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  • Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the entire ecommerce sector.

    Crowdfunding has become popular amongst entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding is a way entrepreneurs can raise funds for their startup from a large number of people. This reduces the level of risks associated with early-stage investing. Early stage investing tends to be very risky, therefore crowdfunding shares the risk amongst a lot of funders. Crowdfunding can exist in the form of equity crowdfunding or product launch crowdfunding. Product launch crowdfunding is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector in the sense that start-ups can raise funds easily without much of the risks or give up a large amount of the equity. Let’s imagine that you want to start a mobile phone business. The best you could do after creating the proto-type is selling it to customers before you launch the actual product when the customer’s pay for the product you will have funds to create the actual product and ship it to them. This reduces the need to give away equity to angel investors.

    Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the way we raise capital through equity

    Equity crowdfunding has become popular amongst small-scale angel investor and venture capitalists. This form of crowdfunding is revolutionizing e-commerce start-ups. Now people with innovative ideas can find funding easier than ever, this is because the amount needed to enter the e-commerce sector is small. In western countries the amount of start-up e-commerce sites founded by equity crowdfunding. Over the next decade, crowdfunding is going to be responsible for raising funds for start-ups than angel investors.

    Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the investment sector

    Imagine you want to become an investor at a very young age. You don’t have the ten thousand dollars needed to invest in the stock exchange. Then you can go to sites such as fundable, wefunder, and in order to begin your life as an investor. This is how crowdfunding is revolutionizing the investment sector.

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    #Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector

  • Use the Design Thinking, if you want to succeed in the E-commerce marketing

    Focus on the promising marketing strategies

    Humans need guidance and experience in every part of life because of fresh encounter experience. No wonder that the new compelling occur in the promising, marketing of something novel. However, it is not an effective idea to focus on the experiential marketing.

    Internet marketing can help you deliver your services to millions of audience

    Just say thanks to e-commerce because the world is connected to the internet world. The need of consumer enterprises is evolving rapidly because it is more than relevant than ever. Now, e-commerce is delivering the million and thousands of online interaction day by day, which made more discerning consumer. Through this demand, the level is also enhanced that compelling more immersive, interfaces, intuitive while focusing on the expected experiences all across the channel.

     The question arises how we can delight the e-commerce of new generation and how the customer can focus on the ultra-competitive of the marketplace? Well, you can get to know, also learn some main points that are specifically designed for better learning. Before selling the product through e-commerce you need to think about the online selling and focus on the user experience.

    Design thinking marketing: first get it and then focus on the problem-solving situation.

    If you want to satisfy your customers, you need to anticipate their demands and needs, means you need to be as the crossing guard with the humanity and technology of design thinking. Their main goal is to understand the demand and approach to the e-commerce goal. Through this, you can understand the customer behavior their need at the deepest level.

    Although, all these phrase designs you need to think about the vogue and the developing concept of the product and service in a shortage of time.

    Empathize on customers with proper marketing analysis

    Understand about your customer; focus on extreme research and analysis so that you can understand the behaviors or motivation of the customer regarding products.

  • Opportunities in the Digital transformation of E-commerce to improve workflow

    Improve workflow with the digital transformation of E-commerce

    Today, digital transformation has negative and positive connotations with forming the traditional retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturing. A decline in the foot traffic is located with the brick-and-mortar; many retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Nordstrom are achieving the selling online success.

    The scaling demand is important to satisfy the technology in the wholesale and the online retailer store. You must be implemented with the multichannel, omnichannel, cloud e-commerce and the marketing tool solutions. The necessary step is to develop the solution of the e-commerce which comes in the early process. It depends on you what platform you are choosing for planning server architecture and tech stack. At this stage, single mistakes can lead you to the risk of high development that needs to change or redevelop the situation.

    Initial E-commerce Workflow Consideration:

    Building the solution of B2B e-commerce, it involves the enhancement to improve the current situation like extending and workflow, which match to the expansion plan of e-commerce. Here are some workflow value that is prioritizing the business model

    Analyzation of the team’s workflow: what you like in jettison? Or what approach should be considered?

    Sales streamline: your workflow is based on how you proceed the client’s value, for instance, if you considering the B2B company you can check out and ordering the implementation of the process.

    Consider the best workflow system: first decided that how the existing system should be integrated with the new e-commerce solution system, also the integrated with ERP, CRM or another system just to simplify the process.

    Reduce the headaches: it is like the comprehensive dashboard, which is implemented with the option of the managerial workflow.

    Teach your staff to improve workflow: always ready for the staff guidelines because it enhances the key to success. The consumer can easily buy products when there are full considerations. 

  • Some of the problems faced by customers

    Buying products on e-commerce site can be a drag for a non-savvy eye. Sometimes you have the problem of buying counterfeit brands, and buying the wrong size or being scammed out of your hard-earned money. Scammers are almost everywhere on the internet. Sometimes you receive emails claiming that you have won a lottery and you need to pay a small fee in order to be paid the full amount. These are some of the problems faced by the e-commerce sector. Problems faced by customers in the e-commerce sector are sometimes based on the type of product they are buying. Sometimes you can buy an oversized product.

    Problems faced by customers in the clothing industry

    Some e-commerce sites tend to have counterfeit products. This is especially true with Aliexpress. Customers trying to find Nike or Adidas shoes tend to buy fake or counterfeit products. Another problem with buying clothes faced by buyers, is shipping. Shipping clothes across international borders attract customs duty or value-added tax. The apparel industry has the largest amount of counterfiets mainly originating from Asia.

    The problems faced by customers from other countries

    Buying products online has become a hassle for international customers from some countries. Imagine you live in Zambia or Afghanistan and you are trying to buy an iPhone from the apple website. This is going to be a very difficult task. The best you could do is to buy the iPhone and use package re-shipping companies which will charge you a hefty shipping fee. Another problem faced by customers internationally is the inability to receive your package in time. Sometimes you need to wait for more than 2 months in order to receive your product. As an international custome it is also hard to post a return if the product you purchased is not as described. Full satisfaction is hard if you are shopping from certain countries.
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    #problems faced by customers internationally

  •  Digital transformation has the connotation of negative and positive aspects for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Decline foot traffic has seen on the locations of brick-and-mortar. This also increases the chance to enlarge the retailers like Nordstrom, Best Buy and Walmart, as they are selling online for achieving the success.

     For technology, the Scaling demand can satisfy the wholesaler or retailer. Meanwhile, you must consider marketing tools, omnichannel, cloud e-commerce and multichannel solutions. For developing the platform of e-commerce, planning architecture and tech stack are the most important steps. At this stage, a single mistake will lead to the high risk of development. For most companies, technology redevelops and changing is not an effective option.

     For the successful transformation, here are some points which can be considered first:

     Consideration of initial workflow:

     The best extending and current flows depend on the BB e-commerce solution, as their main function is to match the plans. So start with workflows, current business models and values.

     Sale’s team workflow analysis: What you like for jettison? Which approach should be considered for the use of rep’s sales?

     Sale’s streamline: Your workflow adoption is based, on how you manage your clients. Likewise: if you are a B company, then by speeding the order you can checkout procedures by making cross sales and one-click checkout.

     Get from previousSystems: Use your old systems by considering the best part from it. Implement it in a new way to improve the existing process of systems. Use them to simplify the process transition.

     Structure’s product Catalogue: The product catalogue must be easily available for all customers. It must consist of detail products various options which need to be discussed with the vendor and data that is requested on the data interface. These elements motivate customers a lot.

     Managerial Difficulties: The dashboard of the interface must be concise, so the customer can easily take decision on the products.

     New System Introduction: The new system must be introduced to the staff. Thereafter, all worksheets must be given to each team. The goal of every team is to provide a simple way for the customers to purchase.

     Platform Choice and Architecture Planning:

     The answer to the question cannot be satisfied by which platform or the technical way the business prospers. Moreover, the choice can be made by considering the following points:

    • Ability to manage the product solution at high speed of page loading

    • Enable the security at the safe transaction

    • Load and scalability balancing for business’s growth solution

     It's still not enough, but it includes the basic factors that can be considered like one wants. This is an open-source that has the ability of company integrals to make marketing, payment and delivery on time. It depends on your child hosting that enhances the e-commerce project’s life, so you can balance the business planning with the help of available budget or production. However, it depends on the project or what you are looking for at Cloud server or Virtual Private Server (VPS). Thus, the initial stage can assist the e-commerce development.

  • E-commerce management tools

    E-commerce management is integral to running of your e-commerce business. Using applications and platforms that are e-commerce friendly is one sure way to increase the user experience. Ecommerce management tools and software includes software used for marketing products and brands, especially online tools. The main objective of e-commerce management is to increase sales and brand awareness. In a pool of millions of brands and product online it is important to increase your visibility. In simple terms e-commerce management is a way for e-commerce business owners to smoothen the running of their e-commerce business.

    Analytics and traffic e-commerce management

    When it comes to e-commerce management nothing is more important than tracking the traffic that comes through your websites and the bounce rate. You need to know that your products actually captures the eyes of your customers. One thing about customers is that they quickly leave if the products or contents of the e-commerce website is not interesting. This is where analytics and traffic management tools come to play an important role. This is a critical tool if you want to create the best content and represent you e-commerce website well. Most e-commerce platforms such as shopify, woo-commerce, and amazon have these types of tools already installed in their platforms. However when you need more enhanced analytics and traffic management tools it is advisable to use paid third party analytics like google analytics. Some of the best features in analytics websites is the ability to track how much page views, visitors and sales you received over a period of time.

    Accounting e-commerce management

    Accounting in e-commerce management is very important. It is important to know how much profit you are making in any business model. In simple terms you need to know whether you are making profits or losses, therefore a proper accounting software or ecommerce management tool is very important. One very amazing software is the sage software. It comes with all tools designed for any level type of business, from small e-commerce business to large businesses.
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    #e-commerce management tools
    #e-commerce management accounting tools

  • It is no secret that online firms and digital marketers aim to boost organic traffic in order to increase their bottom-line.  Pinterest, one of the top social media platforms today, can be an effective tool to drive traffic to any website. The social media giant has more than 200 million monthly users who can be potential buyers of any website.  So how do you tap Pinterest for e-commerce business growth?

    Tip #1: Using keywords to rank highly on Pinterest

    Business owners and digital marketers should remember that Pinterest is basically a visual search engine. Thus, using relevant keywords in the image description is a must in order for images to rank higher.
    The use of descriptive keywords is equally important.  It also helps to be as detailed as possible. For instance, a monogrammed beret can appear in people’s searches if the text on it is included in the description.

    Tip#2: Creating boards

    Pinterest users love to create virtual bulletin boards. You can take advantage of this by keeping your account organized. The creation of a board for every product category that you would like to promote or sell will also help.
    For instance, you may create a board for each kind of clothing like dresses, skirts and tops. You may also put up a board for the latest fashion trends. This way, you can entice Pinterest users to easily follow your boards.

    Tip#3: Tapping group boards

    In case you are still not getting new followers, another way to tap Pinterest for e-commerce business growth is to share your content in group boards. Simplysearch and ask for access to group boards that are aligned with your brand.

    Tip#4:  Strategic scheduling of pins

    You can also use third-party platforms to schedule pins at the most opportune times. One platform is Tailwind which is like Buffer for Twitter. Tailwind can help you get more views on your pinned content.

    Tip#5:  Using buyable pins

    You can also encourage more viewers to buy from your sit by tapping buyable pins. These pins enable users to make processes quickly and efficiently.

    Tip#6: Staying abreast of algorithm updates

    Finally, staying abreast of Pinterest algorithm changes and updates can help you use the platform to its full potential.  You can refer to online resources like Medium and Tailwind to know more about the latest on Pinterest algorithm updates.

  • The importance of messenger marketing

    Messenger marketing is a relatively new thing in ecommerce marketing. The rise of messenger apps has also increased their importance in the marketing of products and brands alike. They are different types of messenger apps. One very important messenger app is whatsapp. The messenger app has taken the e-commerce marketing sector by storm. The best part about this app is that it comes totally free. A large number of online businesses depend on messenger apps to keep their customers on their sites or to help their customers need any help on their website.

    Chatbots messenger marketing

    Chatbots have become a very integral part of e-commerce messenger marketing. They are especially good for small e-commerce businesses which do not have the finance to hire 24 hour staff for their business. Therefore chatbots offer a path for e-commerce business owners to service their customers automatically without the hassle of hiring twenty-four hour virtual assistants to chat to customers. Chatbots can be programmed to a high level of efficiency. Imagine siri the voice app. It can be programmed to serve your customers to any level you want. Some chatbots are highly sophisticated and they have a CTR of more than 40%. This is higher than the click through rate of email marketing.

    Integrated Messenger marketing tools

    Integrated messenger marketing tools tend to be easy to use for prospective customers especially if they want inquire on a product they want to buy. Let’s imagine you are running a nutrition supplement e-commerce business. It is most likely that customers will ask for some advice on the product they want to buy. Therefore it is important that the e-commerce store have live chat and messenger apps in order to help the customers efficiently. It’s a method designed to enable better customer and virtual assistant care.  Platforms such as Woo commerce and Shopify have live chat messenger apps that you only need to install on your host.
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  • Magento and Shopify


    Any online merchant wanting to become successful will have to decide first what e-commerce platform to use. Two popular e-commerce platforms—Magento and Shopify--- have features that can help online entrepreneurs to achieve their goal. But how do these two platforms compare with each other?

    Magento is a robust e-commerce platform available in hosted and self-hosted versions.  It is packed in features, from built-in SEO extensions to order management tools.  However, Magento isn’t the most user-friendly e-commerce platform.

    Shopify, on the other hand, is easy to use. It’s the ideal platform for individuals with limited experience in building websites. It is easy to set up, too. However, one does have to pay a monthly fee.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg in the Magento and Shopify comparison. Let’s take a closer look at these two e-commerce platforms.

    Magento and Shopify Ease of Use

    Magento may have a reputation for not being user-friendly but it does have a sleek dashboard. Depending on the web host, setting up the platform can be a breeze. However, users should have a background on web development to be able to fully exploit its various functionalities.

    Shopify’s main advantage over Magento is its ease of use. For one, users don’t have to set up the platform. There is also substantial documentation available to guide them.

    Magento and Shopify Extensions

    Both platforms allow their users to extend their functionalities. With Magento, extensions are available from its Marketplace. Meanwhile, Shopify calls its extensions as ‘apps’ which are available on the Shopify store.   However, Magento beats Shopify in this area because it has more free extensions.

    Magento and Shopify Setting Up Costs

    Users don’t have to pay to download or install the Magento platform. However, they will have to look for hosting. For the budget-conscious, there are shared plans that they can tap. Moreover, Magento is scalable meaning users can upgrade their plans when they feel to.

    On the other hand, Shopify has plans starting at $29 a month. The basic plan lets users list as many products but they can’t get access to reports. They are also allowed to set up only two staff accounts.

    In contrast, Shopify plans start at $29 for the platform’s most basic features. This tier enables you to list as many products as you want, but you can only set up two staff accounts, and you don’t get access to in-depth reports. These are restrictions that Magento users don’t have to deal with.

    To sum it up, users will be paying a premium amount to be able to benefit from the ease of use of Shopify. But Magento is a cheaper option with fewer limitations.



  • WooCommerce and Magento Comparison

    WooCommerce and Magento are two of the more popular e-commerce platforms today. But which is one’s the winner in the WooCommerce vs. Magento face-off?By taking a look at the features, performance and other attributes of these platforms can help you decide which e-commerce solution is best for you.

    WooCommerce is a powerful plugin with useful features. It is a fully customizable platform built for WordPress. On the other hand, Magento is an e-commerce platform with robust features and designed for medium to large online stores.

    WooCommerce and Magento:  Which is better for beginners?

    WooCommerce is more appropriate for beginners. It helps if you have some working knowledge of WordPress, but if you don’t have, then you can always refer to the many online tutorials.

    Magento isn’t exactly user-friendly which makes it a poor choice for beginners. While there’s extensive documentation available for novice Magento users,  you should have basic knowledge of web development to fully utilize this platform.

    WooCommerce and Magento: Which is more secure?

    While both e-commerce platforms are secure, Magento clearly wins this category because it has dedicated security patches.  Users, though, may have to be warned that the security patches of Magento can be difficult to apply.

    WooCommerce and Magento: Which is better for product management?

    In WooCommerce, it is easy to set up new items with its user-friendly interface. It is also relatively easy to add extension products such as add-ons. But Magento beats WooCommerce in terms of other features such as product reviews, wish lists, advanced pricing rules, and product personalization, amongst others.

    WooCommerce and Magento: Which is cheaper?

    Budget will always be a key consideration in choosing the best e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is free. Magento also has a free version, the community edition. However, the enterprise edition of the platform comes with a monthly fee.
    So, which is better? It really depends on your needs. WooCommerce is free and user-friendly. It’s more appropriate for use in smaller websites. But if you have a big online store, then you should opt for Magento.

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