At HP, we’ve been working with Magento since Magento was in beta. Magento is an open source platform created to help merchants and entrepreneurs solve real world business problems and sell more online. It’s flexible, easy to manage and use, and at the same time, extremely powerful and robust. It can be customized to meet almost any need, and chances are if you need it, we’ve done it!

So Why Do We Love Magento?

Highly Customizable

You dream it, we build it. Nothing thrills us more than building complex, highly customized Magento projects!

Flexibility and Control

The Magento platform puts the control back in the hands of merchants and entrepreneurs, enabling complete flexibility and control over the business processes, flow, look and feel, and content.

Open Source + Enterprise

Magento users get benefit from extensive, thriving open source community, and a 260-person, well-funded Magento Commerce organization. Both communities are dedicated to innovation the success of the platform.

We're great at it. Seriously.

It’s great to do what you love, which goes hand in hand with being great at what you do. Our top people have spent 10,000+ hours perfecting Magento and it’s safe to say that we are experts.

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