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Below we have a list of posts related to the Magento Admin Panel. The admin panel in is a virtual back office which offers you the ability to manage all the aspects of your online store. Because it features various categories and features throughout the structure, there are really an infinite amount of questions that a user might have when they use it—and while we can’t cover every single one of these infinite questions below, our experts do try their best to cover as much ground as possible in regard to the Admin Panel.

Some of the common questions that you might have in the Admin Panel is how to change the sort order in Magento PayPal. We offer guidelines to ensure that your Magento admin panel experience is as smooth as can be. Our company is known for helping its clients as thoroughly as possible with issues that might arise in Magento. In addition to our guiding blog posts, we also offer admin panel walkthroughs in our monthly company meetups, so those who aren’t prone to reading dozens of lines of English—and other strange back-end languages—can hear all about how this stuff works.

As experienced users may know, Magento is an extremely rich and complex software that could take years to fully master. At Hara Partners, we do our best job to ensure that our expertise could help not only novices, but other experienced users in Magento. However, if you find that some of the topics here aren’t covered by our knowledgeable bloggers, we encourage you to seek more information out on subjects related to the Magento Admin Panel and report back to us. As experienced as our staff is, we regrettably don’t have all the information in the world regarding Magento (as much as we would like to).

Magento Paypal – How to Change the Sort Order

Paypal has always had a prominent place in Magento, and even more so after Magento had been purchased by Paypal. By default the Paypal buttons show up as the first payment option for your customers, and you may want to … Continue reading

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Proper Magento Administrator User Rights Management

We wanted to provide a brief overview about proper Magento administrator user rights management, in particular in light of the recent vulnerability warning Magento issued for its Magento Enterprise edition. (See our previous post about about a Magento Enterprise Security … Continue reading

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4/13/11 NY Magento Meetup – Admin Panel Walkthrough

The New York chapter of the Magento Meetup group met on the evening of April 13, 2011 at Hara Partners‘ offices for an overview of Magento’s Admin Panel. Many new faces, many recognizable faces – From seasoned pros to entrepreneurs, … Continue reading

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Magento Admin Panel Login with Added Recaptcha

One of the missing parts for the Magento Admin Panel is the security test on all POST forms. This may be a serious problem in 2 cases: Highly sensitive forms like the Magento Admin Panel login form, which is very … Continue reading

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Injecting JavaScript and CSS Into Magento Admin Panel Page Head

Injecting JavaScript and CSS Into Magento Admin Panel Page Head The Magento Admin panel is controlled by the Adminhtml module, which does not have a strict layout mapping. This is a problem when we want to add our own JavaScript … Continue reading

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