At Hara Partners, we have a boatload of solutions to offer—I mean, we wouldn’t be a real company if we didn’t.

Primarily, we are known for our NetSuite-Magento Connector, which integrates Magento with the NetSuite payment system.

Some of our other solutions include the Sales Tax Magento Module, the Magento BlueCherry Connector, Bill Me Later for Magento, and Magento Health Check.

Solutions are also offered by our clients, as you can see on International Checkout Solutions‘ websites.

You can also read our posts on Paypal. As part of its ongoing commitment to furthering merchant interests by improving the customer experience, Paypal has recently announced its plans to offer two new Magento apps to the e-Commerce platform’s users, “in-Aisle Ordering” and “Order Ahead”, each of which promises to alleviate a common consumer “pain point” (as PayPal has termed those event that lessen the customer experience).

The first Magento app offered by the online payments giant, “In-Aisle Selling”, allows store owners to connect their Magento sites to “Here”, PayPal’s mobile POS application, and is intended to combat the hassle of checking-out by allowing sales associates to accept payments anywhere via any smart phone or web-enabled device. The second Magento app, “Order Ahead” is, as the name suggests, a gateway for customers to place, and pay for, orders directly from the app via any smart phone or tablet thus bypassing any lines.

The In-Aisle Selling offering promises to connect your Magento store with PayPal’s mobile point-of-sale app “Here” so that any mobile device can be turned into what PayPal has termed a “concierge” sales tool. Now, sales associates can smoothly close sales right in the aisle, including accepting payments and the full array of shipping options, just like using a regular POS terminal.

With that said, check out our Solutions page whenever you have the free time.

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