At Hara Partners, we have a boatload of solutions to offer—I mean, we wouldn't be a real company if we didn't. Primarily, we are known for our NetSuite-Magento Connector, which integrates Magento with the NetSuite payment system. Some of our other solutions include the Sales Tax Magento Module, the Magento BlueCherry Connector, Bill Me Later for Magento, and Magento Health Check. Solutions are also offered by our clients, as you can see on International Checkout Solutions' websites. You can also read our posts on Paypal. As part of its ongoing commitment to furthering merchant interests by improving the customer experience, Paypal has recently announced its plans to offer two new Magento apps to the e-Commerce platform’s users, “in-Aisle Ordering” and “Order Ahead”, each of which promises to alleviate a common consumer “pain point” (as PayPal has termed those event that lessen the customer experience). The first Magento app offered by the online payments giant, “In-Aisle Selling”, allows store owners to connect their Magento sites to “Here”, PayPal’s mobile POS application, and is intended to combat the hassle of checking-out by allowing sales associates to accept payments anywhere via any smart phone or web-enabled device. The second Magento app, “Order Ahead” is, as the name suggests, a gateway for customers to place, and pay for, orders directly from the app via any smart phone or tablet thus bypassing any lines. The In-Aisle Selling offering promises to connect your Magento store with PayPal’s mobile point-of-sale app “Here” so that any mobile device can be turned into what PayPal has termed a “concierge” sales tool. Now, sales associates can smoothly close sales right in the aisle, including accepting payments and the full array of shipping options, just like using a regular POS terminal. With that said, check out our Solutions page whenever you have the free time.
  • Importance of Glass Slipper Solution for E-Commerce Evolution

    Importance of Glass Slipper Solution for E-Commerce Evolution

    The basic purpose is to refer to a company. A company that possesses or leases retail stores, factory productions or warehouse for its operations. Recent study and prediction for the fate of brick and motor trade reads the start of a fire sale. Continue reading

  • Trending Way to Improve Business through Online Sites

    Trending Way to Improve Business through Online Sites

    We have always visited an actual store but instead of opening a store or shop we can make online website which can help us more rather than a store. Online website are not too easy to make and to understand. Building a website and launching it creates many up’s and down occur but it depends upon the effort we put in to run it. Continue reading

  • Choose a company from 8 Data Analytic Companies that need to look out

    Choose a company from 8 Data Analytic Companies that need to look out

    To make a better decision and to reach the best conclusion for the companies, Data Analytic tools are being used everywhere to maintain the records and to uncover any hidden patterns. Because of Data Analytic companies are having an edge in the market. Here are some companies you should watch out for: Continue reading

  • Features That Are Necessary For Modern E-Commerces websites

    Features That Are Necessary For Modern E-Commerce WebSites

    Every website has its own style and trend to present their information whether it is shown in the form of animations, advanced filtering or dynamic product search. Every website has unique way to present it. But there are some features which are essential for any website, regardless of their type. Here are some features: Continue reading

  • email marketing

    E-commerce announced a new dotmailer for Magento marketing automation integration

    Recently, e-commerce has announced a new dotmailer just for the purpose of Magento marketing automation integration. Now, the merchants are leverage more easily in the real estimation data storage time, just to create the multichannel campaigns that are helpful in reducing the abandonment of shopping cart or to increase the customer loyalty. Meanwhile, it can deliver the customers satisfaction toward the impactful experience. Continue reading

  • Web developmentWeb design and web development in e-commerce

    Web design and web development have become a major player in the way we think about e-commerce. There is no one who will willingly go onto a site that has a terrible user experience. There is a correlation between an e-commerce web design and the success of the websites.  The web development sector is set to grow with more than 24% in the next three years. E-commerce web development is the main sector in web development.

    E-commerce Web development

    E-commerce web development is mainly done for customs e-commerce websites. In order to create a website, web developers need to code using python, c++ or java coding languages. Coding is the process of giving a computer or machine specific instructions to do. This is a highly complex task that needs the web developer to be well trained. To train for web development one can go to a web development boot camp or take an online Associate’s degree program for two years. Web development boot camps typically take 6 months. This gives the front end web developer a chance to learn how to develop e-commerce websites. The web development course is comprehensive.

    Web design and web development in e-commerce  

    Web designers and web developers have a big role to play in the e-commerce sector. Most e-commerce web templates are created by web designers and web developers. The difference between a web designer and a web developer is the fact that a web designer mostly is no the graphics designing sector. The web developer is the one who codes the entire e-commerce website. The web developer has got a more complex role in the e-commerce sector. The salaries also defer. The web developer earns more than the web designer.

  • Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

    U.S Supreme Court heard cases of online retailers on the sales tax collection

    WASHINGTON: on Tuesday, the U.S Supreme Court appeared with the hesitant just to let the online retailer out-of-state on the purchase of sales tax collection, while someone saying Congress has the power to resolve the matter.

    A one-hour argument heard by the nine-justice, with closely watched case, just to put the South Dakota, backed to the administration of President Donald Trump, against considering the business of e-commerce, potentially, billions of dollar are used in this fight, it’s a worth of affective states “consumer and coffers” wallets.

    Justices heard many cases on sales tax

    On the issue of sales tax, the Justice heard many cases against the trumpet's criticism backdrop of Inc (AMZN.O), which is the dominant player.

    However, South Dakota asked potentially to justices about the overturn of Supreme Court precedent 1992, which can’t be required to collect the retailer's sales tax unless, the physical presence of a business in the existing state. Online retailer Wayfair (W.N) out-of-state, Newegg Inc and Inc (OSTK.O) are contesting the authority of South Dakota for the purpose of sales tax collection and won the value of lower courts.


    Gorsuch asked why court favors a particular model for business? While considering the e-commerce reference companies, who are not collecting the sales taxes

    Kennedy said, the decision proved incorrect and it is indicated with the responsibility of court instead of waiting for the Congress act. However, a similar point made by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also saying that it was not the job of a congress.

    Some justices appeared because they agree with the statement that the company is ruling the striking down in the North Dakota case, which would lead to scrambling the laws to overcome the small business burden.


    How CGS’s BlueCherry Can Help Advance Your Company’s Omnichannel Planning

    BlueCherry Enterprise Software by CGS provides businesses with the platform to gain omnichannel success.  In the present omnichannel market, companies have to handle many pressures.  Some of these include controlling operational costs, reducing product time to market and improving website visibility.  BlueCherry helps its clients succeed in competing and succeeding in the industry.


    What is the Omnichannel Market?

    The term omnichannel refers to a certain approach to sales.  This approach aims to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience.  Whether the customer is shopping online, from a mobile or in a physical store.  It integrates the advantages of online and physical shopping into one.


    What Exactly Does BlueCherry Do?

    BlueCherry helps its clients with its expertise in omnichannel planning.  Today’s market is highly competitive.  To succeed, it is crucial that retailers increase their understanding of customer demand.  It is also crucial to use this knowledge to carefully plan their product range.  BlueCherry helps design omnichannel merchandise planning strategies to boost their clients’ sales.  Its planning aims to improve productivity and client-supplier relationships.  Omnichannel planning is particularly important for the fashion industry. Because, it is always under pressure to meet consumer demand.  And shorten product development.

    Many retailers are benefiting from BlueCherry’s Omnichannel Merchandise Planning. BlueCherry is helping many retailers improve their catalog, wholesale and Internet channel results.  BlueCherry lets retailers merge their individual plans into a single, multichannel plan.  This can help increase sales, margins and fulfilment rates.


    Success Stories

    Tommy Bahama is one of the retailers that BlueCherry has helped with their expertise.  They took the time to get to know Tommy Bahama’s products and align the brand’s message with the design.  Tommy Bahama has both traditional stores and an eCommerce website. These two kind of stores opens more opportunity to gain money.  They use BlueCherry for many things.  Including shipping for Tommy Bahama’s main warehouse.  This allows them to get thousands of deliveries out every day.  It also helps them gain a good reputation for quick delivery with their customers.  Program Manager of Tommy Bahama, Cynthia Quackenbush, has been impressed by the pace that the business is growing.  She pays a special thanks to BlueCherry for this.  Due to their dedication to the brand.

    Another company that BlueCherry has helped is Aerosoles.  Aerosoles is a shoe brand for women.  Vice President of Technology and Business Solutions, Tom Reeve, says that Aerosoles has benefited using BlueCherry’s Electronic Linguistics Module for electronic communication with suppliers.  He believes that BlueCherry offers superior functionality compared to its competitors.  He praises how well BlueCherry has supported Aerosoles throughout its online growth.

    CGS’s BlueCherry has the technical know-how to plan omnichannel advancement for your business.  If you think that CGS can help your business, visit:

  • Why is the FAQ page important?
    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is one of the most important parts of an online store. Sure, the website needs to have great content and an appealing design to make it attractive to users. But the FAQ page will draw traffic to the web store and convert more customers.

    The FAQ page is integral in customer navigation in most websites. This is the part of the website where customers go to if they want to learn more about the business and the products and services it offers.

    Main Benefits of FAQ Page

    Aside from being one of the highlights of a website, the following are the main benefits of having a FAQ page:

    1. It addresses the customer’s needs

    An excellent FAQ section increases the usability of a website, improves business authority and more importantly, increases conversions.
    The FAQ section addresses the needs of customers. It gives them more information about the products and services offered in your website.

    2. FAQ page helps establish a business or web store as an authority

    Whenever a customer asks a question, he or she is seeking the advice of the online merchant or business
    because the latter is viewed as an expert. Since customers want to know more about issues or details that a website owner may know about, the FAQ section becomes a venue to establish the credibility of the merchant as a trusted expert.

    3. It improves sales

    An online store with an optimized FAQ section has a great chance of improving its sales.

    4. It can boost search rankings

    Search engines love to give higher rankings to websites with FAQ pages. It’s because an FAQ section can provide relevant info to help search engines like Google better understand the business.
    A good FAQ section should have information that complements other information found elsewhere on the site. Google tends to rank websites with optimized FAQ page and relevant information in their other pages.


    How to Maximize Profit through Packaging Part 3

    Now that you have sorted the design of your company’s packaging, it is time to turn your attention to the packing slip. The packing slip contains the essential information about your customer’s eCommerce order.  This includes the item codes of goods purchased and information about your company’s return policies.  Sound boring?  The answer is probably yes.  But the package slip can be so much more than just a receipt.



    How Do You Achieve a Connection with Your Customers?

    The package slip should be treated as an opportunity to connect with your customers and promote the great customer service that your business provides.  Your company logo should be evidently visible on the package slip to remind the customer exactly who they have bought their quality items from.  Consistency is key.  If your company has a house font that you use on your website, make sure that you utilize this same font on the packaging slip.  This will reassure customers that you are dependable and pay attention to detail.

    It is important that you include product information.  For this, all you have to do is state the facts.  For example, colour, size, description, and quantity. To make this information clear and concise, it is best to list items in a grid-like format.  Always remember to include the name and address of the customer that the package is being delivered to.  Or else all kind of problems will occur.

    You will need to decide how you would like to convey information about how customers can return their products, if there is something wrong with the item.  There are a few ways to do this.  Some companies include the returns policy on the packing slip.  Others prefer to ship an individual sheet for returns processing information.  Either way, it is best to make sure that your returns policy is clear to avoid causing the customer confusion.  No matter which way you choose, explain plainly and honestly what types of returns your company accepts.  Also specify the timeframe in which items can be returned and place stress upon this deadline.

    You may want to consider leaving a space for comments on the returns slip and politely ask in writing the reasons of the customer for returning their goods.  This will show customers that you value their opinion, and allows you to improve upon these reasons.  It is also effective to include a pre-paid shipping label so that your customers do not have to cash-out on sending their returns back to your company’s address.

    But the main thing to remember about package slips is to make it easy to read.  It includes a lot of important information about an eCommerce order, but it should not be difficult for the customer to find the information they seek.  Remember to consider your brand.  If your brand is sophisticated and classy, you should leave some white space on your packing slip to reflect the luxurious, un-cluttered value of your brand.



    How to Further Improve Customer Experience

    Want to make sure that your customers will buy from your company again?  Well, there are many ways to assure this.

    Firstly, you could insert coupons to your customer’ order.   People love to believe they are getting a bargain and the “thanks for shopping with us” message of your coupons will encourage them to shop at your eCommerce store again.  An example offer could be a coupon for 10% off your next purchase.  Design the coupon in the same font as the rest of your branding so that the customer knows exactly which store the coupon is for.

    Another good idea is to offer the customer if they want to sign up to a mailing list.  Weekly newsletters via email will make customers aware of your new stock, special offers etc.  This will lure them into shopping temptation.

    If your business specializes in the Health and Beauty, free samples with eCommerce orders are fantastic ways to develop your relationship with your customers.  Including a small, free sample of a fragrance bestseller is a great way of promoting your brand’s main product and letting your customers know that you want them to shop with your company again.

    There are a lot of people who like to put stickers on their phones, laptops and other electronic devices.  You should take advantage of this and send your customers free stickers with your brand’s logo on it.  You could make the design quirky and creative to encourage your customers to take snaps of your playful stickers.  You never know, your customers might post these pictures on Instagram.  Advertising does not get much better than that

    But before you jump face-first into adding extras into customer’s packages, take some time to consider about which kind of extras your customers will like the most.  If your business sees an increase in sales, then you know that your customers like the free sample product.  Free samples and coupons will highlight which items sell best, so you should take a note of these products to help drive future sales.  Also, do not put to many extras into a single customer’s package because this is both costly and can look like you are desperate for the customer’s business.

    Now that you have got all of the essentials, it is time to make the product look fabulous.  No-one wants an expensive dress wrapped in cheap polystyrene paper.  Wrapping items in tissue is both cost-effective and makes the product look great.  You can wrap the item in tissue and seal it with a brand sticker.  This will both evoke an impressed reaction from your customers and promote your brand.

    Use different color and pattern combinations to make the presentation memorable and vibrant.  You can used themed tissue paper depending on the season.  For example, floral tissue for spring and frosty colors for winter.  Whatever color combination you opt for, use colorfast paper.  This paper stops the color of the tissue rubbing onto the product.  For maximum elegance, do not carelessly throw an abundance of tissue into the package.  It is frustrating for anyone to go through tonnes of tissue before finding the actual product.  Stylish sophistication is gained through presentation.  Fold the tissue neatly to execute the high standard of your product.  At a very reasonable cost, you can leave a good, lasting impression on your customers.

    Do not spend all your time trying to draw attention to your eCommerce store so that customers will spend their money.  It is crucial that you impress your customers with packaging and show them that kyou are dedicated to building a relationship with them.  You can gain so much more business if the customer shares the great experience they have had with your company. Whether it be through posts on social media, or chatting to their friends.

    Do you want your business to generate profit and gain more customers?  Consult the advice about packaging above to make sure that your business gains exactly that.

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