Magento Community

Magento Community

Contrary to what you may think, there are actually more than three people in the Magento community. Web resources like Magento Commerce provide a fair indicator of what one might expect out of the Magento community. Of course, you can also always read up on our meetups if you really wanna see where the Magento nerds really congregate... Of course, there are plenty of events going around in this world that honor Magento. If you read our posts below, you can see some of our stuff written about the Magento Imagine conference which is held each year. Many of the posts below will also serve to help you with common Magento issues (see 'Top 7 Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Magento Slow-Down,' for example). So where else do Magento folks congregate, if not in person? Well, there are many other places on the Internet, such as the Magento Expert Forum, where our kind Magento users who are constantly banging their heads against the walls will be posting their complaints and questions. But aside from the people who are simply using Magento, you can also read the answers from many experienced Magento developers such as... ourselves. Magento's one of the best e-commerce tools around, but remember that at times it is a tough nut to crack. If you're ever having issues, don't hesitate to go see the various Magento forums for support... And of course, if you need true support, you can always contact the experts here at Hara Partners directly. We know our stuff... Otherwise, we wouldn't have all those certifications. So now you know that the Magento community is an all-great, all-embracing collective, why not jump into some of our events, and visit the forums for advice whenever you need it?
  • Magento announce the Mobile boost action for retailers

    Retailers of all sizes continue to have a common problem: transform sales on mobile devices. While smartphones continue to increase share as the main channel for consumers to shop online, the ratio of mobile views to conversions fails in comparison to the desktop. Continue reading

  • Modify your images for an online Magento store. Get the latest tips and tricks!

    You should always be willing to modify your online store. Most of the time pictures are used with the highest resolution to attract the attention of customers who would be willing to buy something great and increase the sale. The images that are used however are not always optimized and thus can cause a delay along with an unfavorable experience for the user. Continue reading

  • Magento 1 to be run until June 2020

    Magento 1 to be run until June 2020

    For the the past month some rumor were moving out in the air is that the magento 1 program will end this November. That was a false rumor which makes their customer goes crazy. But it was clear out by the company itself. This news was false which was based on the original based news such as November 2018 where the life of magento 1 is goes to end. This news was totally fake. Magento gave its customer relief y extending the date to 18 months later. It is the general policy that they will announce their customer 18 months before they end the magento 1 program. Continue reading

  • Magento won’t ditch the bug bounty online program

    Magento won’t ditch the bug bounty online program

    Magento is the biggest e commerce platform for the online store owners. As they have announced that they will end the bug bounty Magento program on the 15th of September following uproar form the users. That created a mess for the bug hunters, hackers and developers who earn 100 dollars to 1000 dollars for reporting the weakness code in the working software.
    Moving to the past this announcement was made on the bug bounty program page of bug community. This page is popular for its bug crowd for delivering security bugs. News spread like fire every one try its best to get the news revoked. As the Magento rolled down this program into adobes scheme. But this decision doesn’t stand for long period of time. Magento revoke its decision. Continue reading

  • Now card skimming on the Magento based sites

    Now card skimming on the Magento based sites

    There is no doubt that Magento provide their customer proper security and surety regarding their personal properties. But this card skimming operation has compromised the 7339 Magento online based stores. That is the most shocking story for the Magento based customers. This operation allowed the attackers to consume the card information as the owner use for its personal use. Perfect news of for the month. A Magento hole created online threats to the whole e commerce market. Continue reading

  • Adobe to integrate the Magento bug bounty program on September of 15

    Adobe to integrate the Magento bug bounty program on September of 15

    There is big news for the bug hunters, who are participating in the big Magento bug bounty reward program. According to the zed net news adobe has announced that to integrate the magneto bug bounty program into existing vulnerabilities platform which offer nothing to the bug hunters. That was somehow sad news for the bug hunter community who were the part of this program. Continue reading

  • Card skimmer finds the Magento open source for identity theft

    Card skimmer finds the Magento open source for identity theft

    Here is the most shocking business news for the card user. Most of the card users on the internet find the Mass card skimmer on the Magento core net payment. The card skimmer in the very last six months tries to get identities with high pace active. Most of the whoppers have to face threats in the card department. While dealing in the global reaching that his who they deal in the past. Continue reading

  • Magento Provide Internet Retailers an E-Commerce Site

    Magento Provide Internet Retailers an E-Commerce Site

    Magento affirmed to Internet Retailer yesterday that its web-based business stage endured a malware assault that affected around 5,000 of its Magento Open Source clients.
    The locales were contaminated with Magento Core skimming malware that is intended to reveal basic passwords. Magento Core is vindictive installment card information. It taking content that was intended to trade off sites that keep running on the Magento internet business stage. A standout amongst the most widely recognized ways a site can be imperiled is by beast constrain assaults, which work by abusing normal or default passwords. Continue reading

  • Many jobs are removed due to the closing of Magento Office

    Many jobs are removed due to the closing of Magento Office

    Up to 40 representatives working out of the Center City area of Magento. It is an organization claimed by San Jose, Calif.- based Adobe, never again have an office in Philadelphia, as per a Technical report that said the conclusion won't result in cutbacks. Continue reading

  • In November Support for Magento 1 will end

    In November Support for Magento 1 will end

    There are a few online reports that Magento will end bolster for more established renditions of their product soon. In particular, all Magento 1.x forms will never again be upheld from November this year. In case regardless you're utilizing a 1.x version of Magento at that point it's currently certainly time to overhaul. Continue reading

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