• Why is it really matter when Hubspot integrates with the Shopify platform?

    Why is it really matter when Hubspot integrates with the Shopify platform?

    As a customer, how many times an online merchant reached you? On the other hand as a business owner, how many time you find the curious? Of course, you are curious to know about these questions, unfortunately, e-commerce business is an opportunity that doesn't seem to be missed. The good news for your clients is only a few companies are here to make CRM products, as they are beginners.

    HubSpot, the maker of inbound marketing

    For instance, last week, HubSpot, the maker of inbound marketing, well-known representations and the CRM tool announced its integration level with the help of Shopify platform, which is officially going to live all over the world.

    The integration was finally announced last week, which are totally free. Also, it will synchronize the whole data with the help of two applications automatically generating or creating new contents. Meanwhile, the data are segregated through deals, products, or the order history, after that nurturing campaigns are used.

    HubSpot designed new campaigns

    Also, the HubSpot designed new campaigns, which are specifically tailored towards the needs of e-commerce customers, like visiting, shipments and online abandoned. The special report includes the offer metrics on the new sales, orders, abandoned cart recovery, and lifetime value of e-commerce platform.

    It’s important to focus on the giant's consumers that come in the vast majority of the small and large business. With the help of e-commerce platform, small business easily gets the access to the strategies and tools. However, inbound marketing is offering a solid solution toward these challenges, so that it can easily help the SMBs personalized marketing.

    The implications of mid-sized or small e-commerce have significant merchants. Not all the customers want to listen but can be assumed for buying some shoes. It totally depends on the assumptions.

  • What everyone must know about Shopify vs WooCommerce (compared)

    To begin an online store has never been as easy as an ABC. There are many rich eCommerce platforms available, each with their own array of unique qualities.

    Shopify and WooCommerce are two most well-known platforms:

    The two most well-known platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce. Your decision of choosing any one platform should be based on your business necessities.
    Both the platforms have distinct and unique features, including cost, installation procedures, marketing features and also a number of customized things to enhance your online store.
    In this post, we'll investigate WooCommerce versus Shopify, look at their highlights, and enable you to figure out which one is the best eCommerce stage decision for your online business.

    WooCommerce Versus Shopify

    Utilizing both Shopify and WooCommerce is simple, even if you are a beginner in this field.
    Both the platforms offer a wide variety of features and distinctions like:

    • Making a site’s unique first page
    • Consider the site’s security options
    • Posting content
    • Checking and answering the requests

    Good thing in the features comes for free!

    WooCommerce versus Shopify: Which is the best ecommerce stage for you?

    The greatest distinction between the two is in the setup. WooCommerce is a module for WordPress which means that you require a WordPress site for which you need to pay a good sum of money, introduce the WooCommerce module, and after that set up your store.  If you already have a WordPress site, then introducing the woocommerce is a very easy step.
    Shopify is a self-facilitated stage, which means that you don’t have to worry about any web procedures. It is less demanding. An additional good feature in Shopify is that it has blogging feature. Whether you choose Shopify or woocommerce, your selection should be based on your business needs.

  • Shopify VS. Magento: the Top platform of e-commerce

    Shopify VS. Magento: the Top platform of e-commerce

    Figure out the best platform, you will definitely recommend the e-commerce store. Whatever you choose the platform, you need to consider basic features that are easy for working. A couple of favorites platform are Shopify and Magento, you will defiantly confused while picking the right choice.

    For an instant, the best option for large e-commerce is only Magento, because it is well-known e-commerce platform, on the other hand, Shopify is only famous for their service. Meanwhile, no one is perfect, so pay more attention when you consider any platform.

    Introduction to Magento:

    It’s a powerful tool for e-commerce, which represents self-hosted and hosted version. For any size of the store, both versions are helpful and both features have the ability to provide the best resources for e-commerce users. In case, you are running a new store, you need to consider the Magento’s community version.

    Introduction to Shopify:

     It’s a popular platform for e-commerce hosted. It is quite easy to use and modify. That user who wants something change it is a fantastic option when it comes to building website and e-commerce platform. As a user, it is difficult to choose the separate hosting but Shopify provides the best hosting system to their user.

    For any platform, whether it is Shopify or Magento building a user-friendly dashboard can enhance the chance to acquaint the best way to authorized. It is easy to extend the functionality when you enable Shopify or Magento platform. It is difficult to use the reputation because Magento dashboard is quite a sleeking one. However, it is too easy for building up the depending hosting. It’s quite a simple process to modify that can’t able to scare any person. It depends on the widely cost that is vary on different type of store.


    Can Shopify Keep-Up with the Changing Purchasing World?


    The way the purchasing world works is changing.  And Shopify wants to be right at the heart of it.

    The Customer Is Always Right

    Nowadays, customers expect a wider range of options of how and where to buy.  In-store or online, delivery or collection.  Since its conception in 2006, Shopify has provided its customers with the commitment of making commerce easier.  This means that various businesses can focus on their primary goal;  building and selling their products.  Now, almost a decade since its birth, Shopify remains its pledge to progress with the times.

    Shopify spotted a gap in the market, and created a problem-free platform which allowed various stores to construct their retail businesses.  Nowadays, traders use their specific unique platforms to control the trajectory of their business – from the creation of the products, to the order placements.

    Mobile Commerce

    With the rapid growth of customers spending more time on their mobile phones than desktops, e-Commerce is hurriedly transforming into mobile commerce.  A study from Microsoft has shown that mobile users are more fixated.  Where 70% of desktop search tasks are done in a week, 70% of mobile search tasks are done in an hour.

    Shopify has understood that mobile shoppers like to research products in a simple fashion, and quickly make a purchase.  Therefore, Shopify has created a mobile friendly app and an easily accessible smartphone internet page.

    We are living in a society of app culture.  Shopify has adapted its inventive business to survive the shift in attention from electronic to mobile commerce.  In order to survive in the modern times, it is essential that a business constantly evolves with consumer interest.  From its initial online store selling snowboarding equipment, Shopify has grown with success in the transformative times.  Currently, there are 165,000 Shopify stores.  All you have to do is look at the $8 billion worth of sales to know that Shopify will be at the center of the purchasing world for a long time to come.


    Shopify Success Stories

    Many eCommerce stores have been built utilizing Shopify.  Online temporary tattoo company 'Tattly' has successfully built its eCommerce store, and has obtained an avid fan-base due to its platform on Shopify.  'Skinny Teatox' has also witnessed an rapid increase in its online sales of tea leaves by utilizing Shopify.  With so many businesses generating success with their platforms on Shopify, any business desiring to get involved in both the eCommerce and mobile commerce market should seriously  consider utilizing Shopify.

    For a list of companies which have been successful utilizing Shopify, visit:

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