December 30th, 2014

Which Magento SEO Extension is the Best?

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The number of Magento extension providers out there on the Interwebs are limitless, and each one has its own version that focuses on improving the SEO of a Magento store. Sometimes it can be very hard for a store owner to figure out which one to choose since they often list a lot of similar features, and it’s not entirely clear which feature you really need. Before installing any Magento SEO, please follow our quick guide below.

1. Check that you haven’t made one of the 7 common Magento SEO mistakes.

2. Make a good robots.txt file.

3. Strategically think about your site’s main navigation.

4. Implement microdata markup into your theme to display breadcrumbs, price, reviews and more in SERP.

5. Implement rel prev and next on your pagination.

6. If you have multiple languages, implement rel alternate hreflang x.

As long as you checked all of the above and you don’t have layered navigation on your store, your on-site SEO will be just fine without any extension. If you have layered navigation however, this will complicate things a little bit.

Magento SEO extensions and layered navigation

Handling issues with layered navigation SEO will in most cases require an extension. In case you don’t want to use any combination of attributes in your layered navigation as long tail keyword landing pages, you don’t need an extension, you just need to add meta noindex, follow to the URLs in layered navigation and / or not allow search engines to get to those layered URLs at all. That being said, if you really need to rank for long tail combinations of some category name and some attribute names, you’ll need a Magento extension that handles layered navigation URL rewrites, enables you to set different titles, and in some cases enables you to chose meta noindex, follow for some combinations.

Here are some options for you:

SEO Layered Navigation Plus by manadev

This extension will work with both community and enterprise edition. It will give you impresive control over URL rewrites in layered navigation, page titles in layered navigation and meta noindex options for combinations you don’t want in index. It’s extremely powerful extension but with so many configuration options it’s easy to miss-configure it. If you go with this extension, it’s crucial to set aside a lot of time and really explore all of the options it gives you and think strategically about the best ways you can utilize it on your specific niche. Pro tip: Try not to put too many things in page titles, especially in prefixes.

Improved Navigation – SEO Layered Navigation by Amasty

This extension is part of larger set of Amasty’s Improved Layered Navigation extensions. By spliting it into separate extension, it reduces the amount of configuration options and allows easier set-up. It gives you unlimited powers for manually setting page titles, meta tags, and even headings and content (CMS blocks) for each combination of navigation’s attributes individually.

If you have an extension that fulfills all of the requirements, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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