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  • Once again Hara Partners and B.Moss join in for another eventful fashion photoshoot! With Hara Partners Jenna Rochman, Michael Tai, and Vernon Fong everything was set in place and ready to shoot!

    Fashion Photoshoot On set of the B.Moss Photo shoot.
  • Shae NY and Hara Partners came together for a full-blown product and fashoin photoshoot for their Fall 2011 line.


  • While it may seem like a long ways away, it is never too early to begin planning for the upcoming Holiday 2011 shopping season.

    Holiday season spending is making a grand rebound from the 2008 – 2009 recessions.  Last year, comScore reported this past year’s e-commerce spending in the November – December 2010 holiday season reached $32.6 billion, a twelve-percent increase from the previous year.  One of the leading factors of this phenomenal increase is the online shopping holiday Cyber Monday (similar to Black Friday).    Cyber Monday this past year was the first billion-dollar online spending day in history, and was the top online spending day of the season.

    cyber monday Holiday Sales Season Graph

    With great anticipation, this upcoming holiday season should hold similar outcomes.  Take the time to prepare your company for the high demands shoppers during the holidays hold (hint: free shipping deals are a big hit) so that that this year will roll by with ease.

  • Many Magento stores lack the sales they need for reasons that seem unknown to them, they need Magento Optimization.  A list was pulled together by QuBit to help companies understand what their websites are lacking, and how to correct them.

    Here's the breakdown:

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  • Hunter Dixon had their fashion photoshoot for the Fall 2011 line for a 'picture is as picture does' representation for their collection's sales sheet.

    On Monday, August 1st, Hara Partners made the photo shoot possible with creative direction and shoot production, direction, and management.  Hara Partners’ Vernon Fong and Michael Tai photographed the beautiful clothes in the West Chelsea Building's art lofts.

    Another successful shoot with the Hara Partners team!  Keep up the good work!

    Skirt from Hunter Dixon
    Blouse from Hunter Dixon
    The Studio set up for Hunter Dixon
  • Any online store looks to obtain two things: functional simplicity and visual aesthetics.  With these two features, any store can draw their customers in and guide them through the shopping experience with ease.  There are times in which shortcuts are made, attempting to make these goals as easy as possible to obtain.  Unfortunately shortcuts don't always prove to be the best method.

    Example A: Cafe Commerce; a "simple-to-use" e-store factory that takes very little time or effort to establish for $30 a month.  A free 14 day trial is available, if one was curious about trying their hand at the program.  However, the overall experience is nothing less than disappointing.

    cafe commerce theme Cafe Commerce Theme

    The general organization of the system is neat, but far too basic.  It is easy to navigate through the background structure of your store, simple to add or remove items, and quick to check the statistics on your sales.  Everything is properly labeled and explained on its function, but it limits the possibilities on how to design your online store.

    cafe commerce Cafe Commerce - Admin Panel

    The themes available for the store websites are generic, plain, extraordinarily basic.  Nothing about these templates is exciting or grabbing, and would most likely lose a shopper's intrigue quickly.  And what's worse, the availability to go above and beyond what Cafe Commerce has to offer is not entirely out of reach.

    There is the possibility to preform personal coding (Design > Advanced) with a red warning that this part of the design is for "CSS Ninjas only!"  Meaning: the potential to build your website using CSS coding is still very limited and basic while using Cafe Commerce.

    Overall, Cafe Commerce only offers a small window of opportunity to create a fully-functioning and appealing online store.  When online stores first began to make an appearance, these website designs would have been considered advanced and top-notch.  Now, there is much more possibilities to make your store look interesting and navigational without the need for these simplistic templates.

    Some things are just better left to the CSS Ninjas.

  • On July 13th, 2011 the NY Magento Meetup Group gathered together at Hara Partners' office to talk about Flexible Checkout system.

    In case if you missed our last meetup, here is a quick synopsis of what we discussed:

    Flexible Checkout

    Issues with Magento checkout:

    Too tightly packaged

    Time consuming to make changes

    With our new Flexible Checkout system:

    Each checkout step is separate

    More flexible

    Hours not wasted

    Keeps security intact

    Example Benefits:

    Add coupon/promotion codes

    Add store credit

    Add policies and agreements

    And more!

    Stay tuned as we continue to release updates and news on the Flexible Checkout system and join us for more meetups on similar topics!

  • On the Thursday of July 7,2011 Hara Partners and B.Moss joined together for the creation of a long but fun fashion photoshoot.

    From creative direction, casting, shoot management and post-production retouching for final files,
    Hara Partners made everything possible for our wonderful friends at B.Moss.

    With help from the talented Meagan Hester who was in charge of hair and make up ,the three wonderful models (Allison Burnett, Stephanie, and Lauren Berlingieri), and HARA Partners’ Vernon Fong the B.Moss Photoshoot was a success!

  • This is Polyvore Blogger Code WIP in action:

    Art Gallery Opening


    Art Gallery Opening by cruggieri1 featuring face jewelry

    3 1 Phillip Lim lace blouse
    $450 - net-a-porter.com

    Neil Barrett high waisted skirt
    $315 - stylebop.com

    Christian Louboutin platform pumps
    £635 - net-a-porter.com

    Gorjana disc earrings
    $70 - charmandchain.com

    Larkspur Hawk face jewelry
    $850 - barneys.com
  • (Visit Mashable's original article)

    Chris Schreiber is director of marketing at social video advertising company Sharethrough. A leading expert on social content strategy, Chris recently presented a two-hour workshop on viral video at the Cannes Lions festival, entitled “Making Videos Go Viral: Creative, Social, and Technological Techniques.”

    Last week, the world’s top brands and agencies descended on the Cannes Lions festival to discuss creativity in modern advertising and to anoint the campaigns that most effectively captured our imaginations. While the conference was renamed this year to the “International Festival of Creativity” (previously the “International Advertising Festival”), it featured an unprecedented amount of participation from blockbuster technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

    Over the course of the week, the significant relationship between the powerful new forces in technology and the creative output from the advertising industry became quite clear. As the web increasingly empowers us to choose and share the media we care about, brands genuinely commit to creating content and experiences that thrive in our on-demand culture.

    In this article there are five video's which show different themes of majors changes of the world of advertising.

    [ A New Wave of Experimental Marketing]

    The first video was a nike commercial which showed different soccer player's showing a future glimpse of what would happen if they make their goal. The visuals were compelling and action packed.

    [Content, Not Ad's]

    Unlock the formula was Coca Cola's video which showed multiple images and clips of coca cola and the secret behind their formula. What made it special was the usage of cultural content in it, showing different time periods but have a connection due to coca cola. The overall feel of this ad had a little creepy side to it.

    [ The Shift from Communities to Collectives]

    An ad for Sneakerpedia which is a wikipedia style site powered by Footlocker for "sneakerheads" to document the history of sneakers. It's the buzz of this site that makes it sucessful.

    [ The rise of the "Creative Technologist"]

    Advertising is becoming digital and agencies are looking to bring in more developer talent to help create new and original products. Interactive media is becoming an essential to advertising these days.

    Last but not least the [ The Gaga Effect]

    The Gaga Brand has been taken globally where people all over the world can say that they would know who Lady Gaga is. By using digital tools she broadens her fan base all over the world.

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