Hara Patners

If you’re on our website, you already know about Hara Partners. We’re an e-commerce solutions company focused mainly on building websites in Magento for online retailers.

We provide full-service web builders custom tailored to your business needs, from front-end functionality to complex backend logic. We’ve worked with over 250 Magento-based stores, and are able to service our clients with design, photography, IT services, and hosting.

To read more about us, you can visit our About page. All of the posts that you see here below deal directly with news about our company, such as who we’ve partnered with in the past, our meetups, and who our current clients are.

As a qualified NetSuite-Magento integrator, we are also happy to post the wonders of both systems in these posts. Some companies can say that they’re Magento experts, but we’re the real deal. That’s why most ecommerce companies know that we’re the #1 professionals when it comes to this stuff.

More About Hara Partners:

Hara Partners cultivates a collaborative atmosphere of analytical, business-minded individuals. We’re a smart, young, entrepreneurial company poised for growth and new opportunities. We operate entirely in-house, bolstering one another with complementary specializations. We hold weekly meetings to keep our entire team up-to-date with the latest technologies and performance-enhancing tweaks for online retailers.

Our Project Managers, Tech Leads, Sales Leads, and Design Leads are trained experts in their respective disciplines, each functioning as a single cog in Hara Partners’ team dynamic. This unique four-perspective approach permits a comprehensive understanding of your business and advanced strategizing from the get-go. In other words, we bring e-commerce development expertise to the table in order to position you as the expert in your industry.

Our relationship with you is a two-way street. Foremost in our values are honesty and humility, the cornerstones of our partnership-building efforts. We employ a consultative approach, always addressing your requirements with your best interests in mind. We’re with you every step of the way—planning, execution, finalization, and post-process—and we’ve developed a suite of scalable services to assist you in the process. We speak your language and consider you our Partner.

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E-Commerce takes hit from  wage increase. One report states that warehouses with 500 or more workers may see an annual rise in labor cost by $1 million or more. This news might sound alarming to people who rely on cheap labor … Continue reading

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How to Use Vsnap to Increase Online Sales

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Five Reasons Web Stores are the Future for B2B

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