September 9th, 2014

Gain Insight to Your Visitors with Magento Analytics and LeadCaster

Category:E-Commerce, Hara Partners | Posted By Mai Erne on September 9th, 2014


If you’re running a website, you probably already suspect that the visitors that you’re currently getting can quickly become leads if you just play your game right. Our Magento Analytics and Leadcaster tool is specifically geared for small and medium-sized businesses to maximize your online marketing and increase sales opportunities. The tool is able to track visitor bavhior, interactions with your content, and allows you to setup tracking for marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

Our powerful analytics suite tracks visitor behavior, interactions with your content, social media engagement, and allows you to setup tracking for marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.  LeadCaster identifies website visitors in real time, providing valuable contact information for a more personalized sales engagement.

Some of our common solutions include Lead Capture, which identifies anonymous visitors, while also profiling and segmenting them for future purposes. We also keep track of social media, and can notify you exactly who is talking about you and what they say.


Pulse Features

Pulse is the fastest, easiest way to monitor and measure the overall health of your website! Pulse provides an overview of your website’s current health and trends. Pulse provides recommendations to improve your Pulse score which helps improve your website’s effectiveness.

  • Complex algorithms determine website health score
  • Day over day score values
  • Highs, lows and average scores
  • Cross domain comparisons
  • We help you determine how visitors got to your site, where they are spending their time, what they are looking for, and how they navigate. Our API provides a powerful way to extract website lead information (and more) to integrate with other applications, such as CRM and CMS systems. Our Identities technology allows you can tag and track website visitors by name, email address and more. Easy to use with your forms, email campaigns and more!

    You can try Magento Analytics and LeadCaster for 30 days free. Remember that in an age where everything can be easily monitored and analyzed, there are really few tools more useful for your purposes than Magento Analytics and LeadCaster.

    September 8th, 2014

    Dropbox Pro Pricing Goes Down

    Category:E-Commerce, Hara Partners | Posted By Mai Erne on September 8th, 2014


    Last week, Dropbox announced that they were going to be improving its Pro cloud-storage with new features and low pricing.

    A simplified pricing plan will offer all Dropbox Pro users a full terabyte of storage for only $9.99 per month.  Previously, only multiple pricing options were available.

    “This is a smart move on Dropbox’s part,” Trip Chowdhry, a senior analyst with Global Equities Research, told the E-Commerce Times. “The price of storage hardware is plummeting. Today’s storage is a commodity, but how you provide it is a novelty.”

    One of the new sharing features in the updated Dropbox Pro are view-only permissions for shared folders, which allow users to decide whether recipients of a shared folder can edit files within it or just view them.

    “This is a smart move on Dropbox’s part,” Trip Chowdhry, a senior analyst with Global Equities Research, told the E-Commerce Times. “The price of storage hardware is plummeting,” Chowdhry explained.”Today’s storage is a commodity, but how you provide it is a novelty.”

    Dropbox has gone from 100 million users in November 2012 to 300 million today, and a billion files are saved on the cloud platform every day, Oestlien said. The company is currently facing growting competition in the cloud-storage arena from players including the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple, Box, and Microsoft.

    Price cuts have become a frequent occurrence across the board. Earlier this year, for example, Google cut the monthly price of the 1-TB plan within its competing Drive cloud-storage service from $49.99 to $9.99.

    Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, meanwhile, offers 1 TB for $2.50 per month with an annual commitment; additional storage is just $0.20 per gigabyte.

    “I think Dropbox will continue to gain market share because it’s multiplatform, it’s the easiest product to use, and it is a product for the masses,” Chowdhry predicted. “The cost of doing business is going down,” he observed. “I think this is very positive.”

    September 4th, 2014

    How Will eBay Grow PayPal Organically?

    Category:E-Commerce, Hara Partners | Posted By Mai Erne on September 4th, 2014

    Ebay Corporate Headquarters Sign

    Paypal Vice President Laurent Le Moal recently announced that she planned to turn PayPal into a larger payment services company, paired with further integration into off-line retail channels. The plan is to turn advertising more contextual, which means that content that is displayed on the Web will be chosen to be more relevant to what the user is currently browsing—for instance, if a user is on, they’ll see ads on the same page related to Nascar.

    This practice has already been well-established by Google’s Google Ads services, which has already been placing small text links all over various webpages. Now, with the prevalence of cell phones and mobile ads, we will likely see a boost in contextual advertising across all platforms.

    Going forward, more devices will improve information flow, which will allow consumers to experience e-commerce in the real world—instead of walking into a shopping store, running around the store to find items to purchase, it will be possible for a consumer to pick and choose products from a mobile device, and a machine will bring the products to the consumer, and the payment will be processed wirelessly.

    “Our key challenge for the next three to five years is accessing the same high levels of information offline and sharing it with the retail in a nonintrusive way for the consumer—and being nonintrusive is extremely important.”

    PayPal is well positioned in an environment where commerce will be driven by mobile devices. Mobile will drive commerce volume through PayPal’s platform. However, commerce volume will also come in other forms, like further expansion into emerging market economies, which will allow for remittance and other transactions to occur more seamlessly.

    September 3rd, 2014

    Enhance Your Company’s Infrastructure with Magento Code Review

    Category:E-Commerce, Hara Partners | Posted By Mai Erne on September 3rd, 2014


    If you’re a Magento developer and you want to ensure optimum code quality for your website before launching it, you should consider setting yourself up with a Magento Health Check. Our package will catch any coding or performance related issues on your website by providing a thorough Magento code review. Our team will then take the necessary steps and provide recommendations to fix the issue.

    Common problems with Magento can include high maintenance costs, difficulties implementing new features, and complaints about interactivity. Our Health Check is built to address deep-rooted difficulties in addition to surface elements and is designed to cost-effectively minimize downtime. The process addresses deep-rooted difficulties as well as surface elements and is designed to cost-effectively minimize downtime.

    Why Choose Hara Partners?


    We’ve been with Magento since its initial launch, and we understand that the success of your business is based on long-term stability. Through line-byline analysis and a battery of diagnostic subtests, we can catch all of your bugs, incompatabilities, and misconfigurations before they do any lasting damage.

    What’s Involved?


    To facilitate in-depth assessment without disrupting your live store we start duplicating your store to our development environment. We scrutinize your code for the three most critical areas – Architecture, Code Quality, and Performance/UI – and process the raw results through a standardized scoring system. We present the information in an intuitive, graphic-rich format, supported by practical resolution strategies to align with Magento best practices. All told, the Magento Health Check comprises over 30 sub-tests spanning the visible and deep-coded elements of your Magento platform.

    Here are the some of the steps that are involved during the optimization of our Magento Health Check (you can visit our page for more information):

  • Setup optimization (e.g., filling in missing settings)
  • Core element configuration
  • File combustion
  • Identification of potential bottle necks plus removal strategy
  • Web server settings optimization
  • Magento cachet optimization
  • Broken/corrupted module report




    September 2nd, 2014

    Optimize Your Website with Hara Partners’ SEO for Magento

    Category:E-Commerce, Hara Partners | Posted By Mai Erne on September 2nd, 2014

    ???????????????????In the past, we’ve talked a little bit about what SEO is, and how it can be beneficial for your website in order to earn traffic. To reiterate some of our past points, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means making your site most ‘attractive’ to search engines. The ultimate goal is to garner a higher ranking for your site with SEO for Magento.  For instance, when someone searches Google for ‘Blue Armanati tie,’ the original results appear in a list, with 10 results on each page. For the given search term, the first result is considered to have the number one rank, the second result is considered number two, and so on.

    Everyone agrees that SEO is good for your business, but many people disagree on what the best SEO practices are.  Our content writers attract appropriate traffic to your site with well-researched, fluid, engaging articles that position you as an authority in your field. Our marketing experts then integrate this content with landing pages designed to drive conversions.

    Spending extra time on good SEO will make all the difference in the long run. Proper preparation here saves time on all aspects of the campaign.

    Our setup package includes:


    • Google Analytics and Webmaster integration
    • Site configuration to ensure that search engines only crawl relevant content
    • Generation and timely updates of Google sitemaps, integrated with Webmaster tools
    • Establishment of Canonical URL link element
    • Magento Google Merchant feed


    Link Validation and Management

    The more quality links pointing to your website, the better; these are defined as links from related organizations with content relevant to your own. Once you start receiving links to your site—via paid campaign, exchange, or simple merit—you’ll need to monitor them for validity on an ongoing basis. We’ll set up an advertising and link management tool that facilitates the link-checking process.

    What sets us apart is our laser focus on the capabilities, requirements, and metrics of a successful Magento build. We’ve been eating and breathing Magento since the platform launched, and we’ve had plenty of time to trailblaze in its challenging ecosystem.