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Social Media

You know the drill: there are a boatload of social marketing websites out there. And with the business constantly expanding, never really a shortage of stuff to write about. Below you can see a collection of all of our posts related to social media. We post about all the latest social media websites, such as LinkedIn, which has over 184 million unique visitors worldwide. Social media has been a successful marketing outlet for many retails, but many social media platforms are taking a step towards becoming e-commerce platforms themselves. For example, Facebook has just launched its new buy button—this new feature allows shoppers to complete the transaction process without ever clicking away from the Facebook page. Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate. But now, it’s revolutionizing the way that we shop. In recent studies by Unicommerce, social media has been proven to spread brand awareness and increase sales. The majority of order from social media is from Facebook. Other contenders include Vimeo and Youtube. From the data, user reviews, question & answer, and exclusive offers are the top reasons why people prefer social commerce. According to Nielsen’s “State of the Media” report for 2012 year–end, people spend more time on social networks than any other category of websites, and the numbers are trending even further upward for 2013. Furthermore, the Nielson Company’s report shows that as a category social media is still vital with new social networks, communities and forums still being created and embraced by the public. In light of these numbers and other anecdotal and experiential evidence, the EQ’s author contends that perhaps the EQ numbers aren’t telling the whole story, this may be a case of misattribution rather than social media being a poor marketing gateway. We hope you're interested in all the scoop on social media—and speaking of which, don't forget to follow us on our Twitter page.
  • Online emails over pass the social media interaction

    Online emails over pass the social media interaction

    Most of the people try to get their consumer through social media platforms. It is no doubt that there are more than 1 billion people who use social media on monthly basis. But despite of that fact it doesn’t mean that the social media is the only platform for grasping the consumers and customers. There are others platforms which can be a useful section for the marketing owners. Continue reading

  • Latest Marketing Trends for B2C Companies in 2018

    Latest Marketing Trends for B2C Companies in 2018

    Nowadays, if you want to improve your site ranking the very first thing you need to do build strong strategies for marketing. Marketing trends used to change according to the evolution technology. In this article, I have targeted latest marketing trends for B2C companies in 2018.  My basic aim is to fill the gap between traditional and contemporary marketing techniques.
    Continue reading

  • YouTube Profitable SEO Keyword strategy

    YouTube Profitable SEO Keyword strategy

    When everyone is working to start an online selling business you should try some different ways because many of the people feel it shy to make videos and upload them on some channel.
    YouTube is the second most visited website all over the world but still there are not much numbers of competitors. If you want to make your videos and upload them on YouTube so you should be aware that you will have a concern with search engine optimization (SEO) before you start to put your first video. You need to plan for SEO. Continue reading

  • Pinterest Tools to level up your Marketing

    Pinterest Tools to level up your Marketing

    Pinterest is an app which offers you to buy new and amazing products and also gives you purchase ideas with different combinations. More than half of the pinners says that when they see the pins they inspired by them even if they just came to see the feeds. Through such inspiring trends and fashion combinations are very good to level up your marketing on Pinterest. But to run business on Pinerest is technical and tactic. Because on this app many feeds do not get much intention because of the deficiency of time of the users.
    There are many ways to make attractive and inspiring pins. You can create pins by capturing pictures of the same product or many products on same pin at a time. Continue reading

  • Kitty-poo Facebook club

    Kitty-poo Facebook club

    Facebook is a platform used by the people in a wide range than other social apps. People get to know about many facts and trends by using this application. There are many mostly picture as well as videos are on the feeds. So the users wanted to get the best quality picture and videos on Facebook stuff. The quality of the video determined during its production. But the low quality videos reach more people than the high quality videos and get more views. Continue reading

  • Instagram Algorithms Working
    Instagram Algorithms Working

    In social apps, Instagram is trending most and its purpose is to connect people with each other. But when it changes from SEO to social media, algorithms determines that who sees your content and who doesn’t.
    These algorithms change with time so its tactics might get outdated, for this we have to evolve our strategy constantly. It’s not necessary that if you are correctly and particularly posting your material with proper hashtags then it must always reach its intended audience. So you need to consider your work with the algorithms to run with your approach on Instagram.
    Here the question is how these algorithms work? So these algorithms dictate the sequence of the posts user sees during scrolling his feeds. It gives the priority to the most trending and put them on the top of the posts and ended up on the feeds in descending order to the less trending feeds. Continue reading

  • Finding The Most Suitable Instagram Influencers For Your Brand

    Finding The Most Suitable Instagram Influencers For Your Brand

    Instagram has gained popularity and has stolen the attention of people all over the world in a matter of very little time. It has evolved and is now listed as one of the most used social media platforms that host a huge number of active followers and users on a regular basis. Keeping these things in mind even the retailers and business owners have started to use Instagram as a way of connecting with their clients and customers. Continue reading

  • How to audit low performing Facebook ads

    How to audit low performing Facebook ads

    With more than 2.19 billion lively clients and active users every month, Facebook gives progressing organizations the potential to put their brand and products in the reach of the customers and organizations with a very effective and highly efficient approach. This might be the reason why 92 percent of marketers say they utilize Facebook to advertise and promote their products. Facebook can make the huge wage for your clients’ commerce, advancements require a method and thought to really perform, particularly since Facebook has made numerous major changes to its newsfeed during the current year.
    It is no doubt very simple and easy to post an ad that will be seen by a lot of people. But the real deal is to present it in such a way that the user not only notices it but is compelled to purchase the thing being advertised as well. The lack of this trick is the reason why there is a huge number of Facebook ads that are not even clicked on.
    Brand awareness is undoubtedly very important, but what is equally important is to realize and understand how to present the ads to the customers and how to make the most out of them. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you overcome this issue and optimize Facebook ads in a way that will help you make the most out of them: Continue reading

  • Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel for Your Business

    Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel for Your Business

    You will be shocked to come to know that everyday people all around the world spend a shocking time of one billion hours watching Youtube. Despite knowing this fact, around nine percent of businesses still have not started their own Youtube channel to support their business. It is pretty evident that a Youtube channel can be a huge asset in boosting the performance of your business. This post is a roadmap to help you start a proper and optimized Youtube channel to enhance customer engagement with the existing customers and as a mean of attracting potential customers in the future. Continue reading

  • Online Marketing through the Instagram Hash Tags

    Online Marketing through the Instagram Hash Tags

    Social networking sites are in trend these days as almost half of the world's current population is using the online media for their ease. Instagram, one of the major and most leading online app which is being used and liked by many people, not only the normal users are using it, but, most of the e-commerce business are using them to market their brands. It does sound strange at first, but it really is possible. This all is done using hash tags. Continue reading

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