At Hara Partners, we have a lot of awesome events. You may already be familiar with our New York eCommerce Meetup… But we have a lot of other awesome events around the city.

You can read all about how Malcolm Gladwell spoke at Magento Imagine 2014 below. We’re also really active in Netsuite’s Suiteworld conference and the Magento conference.

What else? Well, we also have these awesome one-off events where a company like DBG Talent & Model Management will commission us for a model shoot. It shows that nerds do like to party sometimes.

If you ever want to be a part of our awesome events or photoshoots, you can always sign up for our New York eCommerce Meetup. Or if you have anything else in mind, you can contact us with your prepositions.

At Hara Partners, we’re always eager to get together to meet other geniuses to see what’s on their minds. It’s always great to be a genius and know your technical stuff, but what’s the point if you can’t share it with the world? Our eCommerce Meet-Up is the best in New York City, but we’re always ready to join other events as well.

Tech events are uber fun, and we’ve met some really great and talented people at them… Some of our past speakers include Dave McLaughlin, who founded Vsnap, and Mauricio Rubio from Dr. Jays. But remember, that our events would never be as awesome as they are if we didn’t have tech aficionados such as you guys to come by and see them. Yes, we owe a lot to our fans… And not just fans, but anybody with an even passing interest in tech, who come to our events and—for better or worse—become converted into one of us.

Malcolm Gladwell Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014

Malcolm Gladwell,  Author, Lecturer And Cultural Icon, Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014. Malcolm T. Gladwell was born in England to a Jamaican-born mother (a psychotherapist) and English father (a math professor) in 1963. He is an accomplished author and … Continue reading

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January E-Commerce Meetup Review

Thank you again for the great turn out last month, on January 8 for our e-commerce Meetup. Our next Meetup is almost here and we wanted to provide a review of the last one.     Tom Waters from BAMS … Continue reading

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December e-Commerce Meetup Review

Thank you everyone who came out last Wednesday to join us for the e-Commerce Meetup. We had a very interesting group and some interesting discussions. Find a list of topics here and please feel free to use the comments below … Continue reading

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Magento Conference 2013: Sold Out!

  And just like that, the Imagine E-commerce Magento Conference is sold out. For the third year running, enthusiastic response has snapped up all available tickets. But all is not lost! If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in need … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday and the 2011 Holiday Season

While it may seem like a long ways away, it is never too early to begin planning for the upcoming Holiday 2011 shopping season. Holiday season spending is making a grand rebound from the 2008 – 2009 recessions.  Last year, … Continue reading

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