Magento Mobile

Since the rise of smartphones and the ubiquitous availability of handheld devices and fast cellular technology, the concept of e-Commerce has evolved into Mobile Commerce.

Magento has provided support early on in its products to fully support applications on the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. Magento also facilitates the registration process of your Magento App in the Google Play store or iTunes. And more and more entrepreneurs are inspired by the new possibility and they are working hard on bringing great value to your fingertips.

Mobile Market Share

The mobile market share will definitely overtake the aggregate number of desktop computers, however it’s difficult to gauge what the impact is going to be. It’s still a world of a different to shop on a tablet vs. a smartphone and there are a lot more smartphones than tablets. So I’m careful when seeing number such as 11 percent online order coming from mobile commerce as reported by comScore for the fourth quarter of 2012 in the U.S.

What Does Mobile Mean for You and Your Business?

When it comes to the impact of “mobile” to your website, it’s very important to look at your own metrics, and across your own industry first. Are your customers visiting your Magento store using their mobile devices?

Are they shopping using a tablet or a smartphone? Are your visitors not converting and only checking for price information? Does your competition convert better mobile because they have mobile optimized their smartphone and tablet presence? Based on the answers to these questions you should know how much ROI you can expect from a mobile presence and what medium, tablet or smartphone, you should support most.

ComScore’s analysis of Q4 2012 statistics indicates that around 12% of U.S. e-commerce purchases originated from smartphones or tablets. What’s the reason? Ease of use and novel user experience, mainly. Things have really taken off since general consumer adoption exhibited an uptick in 2011.

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