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If you're on our website, you already know about Hara Partners. We're an e-commerce solutions company focused mainly on building websites in Magento for online retailers. We provide full-service web builders custom tailored to your business needs, from front-end functionality to complex backend logic. We've worked with over 250 Magento-based stores, and are able to service our clients with design, photography, IT services, and hosting. To read more about us, you can visit our About page. All of the posts that you see here below deal directly with news about our company, such as who we've partnered with in the past, our meetups, and who our current clients are. As a qualified NetSuite-Magento integrator, we are also happy to post the wonders of both systems in these posts. Some companies can say that they're Magento experts, but we're the real deal. That's why most ecommerce companies know that we're the #1 professionals when it comes to this stuff. More About Hara Partners: Hara Partners cultivates a collaborative atmosphere of analytical, business-minded individuals. We’re a smart, young, entrepreneurial company poised for growth and new opportunities. We operate entirely in-house, bolstering one another with complementary specializations. We hold weekly meetings to keep our entire team up-to-date with the latest technologies and performance-enhancing tweaks for online retailers. Our Project Managers, Tech Leads, Sales Leads, and Design Leads are trained experts in their respective disciplines, each functioning as a single cog in Hara Partners’ team dynamic. This unique four-perspective approach permits a comprehensive understanding of your business and advanced strategizing from the get-go. In other words, we bring e-commerce development expertise to the table in order to position you as the expert in your industry. Our relationship with you is a two-way street. Foremost in our values are honesty and humility, the cornerstones of our partnership-building efforts. We employ a consultative approach, always addressing your requirements with your best interests in mind. We’re with you every step of the way—planning, execution, finalization, and post-process—and we’ve developed a suite of scalable services to assist you in the process. We speak your language and consider you our Partner.
  • Tip: Boost Top Line with Online Marketing

    Tip: Boost Top Line with Online Marketing

    Despite the fact that you are not making money through online channels you should still be aware of internet marketing skills in the modern era.  MDM President Ian Heller in The 10 Commandments of Distributor Marketing refers to internet marketing skills as a necessity in the modern distribution environment.

    Proper and significant presence is important aside from online marketing

    According to Hellen, the use of the term online marketing is becoming irrelevant in the modern era. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are selling or providing your services online or not, one still needs to be well aware when it comes to online marketing strategies and methods. Even if the main and core source of selling for a company is based on personal dealings they do need to rely on online mediums to ensure a proper and significant presence in the market.
    As stated by Hellen the key to build value and gain recognition when it comes to building enterprise value is online and virtual marketing. The main reason behind this is that the customers are unaware of what products and services you offer, what is the price and what is your philosophy. Therefore it becomes clearly evident that you will not be the first choice of the customers. Therefore using online marketing is a source of gaining customers and maintaining them.

    Develop a connection with your customers through online marketing

    You can use online marketing platforms as a means of developing a connection with your customers and filling the gap between you and your clients. In order to attract customers, they need to be well aware of all your offerings. And the best way to put forward your services and products is by using online marketing platforms. This way the customers can see what you are offering and this technique will also help you reach out to new customers and clients.

  • magento

    Magento users now being trained by DHL

    The firms stated that there would be a partnership between German Transport and logistics Deutsche post DHL group with Magento. The Magento shall be providing shipping and services of logistics to vendors.

    Magento and omni-channel software services

    Magento stated that even though customers used DHL before for shipping orders for Magento and omni-channel software services, this new partnership would make DHL able to offer services to retailers as well. These deals will unable DHL to work and train various merchants in order to increase the shipping volumes.

    Training the Magento staff

    DHL will be offering a wide range of shipping options that would include parcel, express and freight services. The company shall further train the Magento staff according to practical grounds that would include various fields including international regulations for shipping increase.

    Checklist for the users of Magento

    The company will also be offering a checklist for the users of Magento in order to further increase cross border trade. It was further stated that the online customers offering cross border shipping may lose sales due to the FAQs or on the checkout processes.
    Van Delft said that this change would create a huge difference in the e-commerce market. That could increase up to a 900 billion dollars from 300 billion according to a survey by the DHL.

    Magento is a platform for e-commerce software

    The Magento Company is a platform for e-commerce software that was sold in 2015 by the online commerce that everyone knows eBay. It was sold to a private equity groups that was based by London for around 925 dollars.

    Magento is in connection with shippers and parcel carrying services

    This company is also in connection with numerous shippers and various parcel carrying services. For example, it has a strong link with UPS Inc’s market place shipping service that provides processes and ship orders from countless e-commerce platforms. A partnership of this sort will definitely bring a great change in the increasing of shipment.


    How CGS’s BlueCherry Can Help Advance Your Company’s Omnichannel Planning

    BlueCherry Enterprise Software by CGS provides businesses with the platform to gain omnichannel success.  In the present omnichannel market, companies have to handle many pressures.  Some of these include controlling operational costs, reducing product time to market and improving website visibility.  BlueCherry helps its clients succeed in competing and succeeding in the industry.


    What is the Omnichannel Market?

    The term omnichannel refers to a certain approach to sales.  This approach aims to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience.  Whether the customer is shopping online, from a mobile or in a physical store.  It integrates the advantages of online and physical shopping into one.


    What Exactly Does BlueCherry Do?

    BlueCherry helps its clients with its expertise in omnichannel planning.  Today’s market is highly competitive.  To succeed, it is crucial that retailers increase their understanding of customer demand.  It is also crucial to use this knowledge to carefully plan their product range.  BlueCherry helps design omnichannel merchandise planning strategies to boost their clients’ sales.  Its planning aims to improve productivity and client-supplier relationships.  Omnichannel planning is particularly important for the fashion industry. Because, it is always under pressure to meet consumer demand.  And shorten product development.

    Many retailers are benefiting from BlueCherry’s Omnichannel Merchandise Planning. BlueCherry is helping many retailers improve their catalog, wholesale and Internet channel results.  BlueCherry lets retailers merge their individual plans into a single, multichannel plan.  This can help increase sales, margins and fulfilment rates.


    Success Stories

    Tommy Bahama is one of the retailers that BlueCherry has helped with their expertise.  They took the time to get to know Tommy Bahama’s products and align the brand’s message with the design.  Tommy Bahama has both traditional stores and an eCommerce website. These two kind of stores opens more opportunity to gain money.  They use BlueCherry for many things.  Including shipping for Tommy Bahama’s main warehouse.  This allows them to get thousands of deliveries out every day.  It also helps them gain a good reputation for quick delivery with their customers.  Program Manager of Tommy Bahama, Cynthia Quackenbush, has been impressed by the pace that the business is growing.  She pays a special thanks to BlueCherry for this.  Due to their dedication to the brand.

    Another company that BlueCherry has helped is Aerosoles.  Aerosoles is a shoe brand for women.  Vice President of Technology and Business Solutions, Tom Reeve, says that Aerosoles has benefited using BlueCherry’s Electronic Linguistics Module for electronic communication with suppliers.  He believes that BlueCherry offers superior functionality compared to its competitors.  He praises how well BlueCherry has supported Aerosoles throughout its online growth.

    CGS’s BlueCherry has the technical know-how to plan omnichannel advancement for your business.  If you think that CGS can help your business, visit:  http://www.cgsinc.com/en/contact

  • It is no secret that online firms and digital marketers aim to boost organic traffic in order to increase their bottom-line.  Pinterest, one of the top social media platforms today, can be an effective tool to drive traffic to any website. The social media giant has more than 200 million monthly users who can be potential buyers of any website.  So how do you tap Pinterest for e-commerce business growth?

    Tip #1: Using keywords to rank highly on Pinterest

    Business owners and digital marketers should remember that Pinterest is basically a visual search engine. Thus, using relevant keywords in the image description is a must in order for images to rank higher.
    The use of descriptive keywords is equally important.  It also helps to be as detailed as possible. For instance, a monogrammed beret can appear in people’s searches if the text on it is included in the description.

    Tip#2: Creating boards

    Pinterest users love to create virtual bulletin boards. You can take advantage of this by keeping your account organized. The creation of a board for every product category that you would like to promote or sell will also help.
    For instance, you may create a board for each kind of clothing like dresses, skirts and tops. You may also put up a board for the latest fashion trends. This way, you can entice Pinterest users to easily follow your boards.

    Tip#3: Tapping group boards

    In case you are still not getting new followers, another way to tap Pinterest for e-commerce business growth is to share your content in group boards. Simplysearch and ask for access to group boards that are aligned with your brand.

    Tip#4:  Strategic scheduling of pins

    You can also use third-party platforms to schedule pins at the most opportune times. One platform is Tailwind which is like Buffer for Twitter. Tailwind can help you get more views on your pinned content.

    Tip#5:  Using buyable pins

    You can also encourage more viewers to buy from your sit by tapping buyable pins. These pins enable users to make processes quickly and efficiently.

    Tip#6: Staying abreast of algorithm updates

    Finally, staying abreast of Pinterest algorithm changes and updates can help you use the platform to its full potential.  You can refer to online resources like Medium and Tailwind to know more about the latest on Pinterest algorithm updates.

  • The Key to Reach Women: Instagram

    The Key to Reach Women: Instagram

    You definitely not recognize about Instagram. What you may not know is exactly to what extent its promoting range can be. It's 35 million month to month cell phone clients normally spend somewhere around 257 minutes on the application every month. 40% of their activ0ity is in the United States, where 58 percent utilize the application every day. Continue reading

  • U.S. Stores thinks how to transport to foreign or international shoppers

    U.S. Stores thinks how to transport to foreign or international shoppers

    Macy’s has extended marketed itself as a shopping spot for the buyers to the United States. They provide the saving vouchers with a 10 percent discount for international shoppers, special programs for tout parties and travel agents and a website of tourism that provides the list of purchasing events and guide hotels near Macy’s flagship stores. Continue reading

  • The answer to your confusion__ magento and shopify compared

    The answer to your confusion__ magento and shopify compared

    Taking your online business on the web or beginning another online business with no outside help, can be overpowering. In any case, in the event that you set aside the opportunity to do explore and pick the privileged web-based business stage for your specific business, you'll ease pressure and have a significantly more noteworthy possibility of progress.

    Shopify versus Magento

    With such a large number of choices in the market, it can be hard to realize that you're settling on the correct choice. By and by, your first inclination ought to pick a stage that can satisfy present as well as future prerequisites of your online store, at any rate as much as you can gauge those future needs.
    To enable you to settle on this troublesome choice, we've looked at the two most famous online business stages: Shopify and Magento.

    Center contrasts

    Before beginning the definite correlation, how about we investigate some center contrasts amongst Shopify and Magento.

    • Shopify is a total internet business stage, while Magento is free and open-source programming.
    • For Shopify, secure web facilitating is incorporated into all fundamental membership designs, though for Magento you have to set up your own facilitation.
    • The two stages have innovation environments with applications and topics to enable you to redo your webpage and track online deals and showcasing, yet Shopify's application store is substantially more vigorous and created, with more than 2,000 applications accessible since they opened to outsider engineers in 2009!

    Shopify is a completely facilitated stage, which implies you pay a level expense for every month for an arrangement that incorporates facilitating. The Magento offers two valuing choices: Magento CE and Magento EE.
    Magento CE is free for download and utilize, and you are not required to purchase any month to month membership. It can be an ideal alternative for little and medium-sized organizations. Magento EE (Enterprise Edition) is another alternative, perfect for bigger online stores and built up organizations.
    Formats and Designs
    Shopify has it claim topic store, where clients can search for perfectly composed, exceptionally responsive formats and subjects. In any case, since Shopify is a facilitated shopping basket, clients get restricted choices for customizations.
    Since Magento is open source and has been bolstered by an expansive designer group from the beginning, it has a scope of format choices. There are free and paid topics accessible in the Magento Marketplace/
    Client Support
    Shopify gives day in and day out specialized help, which implies that you can get to help day and night at whatever point required. There are three ways you can get to their client bolster group:

    • Email Support
    • Telephone Support
    • Live Chat

    Magento's client bolster does exclude any official administration. Be that as it may, you can search for answers to your questions in its broad designer group, Magento Forums, and in their documentation. All stage related inquiries are as of now replied there.

  • Ways to Explode your Business Awareness

    Ways to Explode your Business Awareness

    1) Relevancy Wins the Business War:

    Before the best Entrepreneur was the person who had the most contracts with him, he was the one who was always in leads but now the times have changed. Now it is all about creating a relevance and intimacy and who is able to achieve it is at the lead, which simply means that you are supposed to provide the best solution, to the deserving people at the right time.

    2) Attention is the New Currency:

    Nowadays is very important to have attention, if a business has the attention of its customers then they are able to earn money which will eventually help them to advertise their business and earn more money. On the other hand, if they are unable to do so they will eventually run out of money and will be forced to leave the market.

    3) Be Tai Lopez (kind of):

    It basically means becoming an Omnipresent. Omnipresent means becoming present to the relevant audience or customers which are relevant to the business.

    4) One Platform is not enough:

    It basically tells that if the business is in the lead at one place that does not mean that it is achieving all of its potentials. If the business wants to be a lead it should expand its branches and expand on every platform to maximize its profits.

    5) Your Marketing Funnel Have Evolved:

    To grab the attention of the buyers it is important that the business tries different and unique methods of marketing methods.

    6) Focus on Invisible ROI:

    It is important for the company to spend a large amount of brand awareness on the advertisement of their Brand.

    As an Entrepreneur, it is very important for you to change and update your methods to achieve the best outcomes for your investments. It is important to attract the customers towards the business as they are the lifeblood of the business. To do so, it is advised to follow some methods:

  • Five steps to achieve brand success in E-commerce

    Five steps to achieve brand success in E-commerce

    The ecommerce business you are running has a specific brand at its base and if you do not know about it then you need to find out what you do and why you are doing it. Following are the steps to achieve success in E-commerce.

    Your brand is your purpose

    You brand has a set of morals and values related to your business. You need to set up a proper mission for your brand

    SEO brings in traffic to your brand

    A site with low quality posts, created only for money then you might get low ranking. The Google review quality guidelines clearly tell you to avoid posting material that is of low quality. If you do want, some ads then have only those with the best quality and great sponsors.

    Customers prefer an unforgettable user experience of a brand

    You should make the instructions clear to follow and to read. The navigation of the site should always be simple so that it can easily be followed. You need to make reinforcement about the purpose of your brand on your site. The access to the shopping cart and the checkout process should be easily achievable.

    Transparency is the key to building trust on a brand

    You should make the contact information very visible on your website along with the email address and the phone number. To create further ease for the customers you can add a separate ‘Contact Us’ on your page so that the customers know how to get in touch with you without any difficulty.

    Boost overall brand engagement

    If you need to give a powerful post to the engagement with your own store then you should seek the help of social media. It gives you lots of help and feedback. You can take help from

    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
  • The most interesting APAC digital marketing stats

    The most interesting APAC digital marketing stats

    We are back with some interesting and mind-boggling facts ranging from gender differences in Chinese e-commerce spend to the marketers that are made to overwork across the APAC region, we have got everything covered for you.

    Half of APAC marketers believe overwork is affecting their health adversely

    This stat is presented as a result of a survey conducted by Campaign Asia. Around 500 brands and agency marketers coming from 15 APAC marketers were involved in this research survey. It was a comprehensive survey that also found that:
    •    59 percent respondents feel overworked as they work more than 45 hours a week.
    •    16 percent people stated that they need to catch up on work on weekends and 53 percent had to do so occasionally.
    •    50 percent respondents agreed that this affected their health.
    Indian 'Good morning' messages:
    The Wall Street Journal has reported that one of the main reasons behind the filling up of the internet is due to the sending of Good Morning texts from Indians. Due to cultural norms, greetings are a huge portion of the Indian region. This is the reason why one in three people run out of memory daily and the searches of the good morning have increased a thousand percent.
    Chinese men now spend more online than women
    A Union Pay survey conducted among 100,000 Chinese people across 34 cities have revealed that Chinese men are now spending more money online as a result of online takeouts and gaming, whereas women spend only 15 percent of the amount that is spent by men.
    Luxury goods sales up 20% in China
    A Bain & Co. report has revealed that after a very small growth for the past five years of slow growth the luxury good sales have increased about zero percent this year with the main source of the increase being women’s clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics etc.

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