September 12th, 2014

Top 7 Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Magento Slow-down

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While all Magento sites run out of the box slow, your slow Magento site might be running even slower than the standard.

If you’re experiencing Magento slow-down, and you would like your developers to fix it, all you really have to do is to have them check the following and give you a report back.


  • 1. No Full Page Cache (FPC)

If you’re not currently running a copy of Magento Enterprise or are not on Magento Community 1.5+, chances are that you don’t have FPC activated. This one single tool will single-handedly speed up Magento sites by leaps and bounds.

  • 2. Memory Limit Too Low

There is a setting in your configuration files which will set the maximum amount of memory you can dedicate to PHP rocesses. Since Magento is a big memory hob, having this value be anywhere greater than 128mB can signifcantly bump up the time it takes Magento to perform operations.

  • 3. Not Using Memcached

Memcached is a memory object cacheing tool which in short means it can store user sessions and things that get queried in a cache. Memcached can store and recall these things a great deal faster than your server can.

  • 4. Indexes Are Not Updated

If your indexes have not been updated manually through the admin panel, you’re causing your Magento site to figure out calculations every time a customer sees a page.

  • 5. Compilation Turned Off

This is a simple setting in the admin panel which compiles files into more easily accessible blocks of HTML. Lots of companies have this turned off becasue it breaks the site.

  • 6. Developers Hacked the Core

“Hacking the core” means that your developers manually overwrote Magento files—theoretically, this should never be the case, but it’s worth checking out.

Most tips on improving Magento speed overlook this key pitfall. Sometimes someone gets hired that gets the job done quickly but doesn’t think too far ahead. Don’t let it slow you down—if you’re having speed issues, check if your core is hacked.

  • 7. Bad Hosting

Cheap hosting companies who don’t advertise the fact that they have a custom Magento setup are generally bad at hosting Magento.

Spend the extra money and find someone who actually supports what you’re currently trying to do.

  • In Need for Speed?

Our Magento Tuning Packages might be just the thing you need to speed up your Magento store.

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