NetSuite-Magento Connector

Connect NetSuite and Magento in Perfect Synchronization

NetSuite-Magento Connector

The NetSuite-Magento Connector connects the two systems seamlessly in real-time.

  • Inventory levels are kept in sync between Netsuite and Magento

  • Products can be managed in either system and dynamically created in the other

  • Orders are passed from Magento to NetSuite with complete and proper customer and product data

  • Shipment Tracking information is passed from NetSuite to Magento after fulfillment

  • Customers can be fully managed in the NetSuite CRM with full visibility for the customer through Magento

Through in-depth knowledge of both systems we can model your business processes in much greater detail than any other solution, and achieve perfect synchronization.

Magento NetSuite Synchronization

  • Daily Inventory Sync to keep stock levels consistent across platforms. The inventory syncs can be scheduled to meet your business needs. For example, if your warehouse only receives orders during the day and commits inventory to stock during certain times, model this through the NetSuite-Magento Connector. Should your business be active around the clock from different global warehouse locations, update them in real-time across states or continents. You have the flexibility to set any interval of your choosing (daily, hourly, event based etc.).

  • Manage Customer Information in the Netsuite CRM to mine your customer data. Identify your best customers and manage your relationship with them.
  • The Complete Two-Way Functionality automatically updates inventory, products, order status, customer and shipping information. As orders are fulfilled in NetSuite they get updated on Magento and the customer can view and manage these orders with their updated status.

  • Real-time Order Updates – including all pertinent customer and payment information. An audit trail is kept for every action performed to reduce customer inquiries and facilitate customer service.

  • Ship Through NetSuite using the true and tested fulfillment methods in Netsuite and share complete visibility with your customers through the seamless link established by the Magento NetSuite Connector.


The NetSuite-Magento connector is using a true entity level mapping between the two systems. This means that it takes full advantage of the strengths of both systems (as opposed to remote controlling one system from the other) while diminishing the disadvantages of both. NetSuite manages all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and Magento is leveraged to fully maximize its e-commerce capabilities and third party integrations. Together, the two work together to provide excellent outputs in an easy-to-understand and organized system. - See all Netsuite-Magento Connector videos .

Introduction to the NetSuite-Magento Connector


Manage your inventory in NetSuite and share full visibility with Magento. The tight link the NetSuite-Magento Connector establishes allows you to aggressively sell against your stock numbers. Whether you sell through multiple channels, including eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces, or you sell wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) out of the same inventory, you can configure the NetSuite-Magento Connector to support this logic.

The NetSuite-Magento Connector also supports multiple locations, and using different stock levels, in case you keep track of wholesale stock and you maintain a separate e-commerce inventory.

Inventory management follows the true and tested NetSuite processes and leaves a complete audit trail as well as is closely tied into the company financials. This also allows inventory forecasting and pre-order or back order sales and stock management.


Product creation has never been easy, but the NetSuite-Magento Connector helps you streamline the process as much as possible. Whether your business starts with samples and placing orders months in advance, or you receive you product twice a week, we can model and help streamline any scenario.

E-Commerce requires a different set of product information from accounting, warehousing and fulfillment. To get a consumer to buy, you will need nice high resolution images, rich descriptions, with meta tags and more. However, you only need a few key indicators to manage a SKU during fulfillment or ordering. The NetSuite-Magento Connector helps you streamline this process and avoid double entry of information. You can pull in basic information from NetSuite, such as SKU, quantity, and basic attributes, and complement them with additional information in Magento to allow full e-commerce functionality.
Alternatively, you can start in Magento with a streamlined batch import of hundreds or thousands of products at once. The NetSuite-Magento Connector automatically identifies products by SKU and links them between the systems.

As part of the NetSuite-Magento Connector we will provide you with a streamlined Magento Import Tool.

For very complicated cases, our expert staff will be able to assist you with data schema modeling and setup. We can help you come up with the process for your business and fully support your existing business realities.

Product Synchronization

The NetSuite – Magento connector allows you to set up and synchronize a wealth of product types, pricing information and product data with ease and reliability, leaving competitors in the dust. The product synchronization provides an extra layer of protection with its variance detection. With separate systems, the customer may lose money due to discrepancies in tax and shipping and handling calculations. With the integration, the two systems are automatically matched and the order will not go through if the two prices vary, leaving you confident that price variances will never appear again. The duo system is also incredibly flexible and customizable for your own personal needs. If there is ever a problem with the order, there will be a global notification. With a click, it will lead you straight to the panel where the problem exists. As soon as the problem has been cleared, the order will proceed. Although this system provides complex outputs, it is very user friendly. Many of the labor-intensive processes are automatic, leaving the user hassle and worry free. However, records of activities can be easily accessed so that you can monitor exactly what has been done and you can modify or reverse it as desired. - See all videos here .

Product Synchronization between NetSuite and Magento


Orders or sales are the live blood of every business and we take all order information very seriously. This starts with complete audit trails capturing every last detail about every order placed to a fully customized order logic. The NetSuite-Magento Connector can support every Magento and NetSuite default scenario. And if you have special order requirements, such as product modifications by customer service or adjusting order totals to account for discounts, refunds, and other eventualities, our expert staff can consult with you and help ensure all information is captured and communicated correctly.

The NetSuite-Magento Connector also handles order comments and modifications to orders. Its main strength is streamlining orders and order flow, and providing full visibility towards the customer and you and your customer service staff.

Should you require more flexibility with your order management process, we can help you extend Magento or Netsuite to accommodate for your needs.


Shipping methods and shipping rates can be setup in Magento to reflect your business realities in NetSuite. Are you using UPS WorldShip and have it seamlessly integrated with NetSuite? No problem, now we are just adding Magento to the mix and make sure that it refects all shipping conditions and rules you require. Do you want to pass on your amazingly low shipping rates to your customers or do you use other ways to streamline your shipping process? All shipping information is fully transparent in both systems, and you can service your customers from NetSuite as well as they can view all information in Magento.

Customer Management in NetSuite and Magento

Watch this video on how the customers are created from NetSuite in Magento and how customer records are mapped to each other.


Customers are handled as true entities within NetSuite and the customer object in Magento, so there is no duplication and the most accurate tracking of who did what. Using true entities will also allow you to grant employee discounts automatically without setting up complicated rules or issuing discount codes. You have your vendors, staff, customers and re-sellers already setup in NetSuite, so why would you have to do it all over in Magento? Payment terms and payment methods can be setup to match your business requirements and real-world realities. No, you don't have to go back to pencil and paper. Along with mapping apples to apples we also synchronize all data associated with customer entities. Our team can help you map NetSuite and Magento fields through the Magento Netsuite Connector. - See all videos here .

Subsidiary Support

Our NetSuite Magento Integration fully supports subsidiaries and helps you keep your global business in check. You have customers in Europe and in America and you service them through two subsidiaries? No problem with the seamless Magento NetStuie synchronization. Keep the customer records separate and your accountants sane as well as your logistics and customer services streamlined.

NetSuite subsidiaries can be mapped to Magento stores and setup the way you require, ranging from strict separation to separation for shipping and accounting purposes only.

Email Notifications

Emails can be triggered through NetSuite or through Magento. Do you use a sophisticated email tracking solution? No problem our team will help you configure the correct rules to send our the appropriate email at the the right time.

Configuring the NetSuite-Magento Connector

Configuring the NetSuite-Magento Connector (continued)

See all videos here .


In-depth details about our support offerings including coverage and procedures
can be found in our NetSuite-Magento Connector Support Services Terms and Conditions.


We provide extensive support for the Netsuite Connector. The product support is limited to the standard Magento Connector functionality and is offered in two forms as Standard Support and Premium Support.

In addition to the Software Connector Support, we also offer consulting services as well as support for Magento problems or NetSuite issues alike.

Standard Support

The standard support is included for all software licenses of the NetSuite-Magento Connector and covers all built-in functionality and configurations.

Premium Support

In addition to the Standard Support we provide a Premium Support offering to ensure fastest response time and help with any issues that may arise around your NetSuite-Magento link.

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