NetSuite buys Bronto for $200 million. The Deal is Sealed!


NetSuite Buys Bronto Software for a Whopping $200 million!


NetSuite buys Bronto - software that allows businesses to concentrate on the features which are key to the company's success.  This means that the company does not have to worry about the technical operation of their IT systems.  Bronto is used by brands such as Armani Exchange, and Trek Bikes.


NetSuite Buys Venda

NetSuite is no stranger to buying companies.  It has invested a lot of time and effort into building its SuiteCommerce platform.  This platform simply allows retailers to unify the physical and online shopping experience. Last summer, NetSuite bought Venda.  Venda provided software as a service to deliver a constant brand image across online and mobile channels. From its purchase, NetSuite folded Venda into its SuiteCommerce.


NetSuite Buys Bronto

One year latter, NetSuite buys Bronto with the intention of boosting its eCommerce investments.  The merge of NetSuite's multichannel eCommerce platform with Bronto's systems will drive repeat purchases and revenues. NetSuite buys Bronto to deliver consistent commerce experiences for customers.


What Will Happen To Bronto's Current Employees?

The question is - what will happen to Bronto's current employees? NetSuite buys Bronto - but will NetSuite buy Bronto's employees?  There is no guarantee that the executive  teams will secure their current positions with NetSuite's over-take. Bronto's current headquarters are in Durham, North Carolina.  It has additional offices in London, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney.

Bronto's employees have been a crucial part of the company's success.  Their intelligence and various skill-sets have defined Bronto's software.  Therefore, it seems unfair that they could lose their jobs at the hands of NetSuite which now owns the Bronto software that it did not help create it in any way.

It is easy to say that the combination of NetSuite's service and Bronto's software technology will result in lifelong loyalty from customers.   Hence, it is worth the risk of losing Bronto's own loyal employees.  But, it was the employees who made this NetSuite-Bronto combination possible in the first place.  If NetSuite wants inside expertise on the Bronto software, it is wise that NetSuite ensures jobs for the Bronto executive team.


NetSuite Buys Bronto - But Will It Be A Success?

Time will tell whether the NetSuite-Bronto integration will be a success. According to NetSuite, there is no doubt that its new purchase of  Bronto software will  raise the offerings of its eCommerce marketing.

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