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  • Shopify VS. Magento: the Top platform of e-commerce

    Shopify VS. Magento: the Top platform of e-commerce

    Figure out the best platform, you will definitely recommend the e-commerce store. Whatever you choose the platform, you need to consider basic features that are easy for working. A couple of favorites platform are Shopify and Magento, you will defiantly confused while picking the right choice.

    For an instant, the best option for large e-commerce is only Magento, because it is well-known e-commerce platform, on the other hand, Shopify is only famous for their service. Meanwhile, no one is perfect, so pay more attention when you consider any platform.

    Introduction to Magento:

    It’s a powerful tool for e-commerce, which represents self-hosted and hosted version. For any size of the store, both versions are helpful and both features have the ability to provide the best resources for e-commerce users. In case, you are running a new store, you need to consider the Magento’s community version.

    Introduction to Shopify:

     It’s a popular platform for e-commerce hosted. It is quite easy to use and modify. That user who wants something change it is a fantastic option when it comes to building website and e-commerce platform. As a user, it is difficult to choose the separate hosting but Shopify provides the best hosting system to their user.

    For any platform, whether it is Shopify or Magento building a user-friendly dashboard can enhance the chance to acquaint the best way to authorized. It is easy to extend the functionality when you enable Shopify or Magento platform. It is difficult to use the reputation because Magento dashboard is quite a sleeking one. However, it is too easy for building up the depending hosting. It’s quite a simple process to modify that can’t able to scare any person. It depends on the widely cost that is vary on different type of store.

  • Magento vs. WooCommerce – find the best e-commerce platform

    Magento vs. WooCommerce – find the best e-commerce platform

     Magento vs Woocommerce, both platforms have vital features to provide the best service to their customers. When it comes to picking the features both platform are widely famous. Meanwhile, a deep comparison and analysis can make your job faster and easier. If you want effective e-commerce business you need to choose an effective solution to your problem.

    Both platforms have their similar supporters rather than claiming the best choice. It’s a key to choose the right choice of price, security, features, performance and product management.
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  • Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

    Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

    An integral part of design known as Prototyping, it let your team review, comment and share the feedback of the project in the early stage. While creating, mobile app or website interactive mockup, you can identify the usability and flow of the shortcoming designs. Here are given the five type of prototyping:
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  • E-Commerce software Magento Commerce expands presence in India

    E-Commerce software major Magento Commerce expands presence in India

    Magento is a well known and reputable company that is known for its strong background in order management, business intelligence and market place extensions and expansions. Its presence in India will be highly beneficial as it will help Indian enterprises and introduce them to a highly convenient and flexible online shopping and e-commerce experience with end to end eCommerce solutions. Continue reading

  • Chinese investment firm Hillhouse

    Chinese investment firm Hillhouse

    Hillhouse is a well known and popular Chinese investment firm that is headed by the chairman Zhang Lei that was also the backbone of the internet sensation Tencent. The Chinese investment firm HillHouse was started 11 years ago with only a small funding of twenty million dollars which was funded by the Yale University Endowment. Continue reading

  • Global E-Commerce Platforms Market Survey 2018-2025 VTEX, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce

    Global E-Commerce Platforms Market Survey 2018-2025 VTEX, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce

    In order to study and analyze the significant contributing factors of E-Commerce Platforms Market, the “Global E-Commerce Platforms Market” research report for the years 2018 to 2025 has been released. It is important for an industrialist, business owner, service provider or an entrepreneur to be well aware of the E-Commerce factors as they help him evaluate his position in the market. If he is well aware of these factors he can assess his performance and worth in the business and the industry. Continue reading

  • PoC for several Magento vulnerabilities released, update now!

    PoC for several Magento vulnerabilities released, update now!

    Magento is an open source stage that gives vendors with control over their online stores and a shopping cart framework, as well as devices to move the permeability and administration of the shop forward. Continue reading

  • The ultimate comparison between woocommerce and magneto

    The ultimate comparison between woocommerce and magneto

    WooCommerce and Magento are notable internet business stages that pack a punch as far as highlights. These shopping basket programmings are dependable and supportive, and for this reasons, they drive an unending level-headed discussion on which of the two is the champ.
    Furthermore, WooCommerce backing by WordPress and Magento bolster by eBay has made thing entirely hard for beginners. Together, these arrangements order over half of the piece of the pie, with magneto getting a charge out of a marginally greater offer than WooCommerce. Continue reading

  • Leveraging Global Data Objects for Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

    Leveraging Global Data Objects for Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

    Being able to overcome the gap between limited resources and extreme project backlogs is a great opportunity and a dream come true for many organizations. This allows you to boost your performance and do exceptionally well in the market. Therefore this is something that is the ultimate goal of every company, business and service provider. Continue reading

  • 10 Fast Ways to Dramatically Improve E-commerce Sales

    As we all know E-commerce is a tough business and it has a lot of competition out there it is very difficult to establish a successful business in this competitive market which has already some massive businesses like Amazon and eBay. But this does not mean you can’t fight back and have to take it lying down.

    Tips for E-commerce

    Following are the tips which will help you to take your eCommerce business to new levels of success:

    • As we all know smartphones replaced computers and Pcs so it is very important that your website is mobile friendly as most people will be using it on their mobiles. Your website should be responsive as it will adjust and look good on any kind of device. You should also know Google is penalizing non-mobile websites so to save yourself from the trouble which might be ahead of you.
    • In E-commerce business customer is everything it is very basic to gain their trust and satisfy them with your services and for this, all you have to do is to reduce a distance between the consumer and seller, what is the best way to do this? Live chat. It is totally for the ease of customer just think of it as they don’t have to write down an email or call some number if they have an issue they can ask directly on live chat on a website and you can provide them information instantly.
    • It is estimated that videos on your Ecommerce website can increase your traffic by 80% and by the year of 2021 80% of all the internet traffic is going to be video. You can use it for your product and website demonstration.
    • Use fast hosting it is so good for ranking, Google prefers faster websites and fast websites earn more.
    • You should have a secure website, use HTTP hosting google also prefers secured websites.
    • Use high-quality images they will attract your customers for example if you and your competitors both are selling same products you should provide better images on your website or I would rather suggest clicking your own pictures with better angles and good lights.
    • Provide a complete description of your products it should not be too long that the customers lose interest in it.
    • Get reviews from your customer and then work on it.
    • Provide a better site search so that customers can find their desired products without having any trouble.
    • Make thank you pages it is a great opportunity to communicate with your customers and to keep them engaged.

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