• Magento vs  shopify - Which is the better platform for you?

    Magento vs shopify - Which is the better platform for you?

    Most of the people get confused in choosing between the Magento and shopify. But when it get cleared in this article it will become easy for you to understand. No doubt magento and shopify is the best ecommerce platforms in the market. They provide their customers reliable extensions and proper divisions. Most of the people compare them in most f the aspects but in reality they both are different. Continue reading

  • Shopify is not frightened of Magento

    Shopify is not frightened of Magento

    Shopify s new strategy is far better than the adobes Magento platform. Most of the people use magnetos due to their different strategies and nice e-commerce platform. But when the senior staff of Shopify shared their of their platform. It give their e-commerce software a new boost and courage to their customer. In their interview their marketing manger shares their comment by saying that. Shopify is far better than a software. Continue reading

  • Shopify: Competition Knocking On The Expensive Door Outline

    Shopify: Competition Knocking On The Expensive Door Outline

    • Shopify as of late hit a twofold best around $175.
    • Adobe Systems entered the area with the buy of Magento to go after the online business stage of vast brands.
    • The disturbing rate of offers deceleration is a noteworthy warning for a costly stock exchanging at a forward P/S numerous of 10x.

    Continue reading

  • How Makers used Shopify and Etsy for business growth?

    How Makers used Shopify and Etsy for business growth?

    When you enter the world of e-commerce like the Etsy and Shopify, you can find many things for learning. That is the main reason, the marketplaces just like the Etsy and Shopify are holding such appeals, which is beneficial and good for makers. The definition of the marketplace is to build the confidence of the audience that is waiting for some specific offer. Meanwhile, the scope of learning is more manageable rather than venturing out from your marketplace platform. Continue reading

  • Will Shopify be Affected by the Facebook Scandal

    Online investment newsletter Citron Research says that the stock price and merchant base of Shopify will likely be affected by the Facebook profile harvesting scam. Citron has been one of the most vocal critics of Shopify and it remains to be seen how this latest comment will affect the e-commerce platform’s stock especially following the Facebook scandal.

    Shopify is one of the more popular e-commerce solutions for budding entrepreneurs. It can be seamlessly integrated into Facebook pages. Customers can browse items from these pages prior to check out through Shopify.

    Citron comments after Facebook scandal

    According to Citron, Facebook has to scale back on personal information it shares with the Canada-based e-commerce platform.  It also says that Shopify will find it harder to get new online sellers on Facebook. The investment authority also noted that shares of Shopify would likely trade down 29% lower in the weeks to come.

    Shopify’s stock did slide by 4% in March although it pales in comparison to the 14% decline that Facebook stock experienced.  Experts say that Citron’s comments hold some water as majority of the Shopify merchants are budding entrepreneurs who are the usual target of aggressive and conceivably bogus affiliate marketers.

    Shopify has also been hit for being a haven for novice merchants, although the e-commerce platform still raked in an impressive $9.1 billion in gross merchandise during the last quarter of 2017.

    Shopify and the Facebook scandal

    However, that volume may be affected with Facebook’s latest crackdown on data mining and advertisers. There is also the possibility that Shopify will be affected by the #deletefacebook campaign. The ecommerce platform, after all, generates much of its revenue from merchant subscriptions and merchant solutions.

    Last year, Shopify responded to Citron’s comments.  The latter also fired back but the stock performance of Shopify in the last five months indicates which firm won that round.  Now it remains to be seen how Shopify will perform this year, although it needs some help from Mark Zuckerberg’s creation in order to bounce back.

  • Magento and Shopify


    Any online merchant wanting to become successful will have to decide first what e-commerce platform to use. Two popular e-commerce platforms—Magento and Shopify--- have features that can help online entrepreneurs to achieve their goal. But how do these two platforms compare with each other?

    Magento is a robust e-commerce platform available in hosted and self-hosted versions.  It is packed in features, from built-in SEO extensions to order management tools.  However, Magento isn’t the most user-friendly e-commerce platform.

    Shopify, on the other hand, is easy to use. It’s the ideal platform for individuals with limited experience in building websites. It is easy to set up, too. However, one does have to pay a monthly fee.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg in the Magento and Shopify comparison. Let’s take a closer look at these two e-commerce platforms.

    Magento and Shopify Ease of Use

    Magento may have a reputation for not being user-friendly but it does have a sleek dashboard. Depending on the web host, setting up the platform can be a breeze. However, users should have a background on web development to be able to fully exploit its various functionalities.

    Shopify’s main advantage over Magento is its ease of use. For one, users don’t have to set up the platform. There is also substantial documentation available to guide them.

    Magento and Shopify Extensions

    Both platforms allow their users to extend their functionalities. With Magento, extensions are available from its Marketplace. Meanwhile, Shopify calls its extensions as ‘apps’ which are available on the Shopify store.   However, Magento beats Shopify in this area because it has more free extensions.

    Magento and Shopify Setting Up Costs

    Users don’t have to pay to download or install the Magento platform. However, they will have to look for hosting. For the budget-conscious, there are shared plans that they can tap. Moreover, Magento is scalable meaning users can upgrade their plans when they feel to.

    On the other hand, Shopify has plans starting at $29 a month. The basic plan lets users list as many products but they can’t get access to reports. They are also allowed to set up only two staff accounts.

    In contrast, Shopify plans start at $29 for the platform’s most basic features. This tier enables you to list as many products as you want, but you can only set up two staff accounts, and you don’t get access to in-depth reports. These are restrictions that Magento users don’t have to deal with.

    To sum it up, users will be paying a premium amount to be able to benefit from the ease of use of Shopify. But Magento is a cheaper option with fewer limitations.



  • How to look for a Shopify web developer

    You’re ready to launch a great product which you believe will be a hit to the masses. But before you can do so, you will need a Shopify web developer who can help you in creating an appealing online store. So how can you find a good Shopify specialist? Here are some pointers to remember:

    Shopify web developer’s portfolio matters

    Shopify web developers have to transfer at least two cases of their recent posts before their service goes live.  This enables them to create a good connection and showcase their skills.

    The web developer’s portfolio can give you an idea regarding the skills and talent of the individual. It can also let you see if the websites they’ve created are responsive.

    Check reviews of Shopify web developer

    Shopify web developers receive surveys after completing a project.  These surveys are the basis of the general rating shown on their professional profile. Aside from knowing the reputation of the web developer, you will also determine if the services are verified by other Shopify users.
    Here’s one tip when searching for a web developer--- filter the developers by choosing only those with high ratings or marks in their surveys.

    Create a short list

    Once you have filtered the developers, checked their portfolio and reviews, you can create a short list of 3 to 5 developers who you think best fit your needs.
    Contact those in your short list by pressing the “Contact Shopify Master” found on the upper right part of their profiles.

    Conduct an in-person interview

    The Shopify web developer you are interested in may have given you a few good answers yet it is always advisable to conduct an in-person interview. If that’s not possible, at least speak to him or her on Skype. Doing so will help you determine if the candidate is personable enough to be working with you.

  • 5 Steps to a Painless Checkout Process of e-commerce

    5 Steps to a Painless Checkout Process of e-commerce

    Your businesses highly dependent on the process of checking out; it will go right when checking out goes right and will go wrong if checking out goes wrong. The head of e-commerce at Viber, Zephrin Lasker says that checking out is crucial to satisfying your users and is fundamental to drive revenue. Thereby, it is necessary to pay due attention to the very process of checking out. There should be updates and evaluations of the process on regular basis. The following five steps will help you to do this:

    1. Make your e-commerce site Simple

    One of the best ways to attract more customers is to make the process of checking out as simple as possible; complicated or exaggerated processes may annoy them and turn them away. The director of product marketing for CloudCraze- Eric Marotta said that checkout process should be simple and fast, otherwise you would lose buyers and revenue. Hence, it is necessary that offer only what your customers want.

    Similarly, for a better experience, users should be provided what they want, but it should also be noted that users are there to buy products not only for a checkout experience. Most of the complaint that the checkout process is time taking and difficult since they some shop via mobile phones.  According to Stephen Meserve, senior product marketing manager at BigCommerce some of the factors that slow down the checking out are unresponsive pages, unclear payment instructions, etc. which finally leads the customer to leave the site.

    2. Make It Mobile

    In this digitized world, people are highly dependent on mobile phones. It is necessary that your checkout process is mobile friendly, since a lot of customer’s checkout via mobile phones. Moreover, an easy mobile checkout will bring success to your firm which on the other hand might mean building a native app.

    3. Make It Secure

    The customers of your site need to trust the safety and security provided by your site. E-commerce firms need software testing and effective quality assurance to ensure that they are providing quality and security to their customers. Different tests are used to make sure that the checkout process is glitch-free and user-friendly, which include crowd testing, load testing, and usability testing. Lastly, if the customers go through a positive experience of a simple checkout process, they develop the sense of security and trust.

    4. Make It Fast

    Your customers are always in a hurry; hence the less you obstacle their paths, the better it will be. Thus, fast checkouts lead to the happiness of customers. Approximately 60% respondents reported difficulty due to frozen checkout page in a recent QualiTest survey.

    5. Make It Modern

    It should not be forgotten that your firm is because of your customers. Therefore, to please them you need to bring out your checkout processes on modern lines by offering the most recent payment options as well as other processes that please them.

    Furthermore, people today are leaving behind the traditional methods of payments (hard currency, notes, and coins) and adopting the digital payment methods (e-wallets, e-vouchers, prepaid cards, and mobile payments). A report showed that a handsome percentage of Americans are abandoning online shopping carts because they lose money in hidden transactions and delivery charges. Hence, if you are modernizing the checkout processes, you need to avoid hidden fees.




  • Magento vs. Shopify

    E-commerce merchants know that there are two widely used and acclaimed e-commerce creation and management platforms today--- Magento and Shopify.   But which is the better platform? This article looks closer at the Magento vs. Shopify debate.

    Advantages of Magento

    Magento remains the top choice for many online merchants. It is clear that Magento has no match as far as robustness and features are concerned.  Magento is used in more websites aside from having a higher overall search interest on Google. There are also more than 5,000 add-ons on Magento which users can utilize to improve their websites.

    It also appears that Magento is setting its sight on bigger things. Its recent accomplishments like getting a quarter of a billion-dollar investment for its Asian market expansion prove that Magento is a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce arena.

    However, these positive developments come with a price. Indeed, with the introduction of Magento 2, operating and managing a cheap website on the platform will now be more difficult to achieve.

    It would still take time for Magento 2 to become stable and reliable, which Magento has practically confirmed by extending support to Magento 1 up to June 2020.  On top of that, the quality of work of thousands of Magento developers can jeopardize the reputation of the open-source platform to many merchants.

    Advantages of Shopify

    Shopify is most serious threat or competition to Magento. It has numerous advantages like being user-friendly, affordable setup and scalability without breaking the bank.

    Shopify particularly appeals to merchants who have no background in programming because they can easily set up their websites after signing up. There are also easy-to-use website building tools available for their use.

    While Shopify charges its users a minimum of $29 a month, the popular notion is that the pricing is reasonable given that it frees them from having to hire a programmer or website developer to manage their websites.

    Magento vs. Shopify: Which is Better?

    With both e-commerce platforms having their own strength and weaknesses, it is difficult to tell which one is better. Magento may be more popular and robust but it can be complex for many e-commerce merchants. Shopify is user-friendly but it doesn't have as many add-ons as Magento.
    Online merchants may have to consider their goals, budget and capabilities in deciding what's better for them.

  • Retail Pulse: Digital doors are open by the Warby Parker Shopify

    Retail Pulse: Digital doors are open by the Warby Parker Shopify

    Warby Parker and Shopify announced a solid plan to open motor and bricks locations in future.

    For Shopify, Canadian platform of e-commerce provide help to small merchants and artisans, so they will do their business through online, the first foray helps the artisan to enter from the virtual world into the real world. The goal of the company provides physical locations so that experts can stand for helping the small business.

    Shopify hardware

    The workshop of one-on-one offered a huge space through which a company can easily establish their location is undisclosed in the U.S. The Shopify hardware like cash drawers and barcode scanner will display for merchants on the showroom.

    For Warby Parker, the digital first retailer store, won’t come to the first rodeo. However, in Michigan, the company has the store of bricks and mortar. Across the Canada and U.S, there are more than 70 locations of Warby Parker, some are slated to open soon and some are open now in different places like Los Angeles, Miami or Philadelphia. The company plan to open more than 25 locations in 2018.

    Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker said, he has no belief in the dying and dead instead of experiences on the mediocre retails.

    In other shopify news of Brick-And-Mortar:

    The plan of American Appeal is to reopen the closed store in Los Angeles, the Gildan Active wear open the first store, since the wholesaler and manufacture of Canadian basics.

    The successes of Americans ecommerce Apparels site are supposed to launch the company of flagships that become their first store. The brand will precede the cautions that will come to its expansion. This week, you will never hear any good news because of disappointment. Meanwhile, the combined group of the supermarket has the market share which comes at a higher point in U.K.

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