Automated Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns

For retailers email marketing automation is a powerful tool. Most of the companies are unaware about the suitable automated email campaigns that are worth prioritizing. Email marketing is good to build your brand and get better customers who spend more money with you.

There are following steps you need to know before you start broadcasting Email Campaigns.

Today more than half of the population of each country used to buy things through online shopping. So for this we need to contact through a specific email of the customer.

24 hours email campaigns

In case you need to increase the effectiveness you need to take this automated email campaign further by sending more than one reminder email. If you get successful in this then you can get the output even after you push the campaign live. You can send email after the duration of 24 hours for more than a day and if customers keep buying your products then keep sending them in this duration.
You need to remind your shoppers or customers of what they left behind. You can do it by sending them a picture of the product if your template allows.
You need to handle the objections by knowing that why people are not buying your products and by resolving those problems you can build your brand more effectively. Try to offer some discount so people would attract towards your product. In first email, you must add some outstanding offers that shopper try not to go anywhere else.
You have to welcome new subscriber by setting up a welcome email in which you also introduce your brand campaigns.

Try to connect with your subscribers on other channels as well to make the relation strong for selling more products.
Try to teach your audience in your email list about your product or relevant to the products.

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