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  • Now Magento merchants receive payments in the form of Waves

    Now Magento merchants receive payments in the form of Waves

    The platform of Waves blockchain announced its extension of payments that is connected with the Magento2 platform (an e-commerce store). Thus, enabling merchants and shoppers to receive and pay for its cryptocurrency, which surely more transparent and faster, and the best part of choosing this process, the processing fee become zero.
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  • Mobile Strategies, PayPal excess share, and Forrester at Magento Imagine

    Mobile Strategies, PayPal excess share, and Forrester at Magento Imagine

    The principal analyst, Sucharita Mulpuru Kodali pointed out the publicity rate that is 71% of 375, many years the consumer-facing retailers see the growth level to gloom and doom the headings in the previous year that is 2017.
    Although the service of scaling can become difficult, when it comes to limited manpower, like online chat for the consumer. At least, Kodali notices about customer business model and pointed out the largest technology companies. From 2000 to up till now, comparing the Text Titans like: Continue reading

  • Retail Pulse: Digital doors are open by the Warby Parker Shopify

    Retail Pulse: Digital doors are open by the Warby Parker Shopify

    Warby Parker and Shopify announced a solid plan to open motor and bricks locations in future.

    For Shopify, Canadian platform of e-commerce provide help to small merchants and artisans, so they will do their business through online, the first foray helps the artisan to enter from the virtual world into the real world. The goal of the company provides physical locations so that experts can stand for helping the small business.

    Shopify hardware

    The workshop of one-on-one offered a huge space through which a company can easily establish their location is undisclosed in the U.S. The Shopify hardware like cash drawers and barcode scanner will display for merchants on the showroom.

    For Warby Parker, the digital first retailer store, won’t come to the first rodeo. However, in Michigan, the company has the store of bricks and mortar. Across the Canada and U.S, there are more than 70 locations of Warby Parker, some are slated to open soon and some are open now in different places like Los Angeles, Miami or Philadelphia. The company plan to open more than 25 locations in 2018.

    Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker said, he has no belief in the dying and dead instead of experiences on the mediocre retails.

    In other shopify news of Brick-And-Mortar:

    The plan of American Appeal is to reopen the closed store in Los Angeles, the Gildan Active wear open the first store, since the wholesaler and manufacture of Canadian basics.

    The successes of Americans ecommerce Apparels site are supposed to launch the company of flagships that become their first store. The brand will precede the cautions that will come to its expansion. This week, you will never hear any good news because of disappointment. Meanwhile, the combined group of the supermarket has the market share which comes at a higher point in U.K.

  • Why is it really matter when Hubspot integrates with the Shopify platform?

    Why is it really matter when Hubspot integrates with the Shopify platform?

    As a customer, how many times an online merchant reached you? On the other hand as a business owner, how many time you find the curious? Of course, you are curious to know about these questions, unfortunately, e-commerce business is an opportunity that doesn't seem to be missed. The good news for your clients is only a few companies are here to make CRM products, as they are beginners.

    HubSpot, the maker of inbound marketing

    For instance, last week, HubSpot, the maker of inbound marketing, well-known representations and the CRM tool announced its integration level with the help of Shopify platform, which is officially going to live all over the world.

    The integration was finally announced last week, which are totally free. Also, it will synchronize the whole data with the help of two applications automatically generating or creating new contents. Meanwhile, the data are segregated through deals, products, or the order history, after that nurturing campaigns are used.

    HubSpot designed new campaigns

    Also, the HubSpot designed new campaigns, which are specifically tailored towards the needs of e-commerce customers, like visiting, shipments and online abandoned. The special report includes the offer metrics on the new sales, orders, abandoned cart recovery, and lifetime value of e-commerce platform.

    It’s important to focus on the giant's consumers that come in the vast majority of the small and large business. With the help of e-commerce platform, small business easily gets the access to the strategies and tools. However, inbound marketing is offering a solid solution toward these challenges, so that it can easily help the SMBs personalized marketing.

    The implications of mid-sized or small e-commerce have significant merchants. Not all the customers want to listen but can be assumed for buying some shoes. It totally depends on the assumptions.

  • Opportunities for Digital Transformations in E-Commerce

    Opportunities for Digital Transformations in E-Commerce

    Online selling can be a complicated task. Many companies struggle from garbing the attention or maintaining the attention of the customers. Digital Transformation is a way through which you can re-grab the attention of the customers. As usual Digital Transformation has its positive and negative points. Continue reading

  • Walmart teams up with major Japanese e-commerce player Rakuten

    Walmart who is one of the largest e-commerce retailers announced to team up with most successful e-commerce retailer Rakuten to run an online grocery business in Japan and e-readers, audiobooks and e-books in the US.

    Grocery e-commerce shop in Japan:

    In this partnership, in the third quarter of 2018, an online grocery store will be co-created by Rakuten and Seiyu Netsuper in Japan named Rakuten Seiyu Netsuper. According to a research, Japanese consumers spent $19 billion dollars for food deliveries in March 2017. Seiyu already owns an online grocery store which will be modified into this new one that means Rakuten Seiyu Netsuper will not have to do effort from the very start. To take the additional advantage of e-commerce technology Rakuten will help to build the website for online grocery store including big data and A.I. Rakuten Seiyu Netsuper will offer partially prepared food, fresh fruits and vegetables, pre-prepared food and gourmet foods.

    Kobo and Walmart teamed up:

    Kobo is an e-reader and Walmart teamed up with it for the online bookstore in the US. Kobo’s e-books and audiobook selection will be added to Walmart’s website later this year. Kobo has nearly 6 million ebooks and audiobooks from hundreds of thousands of authors and it will bring all of them on It is very difficult to succeed in the US as Amazon held 83% of ebooks sales in the US whereas kobo only held 3% as compared to this the competition between those two is closer in Canada where kobo had a sale of nearly 25% and Amazon had 57%.

    Both companies will launch a co-branded app Walmart/kobo app, which will be available for Android, IOS and pc. This app will replace kobo’s current app on app stores but the company did not explain how the transaction process will work for current kobo users.

    Walmart is very confident about it as he said,” Rakuten is a strong e-commerce business and we’re excited to collaborate with the top online shopping destination in Japan and everywhere we operate, we’re constantly exploring new ways to make every day easier for customers by offering great experiences in stores, online, via mobile no matter how customers want to shop”.

  • RevCascade partners connected e-commerce retailer with the help of Global Marketplaces

    RevCascade partners connected e-commerce retailer with the help of Global Marketplaces

    New York, RevCascade, the marketplace automation e-commerce platform for brand and retailer, announced a partnership with the group of Global Access, it’s a leading provider of the cross-border shipping and e-commerce solution. However, the partnership explains the automation of marketplace through the logistic of cross-border and drive international sales of brands and retailers through shipment technology. Continue reading

  • What everyone must know about Shopify vs WooCommerce (compared)

    To begin an online store has never been as easy as an ABC. There are many rich eCommerce platforms available, each with their own array of unique qualities.

    Shopify and WooCommerce are two most well-known platforms:

    The two most well-known platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce. Your decision of choosing any one platform should be based on your business necessities.
    Both the platforms have distinct and unique features, including cost, installation procedures, marketing features and also a number of customized things to enhance your online store.
    In this post, we'll investigate WooCommerce versus Shopify, look at their highlights, and enable you to figure out which one is the best eCommerce stage decision for your online business.

    WooCommerce Versus Shopify

    Utilizing both Shopify and WooCommerce is simple, even if you are a beginner in this field.
    Both the platforms offer a wide variety of features and distinctions like:

    • Making a site’s unique first page
    • Consider the site’s security options
    • Posting content
    • Checking and answering the requests

    Good thing in the features comes for free!

    WooCommerce versus Shopify: Which is the best ecommerce stage for you?

    The greatest distinction between the two is in the setup. WooCommerce is a module for WordPress which means that you require a WordPress site for which you need to pay a good sum of money, introduce the WooCommerce module, and after that set up your store.  If you already have a WordPress site, then introducing the woocommerce is a very easy step.
    Shopify is a self-facilitated stage, which means that you don’t have to worry about any web procedures. It is less demanding. An additional good feature in Shopify is that it has blogging feature. Whether you choose Shopify or woocommerce, your selection should be based on your business needs.

  • How much does a Magento website cost?

    How much does a Magento website cost?

    Magneto is your first choice if you are running an online store due its quality, flexibility, credibility and customization. It is a huge platform giving you a proper commerce base. If you want to have a credible commerce platform you just need to buy a Magento website. Continue reading

  • Increase the product knowledge through the effective way of organizing the FAQ section

    Increase the product knowledge through the effective way of organizing the FAQ section

    The FAQ section is serving their customer with the most explaining resources related to their common issues regarding products solutions.
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