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    How BlueCherry Infinity Can Benefit Your Business


    CGS’s BlueCherry Infinity Enterprise Suite provides clients in the fashion and soft-goods worlds with the tools to better manage their entire businesses.  From the initial design concept, to visibility online.  With a wide range of software modules, it allows retailers reduce operation costs and increase productivity.  It also them to attract customer and gain visibility.  What kind of company does not want to enjoy all of these benefits? Continue reading


    How to Write the Perfect Privacy Policy!

    A privacy policy is a legal document that discloses the ways which a business utilizes and manages customer data. Basically, it is the way a company justifies what it does to attract visitors to its website. This is an essential document.  Because it protect its customer privacy.   It is important to have a privacy policy.  Because if your business does not have one, legal fees may be pursued on your company. Continue reading

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