryptominers and scrape card deets

    Magento e-commerce websites are compromised

    Hundreds and thousands of Magento e-commerce websites are compromised

    Change your identity…..ugh, what the matter?

    Today, hackers are going to compromised hundreds and thousands of e-commerce websites, that are running with popularity of the Magento platform open source service, like to install the cryptominers or to scrape the credit card numbers.

    Through brute-force attack, the Magento sites are compromised by using the common Magento credential or to remove the treat Intel firm, which has warned the flashpoint.

    Magento admin panels are aware for avoiding the attacker

    At least 1000 compromised the Magento admin panels are aware of or using the best source for avoiding the attacker said by the Flashpoint. Also, the attackers are targeting the popular e-commerce site and processing the content management system, for instance, the OpenCart or the Powerpoint CMS.

    Since 2016, the dark web forum is chattering about how to launch the assaults system, which is an ongoing process. Hackers are in securing different e-commerce sites and turned the cottage industry by dumbed down or the black hats, which suits the technical skill; however, this is noted by the Flashpoint.

    Brute force attack, for instance, simplified it with the admins fail or to change the platform through credential installation. Meanwhile, the attackers can easily build automated scripts while loaded credential access for facilitated the panel access.

    Magento CMS allows you to manage pages

    Once the hacker has full control over the Magento CMS admin panel sites, they can easily add scripts according to their choice.

    In one example, hackers are injected with the malicious code, which allows them to get the access to the pages of Magento core file, where the payments proceed easily. The request of POST server are containing the intercepted sensitive data pr redirected the attacker.

    In attack geared the same techniques are using toward the Rarog cryptocurrency. Among the 1000 victims, the compromised panel tells about the industries of healthcare or the education sector, which are largely in Europe or the US.

    Detected Magento sites had basic security mistakes

    With the enforcement law, the Flashpoint is working just to notify the breaches victims. So far, the detected site is presenting the total compromised or basic security mistakes. By getting rid, the CMS login account is exposure the brute-force attack.

  • This week we have seen the Digital Marketing Stats!

    This week we have seen the Digital Marketing Stats!

    This week we have seen the Digital Marketing Stats!


    The previous year, the European Commission said that Google was gaining unfair advantages as compared to the other price comparison sites and requested to give some chance to competitors by bringing them to the equal terms as Google. But as it turned out this caused a very few changes of 0.04% in the product listing ads (PLA) in the UK. Overall there was a difference of only 6.1% of shopping and PLA was included from the competing sites, making the overall rate of rival ads still very low.

    Role of digital marketing ads in the travel decisions:

    A report from Phocuswright revealed that digital media is playing a huge role in the travel decisions. Only 72% consumers confirmed seeing an ad while they were planning their trip and that these ads were both helpful and influential as well. Despite that fact that 37% to 43% travelers used smartphone for the shopping purposes and flights. At the moment it feels like these companies are using ads for the marketing purposes.

    • The number of global internet users surpasses:

    According to the digital 2018 report, we are social conscious and Hootsuite showed us that the number of Internet users is more than 4 billion, while assuming that half of the world population was online. Media usage has increased by 13% as compared to what it was last year, almost reaching 3.2 billion users. 5% increase in the UK has been observed since the last year. 1.77 billion have been observed in online shopping, with an increase of 8%. Altogether a total of $ 1.471 trillion is being spent on e-commerce, with an increase of 16% since last year.

    Technology is increasing rapidly. Children, adults and old aged people all are using it and during this era, Digital ads can make a difference in once business as people is using technology more.

  • Will Shopify be Affected by the Facebook Scandal?

    Will Shopify be Affected by the Facebook Scandal

    Online investment newsletter Citron Research says that the stock price and merchant base of Shopify will likely be affected by the Facebook profile harvesting scam. Citron has been one of the most vocal critics of Shopify and it remains to be seen how this latest comment will affect the e-commerce platform’s stock especially following the Facebook scandal.

    Shopify is one of the more popular e-commerce solutions for budding entrepreneurs. It can be seamlessly integrated into Facebook pages. Customers can browse items from these pages prior to check out through Shopify.

    Citron comments after Facebook scandal

    According to Citron, Facebook has to scale back on personal information it shares with the Canada-based e-commerce platform.  It also says that Shopify will find it harder to get new online sellers on Facebook. The investment authority also noted that shares of Shopify would likely trade down 29% lower in the weeks to come.

    Shopify’s stock did slide by 4% in March although it pales in comparison to the 14% decline that Facebook stock experienced.  Experts say that Citron’s comments hold some water as majority of the Shopify merchants are budding entrepreneurs who are the usual target of aggressive and conceivably bogus affiliate marketers.

    Shopify has also been hit for being a haven for novice merchants, although the e-commerce platform still raked in an impressive $9.1 billion in gross merchandise during the last quarter of 2017.

    Shopify and the Facebook scandal

    However, that volume may be affected with Facebook’s latest crackdown on data mining and advertisers. There is also the possibility that Shopify will be affected by the #deletefacebook campaign. The ecommerce platform, after all, generates much of its revenue from merchant subscriptions and merchant solutions.

    Last year, Shopify responded to Citron’s comments.  The latter also fired back but the stock performance of Shopify in the last five months indicates which firm won that round.  Now it remains to be seen how Shopify will perform this year, although it needs some help from Mark Zuckerberg’s creation in order to bounce back.

  • Clever Ways to Use Pinterest to Grow Your E-commerce Business

    Clever Ways to Use to Pinterest Grow Your E-commerce Business

    Every social network provides an opportunity for business to reduce the distance between consumer and seller, to get more traffic on their website and increase sales but it is most effective of all another social network. It has 200 million registered users and it is very effective in generating referral traffic. Social media is not only traffic driver but it also helps you to build a good and strong image of your brand with very little or no cost. In order to make your business grow, you need to understand that it is a social network, you have to find people who might be interested in your products and to make a strategy for those who are not.

    Purpose of using Pinterest

    The main purpose of falls into following categories:

    • To get direct feedback from customers and interact with them
    • To increase traffic, it is so obvious that the more traffic your site as there are more chances of raise in the sale
    • To provide a good visual representation of products

    As we discussed earlier it has so many registered users and most of them are women, but before getting into the main topic you should understand that your website should be designed in such a way that it has a pin button on all of the product pages so that your visitors also follow you there.


    In order to grow your business through it one should act smart you do not need too much of hard work or a huge amount of investment but smart work, following are the ways on which you need to focus and work:

    • According to a research, customers are more attracted to the products with price tags and more likely to buy them, there are two ways one is product’s price in the description and the other is rich pins.
    • Interact with customers more often, reply to their queries, appreciate their feedback and you can also arrange special contests to engage customers. Use high-quality pictures to attract customers.
    • It is a search engine so you should create natural descriptions as it is easy for the people to search just like google. Use minimum keywords where they are most required hence they are not easily understandable and will lose the interest of people.
    • You can also sign up for a business page of Pinterest as it provides you to monitor performance you can conclude which of your posts are getting most comments, likes and pins and work on it.
  • E-commerce payment gateway

    payment gatewayE-commerce payment Gateway

    E-commerce payments have become easier with the growth of some of the greatest payment gateways. The financial technology sector has become one of the fastest growing sectors in tech since 2008. This was mainly due to the rising commercial ties between countries. As we become more globalized there is also the need to design more efficient payment methods. In e-commerce one payment gateway that has stood out from the crowd is Stripe. Although most e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and woo-commerce have got native payment gateways there is still the need for more personalized payment methods.

    Stripe Payment gateway

    The stripe payment gateway has some form of popularity. It is used on some of the world’s most popular sites such as Lyft and target. The reason why stripe has become a major player in the online e-commerce market is that it is easy to use. The platform is also available for use on the Shopify and woo-commerce platforms. Due to the fact that Shopify and woo-commerce are the largest platforms in the e-commerce segment, this makes Stripe leverage the payment gateway. The payment platform has advanced development.

    Cryptocurrency use and payment gateway companies

    Most tech-savvy individuals will not deny that for once in their lives they have used bitcoin to make a transaction online. In the years 2017 Bitcoin become one of the most popular payment methods on the internet accounting for more than 100 million transactions. Most payment gateway companies wanted to take advantage of this bitcoin mania so they included the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Most e-commerce entrepreneurs have leveraged the popularity of crypto-currencies by using them as a payment method. This, in turn, has forced payment gateway companies to include the currency.

  • The Ticking Time Bomb of eCommerce returns

    The Ticking Time Bomb of ecommerce Returns

    Returns have been quite a huge loss for retail brands in ecommerce. When a product is returned or exchanged it loses its original worth as its price has a decrement and not only had this it is a huge trouble for the retailers also as it is cannot be sold again at the original price obviously because of the damage caused by wear or tear. According to retail predictions which I have laid my eyes on it is getting worse for retailers as E-commerce increasing with increase in the amount of return is day by day. But the return rate of purchased products from stores is less than the products we get online.

    Causes of ecommerce:

    Back then the shipping was rarely free and there were no such things as returning and getting your money or exchanging them. Today the customer and business are a lot closer than they used to be because of the e-commece that is why compared to the previous years there is a drastic rise in returns and exchanges. We found this problem more in ecommerce, for example, if a person comes to the store to buy a product he is going to buy it until he is completely and fully satisfied with it that is why the return or exchange chances are very little or not. But in online store customer has to buy the product first there are more chances that it does not fit or suit him and something else. We made the return and exchange policy so easy that sometimes customers order more than one item in different sizes and colours to make sure they get what they really need.

    Is it getting better? NO:

    It is quite a shock that the return price is less in physical stores as compared to online stores although they online stores need it most as they face more returns and exchange than physical stores. It is very hard for some e-commerce businesses to manage this rate of returns as it can be that much out of control and a big motivator for them to move this online business to the physical store. Although it is a huge set back to the company regardless of this they have to offer free shipping and a good return or exchange policy in order to compete with the other brands.

    How to balance your ecommerce?

    As we discussed earlier there is no way for the company to “move to good old days” it will only make them suffer and especially when the brand is just being introduced in the market. According to some researchers, the huge companies or brands which are financially stable and have good monthly sales can manage to deal with it by balancing it with the profit from good sales.

  • Web development and web design roles in e-commerce

    Web developmentWeb design and web development in e-commerce

    Web design and web development have become a major player in the way we think about e-commerce. There is no one who will willingly go onto a site that has a terrible user experience. There is a correlation between an e-commerce web design and the success of the websites.  The web development sector is set to grow with more than 24% in the next three years. E-commerce web development is the main sector in web development.

    E-commerce Web development

    E-commerce web development is mainly done for customs e-commerce websites. In order to create a website, web developers need to code using python, c++ or java coding languages. Coding is the process of giving a computer or machine specific instructions to do. This is a highly complex task that needs the web developer to be well trained. To train for web development one can go to a web development boot camp or take an online Associate’s degree program for two years. Web development boot camps typically take 6 months. This gives the front end web developer a chance to learn how to develop e-commerce websites. The web development course is comprehensive.

    Web design and web development in e-commerce  

    Web designers and web developers have a big role to play in the e-commerce sector. Most e-commerce web templates are created by web designers and web developers. The difference between a web designer and a web developer is the fact that a web designer mostly is no the graphics designing sector. The web developer is the one who codes the entire e-commerce website. The web developer has got a more complex role in the e-commerce sector. The salaries also defer. The web developer earns more than the web designer.

  • A simple analysis of e-commerce trends.

    E-commerce trends over the past couple of years

    The e-commerce market has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Since the beginning of the 21st century we have seen the growth of incredible companies such as Amazon, and eBay. It is clear that over the past couple of years humans have become more comfortable with buying their products online, instead of going to a conventional retail store to wait in the line in order to check out an item by the register. The rise of blockchain technology was due in part to the rise of e-commerce and the desire for people to remain as anonymous as possible. One e-commerce site that captured the headlines was Silk Road. Silk Road was a dark net e-commerce site which is infamous for selling illegal stuff such as cocaine, marijuana, guns, child porn and stolen credit cards. This shows that people had become more comfortable in buying stuff from people they know nothing about.

    E-commerce trends forecast

    In 2017 e-commerce companies like Amazon grew by more than 20%. The market cap of Amazon is due to its dominance in fields such as cloud computing, and e-book retail dominance. This has led investors to pump money into the e-commerce giant. This is mainly due to the fact that Amazon has proven to have a bright future. However, Amazon is being put under monopoly scrutiny by both the European Union and the United States government. Some speculators believe that Amazon is going to be broken down into smaller companies.

    Mobile e-commerce trends

    Mobile e-commerce has picked up pace over the past few years. The mobile e-commerce trends are on the rise throughout the globe, especially in the East Asian market. It is estimated that by 2020 40% of all e-commerce purchases are going to be done through mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones.
    #mobile e-commerce trends
    #e-commerce trends

  • Study shows how Generation Z shoppers behave

    Generation Z shoppers

    Digital marketers will find the recent survey conducted by IBM and the National Retail Foundation about Generation Z shoppers very interesting and useful. Members of this generation, who were born before the turn of the century, have been on the radar of many brands. These firms will further understand how this generation behaves by learning the findings of the said survey:

    1. Generation Z shoppers like innovative and tech-driven stores

    Members of this generation already make up a quarter of the population in the United States so brands should update their online stores to attract Gen Z shoppers.  New online store technologies like interactive screens, smartphone self checkout and virtual-try ons are some of those innovations that brands should incorporate in their online stores.

    2. Generation Z shoppers rely on their phone when shopping.

    Gen Zers walk around with a smartphone in their hand, whether they step into a shopping mall or hang out in a coffee shop.  Their smartphones are particularly helpful when they shop as they use it for reading product reviews and comparing prices.

    This trend suggests that retailers should work with the smartphone habits of the younger generation. For instance, creating an app or rolling out a virtual reality store can make the shopping experience for Gen Zers as seamless as possible.

    3.  Generation Z shoppers are influenced by social media

    For many members of Generation Z, social media is a vital part of their shopping experience. In fact, a study by RetailDIVE showed that 8 out of 10 purchases by Gen Zers are influenced by social media. This is not really a surprising fact because these shoppers grew up with social media.

    However, brands should not only focus on Facebook advertising. This is a generation who hates pop-up ads because they view it as like an invasion of privacy. Instead, brands should focus on things that can catch the attention of the younger generation such as coming up with entertaining content that Gen Zers can share on their social media accounts.

  • Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

    Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

    U.S Supreme Court heard cases of online retailers on the sales tax collection

    WASHINGTON: on Tuesday, the U.S Supreme Court appeared with the hesitant just to let the online retailer out-of-state on the purchase of sales tax collection, while someone saying Congress has the power to resolve the matter.

    A one-hour argument heard by the nine-justice, with closely watched case, just to put the South Dakota, backed to the administration of President Donald Trump, against considering the business of e-commerce, potentially, billions of dollar are used in this fight, it’s a worth of affective states “consumer and coffers” wallets.

    Justices heard many cases on sales tax

    On the issue of sales tax, the Justice heard many cases against the trumpet's criticism backdrop of Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), which is the dominant player.

    However, South Dakota asked potentially to justices about the overturn of Supreme Court precedent 1992, which can’t be required to collect the retailer's sales tax unless, the physical presence of a business in the existing state. Online retailer Wayfair (W.N) out-of-state, Newegg Inc and Overstock.com Inc (OSTK.O) are contesting the authority of South Dakota for the purpose of sales tax collection and won the value of lower courts.


    Gorsuch asked why court favors a particular model for business? While considering the e-commerce reference companies, who are not collecting the sales taxes

    Kennedy said, the decision proved incorrect and it is indicated with the responsibility of court instead of waiting for the Congress act. However, a similar point made by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also saying that it was not the job of a congress.

    Some justices appeared because they agree with the statement that the company is ruling the striking down in the North Dakota case, which would lead to scrambling the laws to overcome the small business burden.

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