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You might notice that our blog is a seminal combination of promotional content and news. Here you'll find all the latest news revolving around all things E-Commerce, including Magento and Netsuite. We have posts about clients that you might also see in our 'Clients and Work' section, but everything that was newsworthy in the past has been categorized here for your reading enjoyment. Since Magento is a relatively new system, tons of techies around the Web will have things to say about it. One of the reasons why modern news is so exciting is because of the sheer velocity that it can be presented. You'll notice that in our blogs we always like to stay on top of things in terms of all the latest tech and e-commerce news that's constantly being released. We're also eager to report all the bitty news, ie. the random bits of information scattered around that's loosely related to e-commerce, but might be more fun to read as enjoyment pieces. As with other categories on our blog, we like to keep all of our content as diversified as we possibly can, while still keeping it relevant to Magento and e-commerce. The convenience of having all of these blog posts listed under one category means you can have faster access to tech-related news whenever you need it. At Hara Partners we're always ready to notify our readers of the latest Magento news—and in terms of e-commerce, there's always plenty to offer. Magento's always releasing updates for their software, which is always a good thing for Magenticians such as ourselves to keep track of. If there are any news that you think is worth our attention, please don't hesitate to contact us with a message and a news link, and we'll be sure to put it on our blog as soon as we're good and ready.
  • Protect your data form hackers and skimmers

    Protect your data form hackers and skimmers

    One of the big issues for the online shoppers and credit card user is that skimmers try to scam their identities and their personal data from the open source on internet marketing. Most of the hackers attack the open source to get personal credit card data and identity. Continue reading

  • Adobe purchases the marketing automation firm Marketo for 4.75 billion

    Adobe purchases the marketing automation firm Marketo for 4.75 billion.

    Interesting news for the online marketing mangers. Adobes made the highest sale in this season by reaching the figure of 4.75 billion. It is the latest string in the marketing acquisition firm in this year. No doubt adobes have large plan to set the target high for marketing cloud setup as well as for the bug community. The intention behind the sale is to become one shop stop for the marketers. Continue reading

  • Primally Pure Quiz

    Primally Pure Quiz

    Today everyone is using social apps so whenever we are going to start online business we need to know about the particular points in order to run our work effectively. Quizzes are useful tool to recommend people for various products according to their taste and interest. We are going to discuss Primally Pure Quizzes in this regard. Continue reading

  • Launching a New business Store

    Launching a New Business Store

    Before you start your business you should keep so many things in view not only a single thing. Because behind a successful business there are a lot of tactics, strategies and ideas that kept in vision before launching it. Even small things become so important to learn. Although we should also see the high impact activities. Continue reading

  • Customer Service Phrases

    Customer Service Phrases

    In online selling business your words and phrases are the only way to put a good or bad impression on your customer. If you are replying them in words irrelevant to their question then customer might experience an awful behavior of yours but if you reply an answer in which they get their relevant material they must be attracted towards you due to understanding.
    There are many phrases used as a professional phrases and put a great impact on your customer. Continue reading

  • How business growth on eBay, competition between selling and customers?

    How business growth on eBay, competition between selling and customers?

    There are many reasons for building a business. You can work whenever you want, so you have more time for your fitness, friends, and family. On the other hand, when you work in an office environment then you are bound for some hours.
    Continue reading

  • Retail market of e-commerce, growth and market forecasting

    Retail market of e-commerce, opportunities, industry size, growth and market forecasting

    The Research report from Retailer E-commerce Software Market shows that global market offers promising trends, restraints, recent advancements of technologies, key drivers, competitive landscape or many opportunities in many regions. However, their main aim of this research is to provide detail assessment of the cutting edge technologies in the industry of Information Technology and also many influences in the global market. The estimated growth rate is forecasted in many segments.
    Continue reading

  • Reduce the Business stress from Retailer to E-commerce

    Reduce the Business stress from Retailer to E-commerce

    Setting an online retailer is extremely a rewarding experience, which provides prosperity and proper satisfaction. You need a lot of hard working for avoiding a stressful business situation. Here are some easy methods that are helpful for exploring some methods, while running a stressful business: Continue reading

  • What you need to know about Magento 2 Migrations

    What you need to know about Magento 2 Migrations:

    Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms that officially announced its end support for 1.x version recently. There are thousands and hundreds of business vulnerable for the purpose of security risk, in case there is no option for migration of Magento. Continue reading

  • Subscription box design that is the worth of unboxing

    Subscription box design that is the worth of unboxing

    When you move on with constantly fun like themes and creativity of new items, in which included the good subscription box, changing the fun theme, consistently putting things together in one month or after the gap of one month. Continue reading

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