Clients and Work

Clients and Work

At Hara Partners, our clients and work are one of the primary backbones of our company's infrastructure. We have an impressive array of clients and partners, with big names ranging from Hostway to Crumbs Bake Shop and International Checkout. But don't let us babble on about how cool we are. Witness the evidence below. We take pride in all of our clients, and are eager to feature all of them on the various pages throughout our site. Below you'll find a selection of posts from our blog that feature our clients. Some of these blogs are more for promotional purposes, but either way we hope they'll show that we put a great deal of thought to all of the great people who have partnered with us and worked with us throughout the years. As an e-commerce solutions company, we definitely garner a great deal of interest from online retailers and businesses who are looking to expand their business and satisfy their customer base with Magento. Thankfully, our technology allows no end to the opportunities for the kinds of clients that we can work for. If you take a look at our partners page, you already know the diversity of some of the companies that have partnered with us. Our clients also include some of the biggest names in fashion, and if you read our blog below, you can see how we engaged in some pretty awesome photoshoots with them over the years. As a tech company, we're always on the rise for new opportunities, and are willing to lead the business world with our innovative e-commerce solutions. If you're interested in partnering with us, or letting us work on one of your websites in the near future, please don't hesitate to contact us—because, who knows, some day we might even end up writing about you below.
  • international checkout


    Since 2003, International Checkout has been an innovator in global ecommerce solutions. By eliminating the risks and hurdles associated with international payment and fulfillment, International Checkout enables its clients to gain access to consumers worldwide with ease.

    International Checkout for e-Commerce and Magento


    International Checkout integrates seamlessly with any e-Commerce store and is especially well suited for Magento merchants. The solution enables consumers worldwide to browse and add items to the shopping cart directly on the merchant's website. With one click on the "International Checkout" button, the content of the cart is automatically transferred to the AJAX-driven single page checkout powered by International Checkout.

    International Checkout integrates seamlessly with any e-Commerce store and is especially well suited for Magento merchants. The solution enables consumers worldwide to browse and add items to the shopping cart directly on the merchant's website.



    International Checkout has an impressive range of clients, including Bebe, Kitson, Dylan's, and Dr. Martens. The company also currently works with more than 1800 U.S. retailers and brands, providing world class service to more than 200 destinations and supporting 63 local currencies.

    Shipping Options offered by International Checkout


    International Checkout is able to offer your International Customers Standard and Priority shipping methods. Real-time price quotes for all shipping options are provided to your customers at checkout.

    Most shipments up to 5 lbs. receive a complimentary priority upgrade as IC is able to pass on its deeply discounted rates from the carriers. Transit times, with normal customs clearance times, from the day packages are shipped from the IC depot average for the following destinations.

    International Checkout is free, and there are no absolutely no fees to get started—now that we've reassured you of all the great benefits of working with IC, why don't you check out our parners page on them, and give them a call when you have the time.

  • rebuilt Magento site


    We’re very excited to debut the rebuilt Magento site for fellow New Yorkers Alex Woo Jewelry to showcase both the artistry of their design and the breadth of a fully equipped Magento build. The new site’s sleek, sophisticated interface hosts an incredible array of features, drawing in customers while aptly demonstrating an aesthetic of integrity and fashion-forwardness. The Alex Woo site overhaul is a perfect example of the interactivity and capability business owners should expect from the upper echelons of Magento development.


    Not Just Any Menu


    The introduction of drop-down navigation was a milestone in modern web development. In full partnership with Alex Woo, we took that one step further with customized megamenus incorporating multiple category-specific images and embedded YouTube videos. In combination with layered navigation to filter products by theme, material, price, or collection, these advanced controls give customers the ability to find what they’re looking for intuitively. Functionality extends to multi-category selections to accommodate highly specified searches. To pull it all together, Alex Woo uses seasonal backgrounds and templates, highlighting the latest collections with gorgeous featured product banners.




    Dynamic elements invigorate every page of the Alex Woo Magento platform. Time- and activity-sensitive segments (e.g., “Most Popular” or “Customers Also Bought…”) populate automatically, and thorough property tagging ensures that products appear wherever one would reasonably expect them. In the product listings proper, dynamic promotions catch the eye with quick mentions of media and press coverage. These clickable widgets redirect to celebrity endorsements, notable magazine spreads, and the like.


    Hovering over a product on a subcategory page reveals an alternate image as well as expandable details, an interactive element with the added benefit of preserving valuable screen real estate. As customers scroll down the page, the “view more” button presents additional products without having to navigate to a separate page. This saves time and reduces the frustration of misplaced or forgotten items. When a shopping session winds down, specialized logic offers a floating “shopping bag” and an on-brand wishlist on the top banner, complete with customer-generated recommendations and a popularity gauge.

    Involving Customers


    Recognizing the importance of loyalty and the customer’s voice, Alex Woo made sure to include opportunities in the reimagined  website for a community forum to develop. The “What’s Your Story?” page empowers her fans to share their experience with Alex Woo on their own terms and in their own voices. Pictures and video accompany these testimonials for a comprehensive, aesthetically stimulating snapshot of Alex Woo’s impact on their customer base.


    rebuilt Magento site


    Seamlessly integrating their existing WordPress site with Magento layout and functionality, the new site provides a continuous stream of the latest Alex Woo news and press. Customers can easily navigate between the main site and their WordPress posts without a jarring, off-brand layout to digest. Each WordPress entry is a powerful cross-marketing window, tying jewelry offerings, advice, and exclusive content into current events.


    Want to see what Hara Partners can do with your Magento platform? Drop us a line!

  • cuddl duds

    Cuddl Duds

    We'd like to promote the humanitarian efforts of one our premier clients, Cuddl Duds. They're teaming up with Fashion Delivers to donate 12,000 items of women's clothing to Hurricane Sandy victims. Their layered garments will provide warmth, safety, and comfort as ongoing relief organizations struggle to cope with the aftermath and colder weather. We're proud to contribute design elements in the interest of bringing this worthy cause to the public's attention. Through the strength of our collaboration, timely aid can be delivered to those who need it most.

    Additional donations of clothing and home goods, as well as monetary support, are welcomed at Fashion Delivers. You can get involved and contribute here.

    About Cuddl Duds: Cuddl Duds, a Komar Layering brand, specializes in smart layering products for women that are both functional and stylish. Their collections are designed with varying climates and preferences in mind, offering a variety or colors and prints available in classic styles, including v-necks, crew necks, turtlenecks, hoodies, leggings, and more.

    About Fashion Delivers: Fashion Delivers battles the effects of poverty and national disaster by supporting hundreds of community-based social service agencies throughout the U.S. and around the world. They work with adult apparel and home fashions industries, collecting donations of new products to help individuals and families in need and liaising with a broad network of nonprofit agencies to quickly distribute items. Read more about their agency partners.



  • Dear friends,

    We extend our thoughts and prayers to those of you affected by the hurricane, especially those who are still coping with injury, lack of basic necessities, or loss of property and life. We hope you and your friends and families are safe, and we commend the efforts of all the emergency responders and volunteers who have come forward to help.

    It's been amazing to see people unite to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Our staff rallied together to stay informed, offer advice, and share resources over the past few days. Many of us are still dealing with the hurricane's devastating consequences. We are immensely thankful for the members of our team who helped us weather the storm and extended their arms to help others in need.

    Our facilities in New York City fared relatively well, all things considered. We lost one of our Internet providers entirely, but the office stayed connected through our other Internet link. We did suffer a power surge, which exposed some issues in one of the fail-over systems in our communications hub. Fortunately, our team was able to restore this quickly. We appreciate your continued patience as we address any issues you may be having on a case-by-case basis. We resolve to maintain the superior quality and performance that we are known for, and we are honored to serve you and your customers as the nation moves forward from this disaster.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly by email, or give us a call at 212-937-6367. Please also refer to our blog for information on updates and developments as they occur. Know that your safety and security is foremost in our minds, as is the welfare of families across the Eastern seaboard.

    Best wishes and warm regards,
    Mai Erne, CEO & the Hara Partners team

  • Hara Partners and Merchantry, an e-commerce SaaS technology company that enables retailers and media companies to generate new revenue streams by offering their online visitors a curated or expanded product assortment, officially announced their innovative strategic partnership in the Marketplace Platform. Hara is one of six industry leading e-commerce partners selected by Merchantry.

    Betty Chung, Associate Director of Business Development for Merchantry said: "The partners we have selected are amongst the best in the business. Having produced award-winning solutions for leading online retail bands and working across a variety of e-commerce platforms, our partners expand out capabilities to deliver marketplaces that connect brands with shoppers in an engaging, easy-to-use ad cost-efficient way."

    More information on the announcement is available here:

  • Once again Hara Partners and B.Moss join in for another eventful fashion photoshoot! With Hara Partners Jenna Rochman, Michael Tai, and Vernon Fong everything was set in place and ready to shoot!

    Fashion Photoshoot On set of the B.Moss Photo shoot.
  • Shae NY and Hara Partners came together for a full-blown product and fashoin photoshoot for their Fall 2011 line.


  • Hunter Dixon had their fashion photoshoot for the Fall 2011 line for a 'picture is as picture does' representation for their collection's sales sheet.

    On Monday, August 1st, Hara Partners made the photo shoot possible with creative direction and shoot production, direction, and management.  Hara Partners’ Vernon Fong and Michael Tai photographed the beautiful clothes in the West Chelsea Building's art lofts.

    Another successful shoot with the Hara Partners team!  Keep up the good work!

    Skirt from Hunter Dixon
    Blouse from Hunter Dixon
    The Studio set up for Hunter Dixon
  • On the Thursday of July 7,2011 Hara Partners and B.Moss joined together for the creation of a long but fun fashion photoshoot.

    From creative direction, casting, shoot management and post-production retouching for final files,
    Hara Partners made everything possible for our wonderful friends at B.Moss.

    With help from the talented Meagan Hester who was in charge of hair and make up ,the three wonderful models (Allison Burnett, Stephanie, and Lauren Berlingieri), and HARA Partners’ Vernon Fong the B.Moss Photoshoot was a success!

  • Photographer Jeff Mikkelson, Make up artist Anna Weber, and Hara Partners,
    photo session for Lauren Ferguson.

    Jeff Mikkelson is a NYC based Photographer where his editorial and advertising shots appear regularly around the globe.
    Anna Weber is a freelance make-up artist perfected from Paris' school of thought.
    Lauren Ferguson is the graceful model who can regularly be seen in the modern dance industry.
    Hara Partners is happy to support the crafts of such talented artists with their fashion photography.

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