At Hara Partners, we have a lot of awesome events. You may already be familiar with our New York eCommerce Meetup... But we have a lot of other awesome events around the city. You can read all about how Malcolm Gladwell spoke at Magento Imagine 2014 below. We're also really active in Netsuite's Suiteworld conference and the Magento conference. What else? Well, we also have these awesome one-off events where a company like DBG Talent & Model Management will commission us for a model shoot. It shows that nerds do like to party sometimes. If you ever want to be a part of our awesome events or photoshoots, you can always sign up for our New York eCommerce Meetup. Or if you have anything else in mind, you can contact us with your prepositions. At Hara Partners, we're always eager to get together to meet other geniuses to see what's on their minds. It's always great to be a genius and know your technical stuff, but what's the point if you can't share it with the world? Our eCommerce Meet-Up is the best in New York City, but we're always ready to join other events as well. Tech events are uber fun, and we've met some really great and talented people at them... Some of our past speakers include Dave McLaughlin, who founded Vsnap, and Mauricio Rubio from Dr. Jays. But remember, that our events would never be as awesome as they are if we didn't have tech aficionados such as you guys to come by and see them. Yes, we owe a lot to our fans... And not just fans, but anybody with an even passing interest in tech, who come to our events and—for better or worse—become converted into one of us.
  • vsnap

    Howdy e-Commerce fans,

    Last month's meetup was a real blast. Dave McLaughlin dropped in to speak about Vsnap, a platform that allows salespeople to engage with customers via one-to-one video messages. This method that's been shown to boost sales as much as 34%.

    In addition to Vsnap, Dave discussed his previous experiences in the film industry, where he worked as a screenwriter. After working on a film which he claimed to have later disliked, he realized that Hollywood may not have been the right environment for him.

    "I think that technology startups are just a more creative place to be than the film business," he said. "Some people are surprised by that. But in the film business you're really in boxes in terms of what you can do."

    Now, after only a few years of working in tech, Dave is far from an outsider. He's done all of his research on Vsnap's competitors, and is constantly brushing up on his knowledge of social media in order to better assess how he's going to work with them.

    Dave said that the key to success is to work in an area that you're interested in, and that sometimes it could take a while to realize what that is—in his case, it certainly took a few years to realize that he didn't want to be a filmmaker.

    We had a lot of very interesting people who came up to the meetup, who asked very engaging questions that Dave provided very quick to answer to. We're really grateful that we have so many talented and ambitious people who support our meetups, and we're hoping that all of you guys will come to our next event, 'Driving eCommerce Sales with Social Media Marketing,' which will take place on Wednesday, December 10, at 31 W 34th Street on the 7th floor.

  • Hello e-Commerce fans,

    We recently had an e-commerce meet up on October 29, which focused on the back-end of running e-commernce. Since there were many High Holidays, we decided to push the date back to accommodate. As always, we had plenty of food and drinks for everyone!

    Once again for this e-commerce meet up, we moved the location to another Jay Suites location on 34th street. We had an amazing conference room with a beautiful terrace view of the Empire State Building. There was just enough space for all of our guests.

    e-commerce meet up

    Key Point from Our E-Commerce Meet Up

    Ali Hodroj, Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist for Gigaspace, spoke about scaling e-commerce with in-memory computing. The company works with small and large organizations within financial services, retail, telecommunications, and internet media on Cloud Computing, In-Memory Computing and Scalability use cases.

    When businesses get over loaded with customers, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it's generally because their websites are unable to hold the capacity needed. Gigaspaces help turn traffic into buying customers at a much quicker rate. They also help the webpage expand their capacity to handle the excessive traffic.

    Gigaspace helps by controlling and optimizing the Omni-Channel. That way, different interfaces, like smart phones and tablets, are accounted for when moderating traffic. They streamline content and data to ensure fast check out speeds, especially during holiday seasons.

    Gigaspace also focuses on personalization and analytics to improve your business and check out speeds. Most importantly, businesses can focus on their legacy integration to help their business grow.

    Many times businesses will loose money because their website can't handle high traffic and crash. Gigaspace helps reduce cost by keeping website functioning and helping consumers quickly check out.

    You can watch the entire presentation on our YouTube page.

    Overall, this was a very insightful and engaging e-commerce meet up. Hopefully you are aware of your upcoming e-commerce meet up on wednesday, November 12th. If you haven't given us your rsvp, please sign up on our page on

  • E-commerce Meetup BAMs and Dr Jays Review September 2014


    Hello E-commerce fans,

    As some of you might already be aware, we have an e-commerce meetup coming up on October 29th. So as the protocol goes every month, let's go back in time for just a bit and review our last e-commerce meetup on payment processes with Tom Waters and Mauricio Rubio.

    We had a slight change of location for our last e-commerce metup. Instead of scheduling a get-together in our usual spot (the conference room next to where we work—I know, quite the commute...) we decided to head to the fabulous Brokers Heaven Loft Space, located at 333 Park Avenue South.

    This turned out to be a wonderful location, with a wealth of modern artworks scattered rampantly all over the walls. One of our copywriters even took his time to goof around when he was supposed to be signing in the guests.


    Can you guess which one of our employees stepped in to ruin this picture?


    Mauricio Rubio, who works as the Director of Business Development at Dr. Jays, started off the event with a slideshow presentation on international payment methods, PCI compliance and tokenization, and domestic versus global platforms.

    One of his key points dealt with the steps that are taken to prevent fraud for whenever a user has to make a payment (a reassuring note for many of the attendees, who usually come to each e-commerce meetup equipped with many concerns about security and privacy).

    After Mauricio, Tom Waters from BAMs stepped in to offer a very animated presentation on various Magento features, and then explained the benefits of payment aggregators such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square versus the traditional credit card processors.

    For much of the talk, he seemed to be in favor of Paypal, but endorsed Stripe for international payments. After his presentation, the conversation focused largely on international payments, which seemed to be a concern for many of our attendees in the same way that security was a primary concern for Mauricio's presentation.

    As always, there were plenty of chips and drinks to keep everyone comfortable. Our head of Business Development, Sam Baron, also had to leave early for a Goruck event, which left a depressing ambiance in the air for all who were present (particularly the ladies).

    But overall, this was a very kickass event, and we look forward to matching it with our next e-commerce meetup, coming this October 29th—so mark your calendars!

  • Thank you all for contributing to our last New York eCommerce Meetup - we had a great turnout and we’re just as excited for the next one! Before that, we wanted to review some of the highlights from May’s Meetup.

    We were fortunate to have Lior Itzhak from the Forest Hills Financial Group (FHFG) serve as one of our speakers. At FHFG, Lior strives to protect his clients’ assets for retirement and also develop their wealth in creative ways.

    “Our role as a financial advisor in the Meetup was to help these businesses plan ahead to be protected against future and unforeseen financial disasters,” said Lior, “our role was also to offer guidance on protecting the entity's interests when taking on new investors, members or shareholders. We were able to communicate the importance of having well prepared and thoroughly reviewed agreements, including subscription agreements, buy-sell agreements and even shareholder and operating agreements.”

    Lior also spoke about the encouraging entrepreneurial spirit that the New York eCommerce Group Meetup fosters. “Anyone looking to start a new business or taking their existing business to the next level would benefit from attending the e-commerce Meetup,” said Lior, “the Meetup can educate you on what you need for your business including the best type of corporate structure. It can also teach you how to obtain the financing needed for the business as well as how to maximize your budget, including the best way to spend the money you have.”

    “The Meetup will also teach you the best way to optimize your business through e-commerce, including integrating your site with others. The advantage of this particular Meetup is the diversity of the participants including attendees from Amazon, various e-commerce retailers and online start-ups.”

    the living balance sheet the living balance sheet


    FGFH is an authorized user of The Living Balance Sheet ®. This platform is a powerful tool for businesses, which gives you a wide-angle view of clients' financial worlds and will enable you to stress test their current financial approach. With The Living Balance Sheet, you can securely organize and analyze client data, improve client management efficiency and communication, and so much more. Check out an introductory video at:

    Please feel free to comment on your experience at our Meetup or ask any questions about e-commerce, entrepreneurship, wealth management, or any other topics from this Meetup! Hara Partners would be happy to answer any questions you have.

    We hope to see you at the next one!

  • Innovation, excitement, and all of the latest breakthroughs throughout the NetSuite ERP world, are just a few examples of what you will experience at SuiteWorld 2104. This three day conference will be jammed packed of information and product demos. The industry leaders present set the standard for what leading ERPs systems are today and in the future.

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 Conference NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 Conference

    Throughout the three day conference, you can learn from the top professionals in one of the sixteen breakout sessions.

    Netsuite CEO of Netsuite Zach Nelson is one of the keynote speakers, and will kick off the conference and introduce you to what great things to expect. At SuiteWorld 2014 you will be getting the information that allows you to keep your competitive edge. You are guaranteed to learn something new that can help propel your business to the next level.

    If this is going to be your first time at SuiteWorld then you are sure to be surprised and impressed by the solutions presented. Industry leaders and top professionals from every area of the online world will be at SuiteWorld 2014. And because of this opportunity to meet some of the top dogs that are out there, there is no better event than SuiteWorld 2014 to get your feet wet with the people who have the success that you are aiming for.

    Let us know if you’re planning on going to SuiteWorld 2014 and what your expectations are.

  • Magento Imagine 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas Magento Imagine 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

    Malcolm Gladwell,  Author, Lecturer And Cultural Icon, Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014.

    Malcolm T. Gladwell was born in England to a Jamaican-born mother (a psychotherapist) and English father (a math professor) in 1963. He is an accomplished author and respected journalist known for his unique perspectives on science research and social issues. He authored five books that were on The New York Times Best Seller list which are; The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Outliers: The Story of Success, What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures (a collection of his journalism), David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants and Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. His books and journalism are noted for dealing with unexpected conclusions of research in genres of psychology, social psychology and sociology.

    Gladwell's father was a math and engineering professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada where Malcolm was allowed to roam the halls and offices of the university which sparked his interest in libraries and literature. In high school Malcolm excelled at long distance running placing first in the 1,500 meter championship race in 1978. He attended college at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1984 with a degree in History.

    Malcolm Gladwell is noted for finding implausible outcomes in what is considered mundane research which is the foundation of his success in the lecture circuit and as an author. Undaunted by challenging research he exhibits brilliant curiosity uncovering and documenting facts buried in peculiar data. He once had a popular blog that addressed a variety of topics from steroids in professional sports to serial killers.

    As an author Malcolm Gladwell has notable accomplishments attributed to his success. His book The Tipping Point (released in 2000) was listed as one of the best literary works of the decade by Amazon customers, The Times, The Guardian and The A.V. Club. The book was also the fifth bestselling nonfiction book for Barnes and Nobles of the decade. His book Blink was voted the fifth favorite book by Amazon customer's in 2005 and best nonfiction book by The Christian Science Monitor. It was also in the top 50 list of favorite books by Amazon customers for the decade. The book Outliners was number 1 on The New York Times Bestseller list for 11 consecutive weeks and voted Time's number 10 best nonfiction book in 2008. The San Francisco Chronicle had Outliners listed as one of the best 50 nonfiction books in 2008. In 2005 he was added to Time's 100 Most Influential People.

    Malcolm Gladwell has an impressive career and has influenced millions with his books and articles addressing a range of topics spanning race relations, sports, music, social issues and many topics. He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996 and lectures across the world sometimes for free and has been known to command $45,000 per speaking engagement. He is respected and has his share of critics. However, despite the opinions of his supporters and detractors he will most likely be written in history books as a great contributor to the literary arts.

  • Thank you again for the great turn out last month, on January 8 for our e-commerce Meetup. Our next Meetup is almost here and we wanted to provide a review of the last one.


    Credit Card Merchant Processing Credit Card Merchant Processing


    Tom Waters from BAMS (Bank Associates Merchant Services) presented what his company can offer to merchants by explaining how credit card processing works and the fees that are associated with different transaction. Tom took a historical take and walked us through concepts and laws that changed the credit card landscape over the years. And the good news is brought down fees drastically over time.

    Some highlights from the talk include (and I apologize if these only include the ones we remember, but please post comments and questions below, or contact us):

    1. Rates have been broken down into a great matrix of different scenarios. Most people are familiar with AmEx vs. Visa/MasterCard rates, as well as debit cards vs. credit card, corporate or rewards cards, and how the rates differ. However, most people still believe there are only 4-5 rates, or they are given 4 rates by their merchant processor or bank.

    Fact is that there is a specific interexchange rate for almost every transaction, which can factors in in-person vs. over the phone, card type, issuer, etc.

    Often times the low rates are not passed on by the merchant processor, but pulled together into 3-4 groups.

    2. Organizations such as Paypal, Square, even American Express are not banks and thus do not need to adhere to the numerous regulations of banks. This can have a lot of advantages for these organizations, which they can pass on to merchants and customers. Even Groupon launched a service called Groupon Payments to provide savings to its merchants.

    What it all means to you?

    3. You should not enter into a contract that binds you to a processor, and insist on early termination rights. You may also want to consider these non-bank institutions. Often times they can be very competitive with low transaction volume, while a dedicated merchant processor becomes less expensive with greater volume. BAMS for example charges a small processing fee on top of the interexchange rate, which results in very competitive pricing.

    Value-added Services by BAMS

    BAMS can help merchants with charge back monitoring and handling. BAMS also offers its IRIS (IRIS - Integrated Reporting is Simple) platform, which can help gain quick oversight of your business and identify problems.

    IRIS - Integrated Reporting is Simple IRIS - Integrated Reporting is Simple

    Please add comments to this post and feel free to ask any questions about merchant processing. Tom is extremely knowledgeable and we at Hara Partners would love to provide any answers for you.

  • Thank you everyone who came out last Wednesday to join us for the e-Commerce Meetup.

    We had a very interesting group and some interesting discussions. Find a list of topics here and please feel free to use the comments below to ask follow up questions.

    IRIS - Integrated Reporting Is Simple IRIS - Integrated Reporting Is Simple

    1. Rafael introduced an advanced reporting called IRIS (which stands for Integrated Reporting Is Simple), utilizing your merchant banking information to show every aspect of your business. Associated with IRIS is BAMS, a merchant processor.

    IRIS -

    BAMS -

    Baked Bouquet Baked Bouquet

    2. Wassam introduced a great new gift idea called Baked Bouquet, which will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned.

    3. If you haven't heard of Sweetest Day, it's a holiday in October created by the candy industry (

    4. Damon and Greg from OrderGroove joined the Meetup. OrderGroove provides and advanced subscription and re-ordering platform. The OrderGroove Magento module has been built by Hara Partners.

    5. Jun gave an overview of web caching and acceleration technologies and presented as example of a Magento merchant who has been performance optimized by the Hara Partners team.

    Please leave a comment here for questions and points we forgot. And we hope to see you all next month.

  • Magento Conference credit:


    And just like that, the Imagine E-commerce Magento Conference is sold out. For the third year running, enthusiastic response has snapped up all available tickets. But all is not lost! If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in need of tickets at the eleventh hour, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll get in touch with Magento and see what we can do for you—we can’t guarantee that they’ll bend over backwards, but we do have their ear, and we’re willing to make the case for a worthy cause.

  • While it may seem like a long ways away, it is never too early to begin planning for the upcoming Holiday 2011 shopping season.

    Holiday season spending is making a grand rebound from the 2008 – 2009 recessions.  Last year, comScore reported this past year’s e-commerce spending in the November – December 2010 holiday season reached $32.6 billion, a twelve-percent increase from the previous year.  One of the leading factors of this phenomenal increase is the online shopping holiday Cyber Monday (similar to Black Friday).    Cyber Monday this past year was the first billion-dollar online spending day in history, and was the top online spending day of the season.

    cyber monday Holiday Sales Season Graph

    With great anticipation, this upcoming holiday season should hold similar outcomes.  Take the time to prepare your company for the high demands shoppers during the holidays hold (hint: free shipping deals are a big hit) so that that this year will roll by with ease.

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