Magento SEO

Magento SEO is an invaluable tool for your business. At Hara Partners, we’re experts in Magento SEO services.

Everyone agrees that SEO is good for your business but there’s plenty to disagree on when it comes to determining the best SEO practices. And there should be—higher traffic means more conversions, and conversions are the bread and butter of any online retailer trying to stay competitive.

When it comes to SEO for Magento, there is certainly a lot of confusion—that’s where we come in. We offer the tools to succeed.

Below you’ll find several blog posts from our content writers about Magento SEO services. We offer guides to get you started with Magento SEO, and also provide information for why it’s so critical for your business.

When your customers are searching for your product online, it’s essential for your website to appear on the first page of the search, preferably somewhere near the top.

What is SEO, Exactly?

Search engine optimization is a way for companies to stay on top of Google’s search results. Optimization (SEO) is a way for companies to stay on top (figuratively and literally) of Google’s search results. Google uses crawling tools called “spiders” that scour the web 24/7 looking for content and ranking it based on relevance in order to return the most optimum search results.

As a retailer you want your company to be at the top of that list for every type of product that you deal in.

We use the latest Google Analytics tools to determine the optimal strategy tailored specifically to your business. Once we hammer out that strategy we implement it using Webmaster integration tools, site configuration, and the Magento Google Merchant feed.

By choosing Hara Partners as your primary Magento SEO provider your business will be ahead of the game and you should see an instant increase in customer conversions. To find out more about our Magento SEO tools check out our SEO for Magento page.

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