March 20th, 2015

New Features for Store Manager for Magento

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store manager for magento


Hey Magenticians! We’ve implemented some new features in Store Manager for Magento that you might find exciting.

Store Manager for Magento is designed to quickly and effectively manage your Magento online store. Designed to enhance the functionality of default admin web interface, Store Manager for Magento also offers cool new features, automates routine tasks and simplifies day-to-day operations.

Store Manager for Magento is easy-to-use application with simple installation. Our user-friendly wizard allows you to select a few options like: to create a shortcut or not, install plugins and report tool or not —basically all you need to do is simply click on the next button. So it doesn’t require any special skills to run and you can concentrate on your basic business tasks.

Other Features for Store Manager for Magento


Other features of Store Manager for Magento include ultimate management of your Magento attributes (attribute groups are available and can all be edited in the same window). And did we also mention multilanguage support? This feature allows you to manage all languages in your online store.

The Customers Management section also provides you the opportunity to add, edit or remove customers. Secure connections are ensured by SSH support, and the Store Manager for Magento package also comes installed with a Database Backup/Restore option, which is aimed at helping users to ensure data safety before performing bulk operations.

Overall, Store Manager for Magento offers you many great options that come installed with our package. Send us a contact inquiry below if you’d like to hear more information.

World Class Support


Some companies can install your software, and then leave you dead in the water, scrambling around and scratching your head in terms of what you do. We understand. Not everyone is a tech-savvy software guru like some of our programmers. You don’t need to worry, though, because we’ll have your back.

Our IT guys are on 24/7 to help you install your package, as well as respond to any queries that you have once everything is up and running. Remember: just because the software is easy-to-use, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have any questions. Call us, and let us know what they might be. We’re the experts.

Please check out our Store Manager for Magento page for more information.

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